Chapter 24:

Bonus Chapter: My Promised Land

Theoterra: Emuna's Summer Story

-My First Night Out-

Opening the door slowly and quietly, I exited the house and shut the door the same way I opened it. I couldn't risk waking up the entire household, besides I want to see and explore the world myself. This is my first time exploring things on my own without being accompanied by my own mother, even though I'm not a child anymore-I'm eighteen years old now.

I was going to go to the city on my own during the daytime, yet my mom was always at home and would never allow me to explore the city on my own until I turned twenty-one. I never understood this whatsoever. It's like no matter how many times I explain to her over and over again that I'm not a child anymore, yet my mom still doesn't care. My brown skin radiated under the nightlight. Then I took a look around and took quick breaths produced from fear.

There my eyes spotted the yellow sand lying down on the entire ground. My skin felt the cold air and the wind blew some sand across the land. The full moon cast its light upon the land. The clouds floated across the sky while numerous stars watched the entire world sleep.

I turned my head back and forth a couple times with my fearful heart pumping a bit. I sighed out of relief. Looks like no one's awake. Alright now, Hadara. Let's get the hell outta here while we're at it, were the first things that came out of my heart. There's the city up in just up ahead of me. I need to explore there for a while, then head back home. I need to check out that amusement park. I gazed at the scenery before I ran across the desert.

While I rushed my way through, the air was getting colder and colder. It surprised me as I didn't expect the night to be this freaking cold. My body started shivering and I wrapped my arms around me.

Damn, this shit's getting cold! Sure, night time's supposed to be cold, but I did not expect it to be this cold. Too bad I didn't bring my jacket though, but I can't turn back now.

Now if the night's cold weather wasn't bad enough, the wind blew sand on my face in opposite directions. I spit it out of my mouth and wiped it off of my face and head. Man, this sand here's getting annoying! I better hurry up and get there, before the amusement park ends.

But that didn't allow me to back down from my destination. Not ever. I kept going, going and going, no matter how hard I tried. My movement was already getting tired from all that running. My heart beated faster than what it could handle. My skin was getting cold from the nightly breeze in the desert.

So I stopped moving and panted, crossing my arms, sitting down on the sandy ground. She turned back and forth with a frown on her face. Oh, man. There has to be another way to get to that amusement park. There has to be. But how? How am I supposed to get there?

My eyes searched for something useful around me, yet they couldn't find any. My body shivered a hell lot more than it could handle. Oh, man…I should've at least brought a blanket, y'know…Ugh!

But as soon as I turned my eyes back to my destination, I saw a brightly lit city halfway to my destination. Moving my eyes sideways, I saw a colorfully lit area to the keft of the city. I gasped and grinned when I realized that area was the amusement park. Ooo, how exciting it is to be there! I'll rest up here first and warm up a bit, before I continue running there.

After a while, I slowly stand back up and looked at the amusement park with a determined look on my face. Okay, Hadara. You can do it, woman. Just keep going.

I ran forward a bit, trying to desperately not miss the amusement park. I fought off the cold and the sand while I continued my journey towards that city. I pressed on forward without showing a display of struggle. Alright, Hadara. You can do it. Just keep going, going and going, and you should make it in no time.

And before I got there though, I stopped moving and gasped with my eyes widened, frowning when the war cry siren echoed into my ears. No way! This can't be! Y-You can't be serious!

There I saw numerous warplanes and gigantic robots attacking the city, destroying everything there. My brown eyes widened when I saw that. Oh, no…this can't be happenin'!

I turned around and moved my eyes sideways. Forget that amusement park! Time to head home now!

I began to run away from my destination. My ears heard the gunfire and destruction behind me while I continuously ran as fast as I could. However, the wind blew the sand in my face a bit longer than anticipated.

I kept running forward with my eyes closed, wiping the sand off of my face and head, especially my eyes. Yet the wind kept blowing the sand in my face. Damn, this breeze kept blowin' the sand in my face. It's getting really annoyin'. Like for real. C'mon, now! Jus' make it stop! Please make it stop!

I kept running with my eyes closed until the wind finally stopped blowing. Aaaahhh, finally it stopped blowin' 'round 'ere! 'Bout damn time too! I wiped every last bit of sand off of my face and head as best as I could. But I know there is some sand that I missed, yet I didn't want to get them off completely.

Okay, I can't wait to wipe off the sand off of my face and wash my hair when I get home! It's gettin' cold out 'ere too! Shit! Then the wind blew sand into my face and head, this time right in front of me.

Oh, shit! I immediately turned my head right and kept charging forward-very slowly. It blew so hard I wondered if there was going to be a sand storm or not. I stopped wiping the sand off of my face and head and kept going forward.

But no matter how hard I tried, the breeze kept blowing so hard that I stopped moving and turned around, crossing my arms, sitting down on the ground. My body kept shivering in the cold. Ah, great! Jus' things couldn't get any worse, can they?!

Although the wind hadn't stopped blowing, my ears heard a male voice above me right after a light was shone on me, yelling, "Hey! Are you alright there?"

I also heard footsteps heading towards me-from that moment on, I knew that voice came from a pilot controlling one of those gigantic robots. I was relieved when I heard his voice. "Yes, I am! Please save me!"

"Oh, don't worry, ma'am. I'll save you from that sand storm!"

Once that green, huge robotic hand gently grabbed me, I was quickly pulled into its heart. I felt no more sand blowing towards me. It was a miracle. Oh, thank Elohim for savin' me from that sand storm and that cold breeze. I couldn't have survived without His help. Whew!

Once the heart of that gigantic robot opened itself up and placed me inside it, its hand was pulled out of its chest and the doors were shut. I opened my eyes and took a look around my surroundings. I noticed a lot of machinery in the room being shined on by the red light. It was nearly dark there.

And to be honest with you, I wasn't expecting the room to be barely lit. I became very confused about it. Huh, how weird. Why is this room barely lit in here?

"Night, night," the pilot's voice said near me.

"Huh?!" I cried with my eyes widened out of shock and confusion, turning to that voice's direction. No way!

He was standing under the red light, wearing a foreign military uniform and a gas mask. He sprayed sleeping gas in my face.

"Aaahhh!" I screamed when I turned my head away from the gas. Even though I tried to cough it out of my lungs, it was too late-my eyes were already tired by the time that happened. "N-N-Nooooo!" I collapsed to the metallic floor and fell asleep.

The pilot chuckled viciously as he watched me fall asleep for a bit. As soon as he put up the gas sprayer, he tied me up and carried me away from this room into his arms. He hummed while he walked his way throughout the mec.

Then silence was brought back to life in that room, continuing its business as usual. The entire room was very happy when two people left that room for good. It hoped those humans never returned there to ruin its quiet night ever again.