Chapter 13:



Frankie jumped from her seat, hugging Katie tight the instant she felt the supports give way to gravity’s cold embrace. Her back smacked against the ceiling of the chassis, as she found her vision pinned down towards the simple, dirty floor of the ride, the night sky in the widows passing by like water from an upside-down faucet. Katie didn’t know what else to do but scream. Frankie herself could only pray.


The entire cart spun in five different directions as it hit what must’ve been the center of the Ferris wheel. That one second of bounce left Frankie in the air again, her and her sister falling repeatedly against each and every surface in the cart. Their heads smacked against the seats, their legs against the widows as all premise of enjoyment left the machine. It was a spinning torture ball, and as Frankie heard the screams of the other visitors growing nearer, she knew they were about to reach the ground.


The first thing Frankie thought when she came to was how much she wanted Katie to be alive.

She could already feel the blood dripping down her bangs and into her eyes. Her whole body was bruised, and by the feel of it, a few things just had to be broken. It wasn’t like that mattered really. But the fact she took such a beating worried her to no end. For some reason, something inside her told her that Katie wouldn’t survive this same torment.

As she crawled past the rubble, however, her sister was indeed breathing- panting and crying, shaking in the hands of a rouge clad in black.

“That wasn’t very fun, now was it?” The woman spoke. Frankie never got a chance to hear this.


The girl had never hit anyone before. She didn’t even know if this person, eyes concealed by a half-mask with a dark, boomerang-shaped visor, was the one responsible for the accident, or if anyone else was hurt in it. Frankie didn’t think about any of these things as her skin broke against the bastard’s steel helmet, the woman’s red lips gleaming in the night as she turned and grinned right at Frankie’s newly-broken hand.

“Hilarious. You two were at the very top of the wheel, yet you’re the only ones who made it.”

Frankie ran at her again, her bare feet scraping against the nuts and bolts littering the itchy cement ground as she raised her other first, grabbing on to the woman’s hand that held up her wailing sister.

“LET HER GO- LET HER GO-“ Frankie bit into the woman’s seemingly latex-covered arm to discover, all too late, that it was in fact thick carbon fiber. Before she could lose her teeth, the woman threw them both aside in one motion, Katie’s head quite unluckily cracking against a fallen chassis as she flew back along with her sister. Frankie stood, eyes burning with the image of the woman in black before they quickly turned to her kin. She looked back only once more- seeing the villain start to step forward, she had all the motivation she needed to dash back towards Katie and scoop her up in her aching arms.

She burst into a sprint, taking all the strength she had as she carried that heavy, wounded girl across a blurred landscape of screaming visitors and lit-up carnival games. With tears in her eyes, she grit her teeth, and cried out the only thing a mere visitor like herself had left to cry in such a moment-


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