Chapter 25:


Theoterra: Emuna's Summer Story


Kesaf (כְּסַף)

The name of Theoterra's capital city for "money" or "silver;" it's an Aramaic correspondence to the Hebrew word kesef (כֶּסֶף) for its similar meaning.


A country's Latin name within Ara for "God's land."

Xenopolis (Ξένωπόλις)

A Greek name of Emuna's hometown for either "desert city" or "The city of foreigners."

Midbar (מִדְבָּר)

A Hebrew name of one of Theoterra's major regions for "mouth," "speech," "south," or "desert."

Aigialo (Aἰγιαλό)

A Greek name of Plionay's hometown which devries from a Greek term aigialos (αἰγιαλός) for "the seashore," "sea-coast," "(sandy) beach," "shore (of a lake)," or "land." It devries from a Greek word aix for "(water) wave."

Shefayla (שְׁפֵלָה)

A Hebrew name of one of Theoterra's major regions that's pronunced in Biblical Hebrew She-fay-lah, not She-fe-lah for "lowland."

Ara (אֲרַע)

The Hebrew name of the world where Theoterreans and others live in for "the earth;" it's an Aramaic correspondence with another Hebrew word erets (אֶרֶץ) for "earth, land."

Noton Street (Nοτον)

A Greek name that devries from a Greek term notos (νότος) which either means "south wind" or "southern quarter."


Emuna (אֱמוּנָה)

A Hebrew name for "faith," "fidelity," "steadfastness," or "firmness."

Plionay (Πλειόνη)

The Greek name that's based on Koine Greek pronunciation of Pli-oh-nay, not Play-oh-ni. It devries from the term pleion (πλείων) that's pronunced pli-own, not play-on for "more excellent," "greater," "many," "very great," "of higher value," or "more."


A Biblical Latin version of a Biblical Hebrew word Eli'ezar (אֱלִיעֶזֶר) for "my Elohim is help."

Zaboulon (Ζαβουλών

A Biblical Greek version of a Biblical Hebrew name Zebooloon (זְבוּלֻן) which devries from a Hebrew word zebool (זְבוּל) for "exalted house." That term also devried from another Hebrew term zabal (זָבַל) for "to exalt honor" or " to dwelt with."

Yudia (Eὐδία)

A Greek name for "clear sky," "fair weather," "fine weather," or "good weather."

Mr. & Mrs. Jardine

A Scottish and English surname that means "garden."

Mrs. Valmont

An English and French surname meaning "valley hill."


Tseetsa (צִיצָה)

A feminine word of tseets (צִיץ) for "blossom," "flower," "plate," or "wing." It's in Biblical Hebrew pronouncation, instead if a modern one.


Zayin (ז‎)

Name of the seventh Hebrew alphabetical letter and its numeric value is seven.

Harashim (חֲרָשִׁים)

A Biblical Hebrew name of a Youth Arts and Crafts Club that Emuna founded to mean "craftsmen;" it's pronounced Ha-rah-sheem, not Cha-rah-sheem.