Chapter 17:

17: Are we there yet?

I was Born the Unloved Twin

One of my major selling points, especially in comparison to my little sister, is that I'm healthy. I'm a physically active, well fed, well developed two year old child with what the adults think is a good head on my shoulder. As Ms. Gerda would describe me,Bookmark here

"She's smart, too much trouble for her own good but smart."Bookmark here

It's assumed that I'm just a faster developer than Lilyanne, being a little larger and a lot faster at walking and talking. I came out first after all. What an easy explanation.Bookmark here

While I have yet to see myself in a mirror in this world, I am told when asked that look I like the "healthier" or "livelier" version of Lilyanne Bookmark here

"The troublesome tomboy version more like it." Bookmark here

As Ms. Gerda calls it, I think recently father adopted the term as well. Bookmark here

My sister looks similar to how I remember she did in her early years but fuller. I can't say yet but it seems she's not getting sick nearly as often as she did before. She's a sweet cherub looking child, one that anyone could easily see growing into a beauty. Her light chestnut hair was more of a milk tea color than mother's and fell in looser curls to frame her little heart shaped face. Those honey amber eyes were large, often times teary, and lashed like a baby brown cow. Hey that's a good thing, aren't cow eyes cute! Should I have used the word doll instead? No, she really does look more like a baby cow to me.Bookmark here

Her delicate features are accentuated with skin that was fair and tender soft with a warm hue of color, like the insides of a sweet freshly baked honey bun.Bookmark here

"You're more the shade of the sides on these buns Rosalia. You play outside a lot more."Bookmark here

Said George the Jr. Chef, who's turning 15 this year and treats me more like a little sister than a bossy young Miss. Maybe that's why I keep using him, uh I mean allowing him to create my recipes. Those honey buns are now a Ventrella household staple by the way.Bookmark here

So despite being the supposedly evil twin of this angelic creature, people can tell us apart without too much difficulty. Even in the past, it must have something to do with our general aura and personalities shining through. There was also make up and Lilyanne's general frailness. It's quite easy to tell us apart when you know what to look for.Bookmark here

Just not right now.Bookmark here

Right now I'm just as pale, weak and listless as a tired Lilyanne. Our own grampa couldn't tell us apart like this, and he's the one who knows about me!Bookmark here

It's been two god forsaken weeks, going on three, on the road, and enchanted carriages or not I'm dead. Just end me now. My motion sickness has already killed then spat me back out to keep suffering this bumpy hell. While the long trip has been a tiresome toll on both mother and Lilyanne, I'm the most obviously affected one. I must look like absolute death since mother is doting on me on quite heavily. Her lap is usually reserved for me weaker younger sister but here I am, trying to avoid any painful consciousness. To be treated like Lilyanne, I must really be bad and boy do I feel it.Bookmark here

If only I could sit outside on the horses or with the driving escorts. But I'm only allowed to ride outside so often as it's a safety concern and improper nearing the capital in the midways lands. Bookmark here

To be clear the midway lands houses Republic city, where the Capital was moved to and established decades ago in Grampa's youth. It's is quite literally midway of various nations states and territories and is ideal meeting spot for international conferences. The name isn't very creative but it was established by Grampa after all. While we don't necessarily rule it, no one person does, we are obviously a prominent founding family.Bookmark here

Officially the Spring conference is held a day's ride outside of Republic city to avoid safety threats and nosy crowds. With our beast steeds and carriages, it would take us two hours at most. While we have accommodation there it's more convenient to stop and stay at out family mansion in Republic City.Bookmark here

I could go on about the city life, intermingling of cultures and entertainment there but I'm too sick to notice anything outside my own nausea. I have no strength to do anything, not even cry. Bookmark here

Hey maids aren't you guys happy? This is the most well behaved I've been since, well ever. I wasn't even this quiet or still at birth!Bookmark here

When the carriage finally stops in front of out capital mansion home I could fall to the perfectly still ground, blessed solid ground, and kiss it. I think I tried to do just that but it looked like I merely collapsed face first. Bookmark here

"Oh my! Roslaia!!!"Bookmark here

"Quickly get the young Miss inside."Bookmark here

"Get the doctor!"Bookmark here

"My Lord has already prepared and a court physician is waiting inside."Bookmark here

"Is that the Dawn child they speak of, the rumors are right she's such a pitiful little child. Bookmark here

"Oh poor sweet birdie."Bookmark here

"On the contrary, that's the eldest one."Bookmark here

"Eh?! That's the healthy twin? Then what's the younger one like!?"Bookmark here

I did not collapse, I was merely showing the solid ground my love and appreciation. And then not make any motion to move.Bookmark here

The staff quickly carried me in and set me up in bed. If it weren't for the doctor prodding me and the worried crowd surrounding my bed it would have been comfortable enough to fall asleep immediately. Bookmark here

"There there Maria , the nice doctor said so himself. She'll bounce right back with enough rest."Bookmark here

"Well the child is rather on the dehydrated and malnourished side, her stomach is weak at the moment and should-"Bookmark here

"Will bounce right back, correct!"Bookmark here

"ER- yes, of course, My Lord. Don't fret My Lady, long term travel is hard on small children. Their senses are underdeveloped and get all jumbled, though this child does have a fascinatingly severe case of misbala-"Bookmark here

"Right and healthy! There, he said it himself."Bookmark here

I can still hear mother's awkward sobs despite father's warm comforts and the doctor's very assuring words. Great job you two, she's trying even harder now. Just let me die in this bed in peace. This is how I go after rebirth into a rich noble girl, death by motion sickness.Bookmark here

