Chapter 14:

Public Emergency


Still in Fairytown for the day, his desk full of complaints and his bank account feeling lighter by the minute, Kiddie Parker was working as hard as usual that night. But as the calls started to come in, he took not one moment of hesitation before rising from his chair and running out onto his castle bridge.

She was back.

In the furthest corner from the front of a now-abandoned gift shop, Frankie roped the stolen bandages around her sister as fast as she could, each time she did discovering some new source of bleeding. Katie’s heart was still beating, but with her eyes shut tight and lips frozen, she couldn’t say a word to Frankie as the girl cried over her unconscious body. The younger sister wanted so bad to do something to stop whatever horrific fate they’d found themselves up against, but it was pointless. This was an act of mass-scale public violence, not some wrong she could right by standing up for herself. She just prayed her sister would live and that whoever that awful woman was wouldn’t find them in this tiny building, off the side of this street of games and small attractions.

It felt so awful, this so-falsely-colorful place now a grounds for massacre. It gave Frankie one more reason to hate this place- even after she came to realize what she did care for the instant she grabbed onto her sister on that falling Ferris wheel ride.

With a shock, Frankie suddenly heard her approach as the screams of those running faded into the distance. But as the wicked spoke, it wasn’t to her.

“Oh, you came here so fast. You must care about your customers a lot, huh…” she giggled. “Or is this just for her?”

Frankie looked to the glass walls of the front of the shop to see Mr. Parker step down from his carriage, his employees gathering around him like bodyguards.

“But after all this time… you still never armed your workers. What… ain’t I good enough? Ain’t I a threat? Ain’t I what you think of every night before you go to bed?” She stood in front of him, hands outstretched like she was somewhere between surrendering and attacking. Kiddie’s anger made steam under the cover of his professional guise.

“You invade my park… hurt my guests… you’re the worst this world has to offer. Is that what you want to hear?”

“Good to know you aren’t completely deluding yourself. So what are you going to do then, kill me?”

“Until the cops show up… I will make that my goal. If only so I can push myself far enough to restrain you.”

“Great idea. Until it gets you splattered across the pavement like so many of your visitors. Let me guess, little Drew will take control of your parks when you die…? Awww… I hope he can keep it running for more than a day. Have you ever told him, Kiddie? Just why that roller coaster malfunctioned that one spring?

“I know you don’t care about her… my wife was just one of hundreds. You won’t anger me any more by bringing her up again.”

“Worth a shot. So, ready to settle this, Parker?”

“I am. I will kill you, Action.”

“Good luck~!” The assailant threw her hands downward and immediately shot into the air, propelled by some invisible force as her body spun and contorted all the way towards Parker, making speedy impact with him as she carried a flying kick into his face before he had his chance to strike. The employees promptly ran after their boss, knocked back many feet, but as he turned his neck upward to see the girl, he wailed desperately to call them off.


Action turned her hand backward to the workers and grinned.


Hundreds of loose teeth scattered across the pavement as each and every one of the employees burst across the ground, their blood leaking out through their throats- the muscles under their loosened skin losing all traction over their discombobulated skeletons, now reduced to unconnected, useless bones inside of their bodies. As their eyeballs rolled out of their heads, she laughed, looking down at Parker.

“If you did manage to escape, do you think you’d ever unsee that?”