----Bookmark here

When I finally wake up from my motion sick fueled exhaustion, it's not yet morning but the birds outside are chirping. The bed is incredibly warm with Lilyanne curled up by my side. It seems she insisted to stay and sleep with me as per habit. The bed is too large for a single child anyways. Bookmark here

We had arrived to the capital before noon yesterday and for me to sleep straight to now was a little excessive. While I could easily fall back asleep the doctor was right and I was feeling extremely parched. Lilyanne is a heavy sleeper and while she did cling on rather stubbornly I was able to escape her teddy bear hold.Bookmark here

It looks like I was washed and dressed for bed sometime after I passed out but as expected. It's a little awkward but I've gotten used to being dressed and pampered like rich young miss, ha like that's hard thing to get used to. It's perfect for a lazy person like me.Bookmark here

But I'm still a commoner deep down and always will be. Bookmark here

I could have rung for a maid, the bells that connect to the servant quarters are right there after all. Instead, I patter down to the kitchen in my baby nightgown. I've never been here before but it's a path I have memorized, as with the entire layout of the house. Bookmark here

At this time the servants are up and starting their day, no one even notices as I creep up to the kitchen.Bookmark here

"Excuse me, may I have some water?"Bookmark here

A pitiful little voice croaks out of my mouth, ah I'm really thirsty. The tiny sound causes a mass panic in the room though.Bookmark here

"Young Miss!!!"Bookmark here

"Young Miss what are you doing in here?!"Bookmark here

"Oh god how did she get down here, did no one do their jobs?!"Bookmark here

"Shit you guys really weren't joking, she really does just appear out of nowhere."Bookmark here

Luckily a few servants we brought from home are used to my habits and manage to get things situated. Two glasses of water later I make to introduce myself.Bookmark here

"Thank you very much. Pardon my disruption, I am Rosalia Therese Ventrella and am pleased to make your acquaintance. I missed introductions yesterday and gave many people quite a scare but am alright now. Again I thank you for your service thus far and hope to please take care of me from now on."Bookmark here

I curtsy to a mostly shocked quiet room. It would really be awkward without my home servants here, looks like I really have to rely on them the most. I was hoping to make a better impression here. It wouldn't do for to be ignored or feared like last time. Negative gossip would get around quickly.Bookmark here

I see George and a few other familiar faces in room and am glad they came along. Maybe they can help smooth things over with improving everyone's opinion of me. Bookmark here

"Ah that's our Rosalia alright, glad to see you're feeling better."Bookmark here

"Geez your motion sickness is really bad, you looked like a real dainty young misses from some old noble's house."Bookmark here

"...But she isn't she one though?Bookmark here

"Hmm not really, it's Rosalia."Bookmark here

"How can you speak that way to the young Mistress! Apologize right this instant, oh dear, please forgive us m-"Bookmark here

"Hey hey calm down it's alright, Rosalia is fine. She's usually like this. You can relax, she's always around in the kitchen back getting dirty at our place."Bookmark here

"Did you want a little something to eat? You missed all of lunch and dinner yesterday"Bookmark here

"Yes please! Is that leftover stew I smell?" Bookmark here

"Haha you know it, always better the next day."Bookmark here

Those from the capital staff are still either staring at me in shock or ready to pounce into action, a particular maid's face seems to be experiencing a seizure. Bookmark here

"But you can't! Please wait a little while longer and we'll have a proper meal fit for you served"Bookmark here

"Oh? Is there not enough to go around? I'll be sure to note increasing the food budget of the staff here, please let me know if you're facing any other difficulties." Bookmark here

I try to keep my smile pleasant but I'm tired and hungry here. It's rude to keep your young miss waiting like this you know? Can't be helped with these newbs but still. Bookmark here

"That's not I- we meant, My lady it's not suitable to your taste."Bookmark here

"Oh just let it go, you'll get used to it soon enough. Come up here Rosalia, you can sit next to me. And here you go, bread?" Bookmark here

"Thank you Donna!"Bookmark here

A dark haired staff member helps set my seat but overall lets me climb up by myself, as I like. Let's practice independence as soon as possible! But I am a very small child so I need all these cushions to reach to table and help in getting my food. I can feed myself just fine though, as soon as I can reach. Besides, it's kind of hard to mess up with something as simple as stew and bread. Bookmark here

"But!!! At the servants' table!" cries a senior servant, ready to declare the rules of proper behavior and blah blah blah. Just let me eat.Bookmark here

"Haha, you'll get used to it!"Bookmark here

"She's an excellent critic on the food too- out of the mouth of babes."Bookmark here

"Excellent? I don't know about that I'm still recovering from the last scathing review."Bookmark here

"That's because your last recipe really sucked."Bookmark here

The conversation flows into a much more comfortable territory and my morning meal becomes much nicer. Bookmark here

My hometown team staff is really a blessing to have. I"ll be sure to reward them in some way later. Perhaps another recipe? What do I crave next? Hmmm, it is still the tail of winter so I need to consider the seasonal ingredients available. Bookmark here

They're all turning into gluttonous foodies with me lately, or maybe they were already like that? Well, we're a good match either way.Bookmark here

The capital staff here are still rather shocked and don't know what to make of me yet. But it's better than being ignored, it's better than being hated and avoided. It's a start. Bookmark here

Hey everyone, let's all get along from now on. I promise I won't mistreat you if you just follow my every command!Bookmark here

-----------Bookmark here

Author: The villainous young lady of the house is here and she made a very.....notable entrance *plops on floor*Bookmark here

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