Chapter 13:


Power of Fear

"What's... happening?" Emi said, slowly getting up to her feet with a bleeding forehead.
The mansion was destroyed and rubble was everywhere. Emi rubbed her eyes and saw an angelic sight.
A white humanoid muscle giant was in front of her. It had three eyes, no mouth, and black lines surrounding its white body which looked like veins.
Not only that, there were three other humanoid angelic beings with white bodies and black veins and a purple-haired man with black wings.
"Wha... " Emi was speechless.
At the same time, Akane had taken Ketsuki and flown in the air.
"Sorry, I went a bit overboard." Said the giant.
"Go after her!" The purple-haired man said angrily.
"Respectfully, we don't take orders from you, Lancelot." Said one of the angelic beings, from how it looked and talked, seemed to be a female.
"June... you..."
She had a white hoodie and six wings coming from her back. She also didn't have a mouth but had six eyes.
Suddenly a sword and an air bullet attacked her but she caught the sword and was unaffected by the bullet.
"Worth a shot." Said Ken with a smile(her towel didn't fall off surprisingly).
"March." June said with a commanding voice.
The muscle giant responded with a downward punch on Ken and Shika.
As it was approaching them, a giant spider woman spun webs around the roof to slow down the punch just enough for Ken and Shika to dodge.
"Phew, that was close!" Kumojoshi said in a tired voice.
"Who... are these people?" Akashi asked, who was on the ground.
"Same question." Kiara pulled out some skeletons.
"That would be... The Cycle of Months... all of them." Kajra said, who was sipping wine.
"I suppose flashing them wouldn't work." Ken said sarcastically.
"It wouldn't on the Months... but it just might work on the black-winged Lancelot." Kajra said in a loud enough voice for Lancelot to hear.
"Bedi...vere." Those were the only words that came out of Lancelot's mouth.
"Is hE SomEoNe PreCioUS tO yOu LaNCY?" Said a familiar voice.
"He is as precious to us as February was to all of you." Lancelot mocked April.
"YOu WaNNa DiE EaRlY, LanCY?!!"
"Chill out guys we are working together to get rid of Aina right? Why don't we just get along? The Alliance of Nevermore is back!" Said an angel with eight hands, eight eyes, and eight wings.
"Y-Yes June?" Augustus blushed.
"Go after that girl who took Aina's child."
"(Ehhhhh no way!) of course, anything for you!" Augustus flew away at top speed.
"They are going after Ketsuki!" Screamed Emi.
"Leave it be... Akane will manage. We have bigger problems to solve." Yowa said who was back in his wheelchair.
"Let's kick this giant's ass!" Ken took out her black blade which she had used to kill an angel back when she first met Ketsuki.
"This determination! I March, shall judge your worth!"
"ArE WE GoInG iN oR wHAT?"
"Let March have his fun. Save your strength for Aina."
Somewhere in the air.
"Found you!" Augustus caught up to Akane who was carrying Ketsuki.
"All of the Cycle of Months together? Never seen that before." Akane stopped.
"I know right? It was such a pain, but June is just so charming... so beautiful she just pulled it off like nothing!"
Akane gave a look of disgust.
"W-W-What I mean to say is... hand over the kid!" Augustus took out a spear, a sword, and a bow.
"This is not going to be easy..."
Akane instead of fighting ran away at a high speed but Augustus was faster and attacked Akane with a spear that grazed Ketsuki.
"I gotta hold back... otherwise the kid will die... JUNEEEE WHY GIVE ME THIS DIFFICULT JOB." Augustus cried like a kid.
"June might have wanted to get rid of you! Maybe that's why she gave you this troubling job." Akane tried to rile up Augustus.
Suddenly a golden arrow pierced her hand.
"Don't get me wrong... I know how creepy I may seem... but June is not the type of person to push away people. She is too kind... even to creeps like me..." 
Akane tried to run off again but Augustus blocked her path immediately.
"Divine construct: Arena Barrier." Augustus formed a tiny golden barrier around him and Akane, to prevent her from running away.
"Your friends will not be able to see you die here... I don't like doing this but June's orders." Augustus said with a pained voice.
"No one can see me you said?"
Augustus gave her a puzzled look.
"Messenger of God: Divine Speed." Akane's feet turned golden.
"Catch me if you can." 
"How are we going to beat that?" Emi asked while pointing at March.
"Let's see..." Jin sat on the rubble and opened his newspaper. "Yowa would you be interested in taking charge?"
Everyone stayed quiet.
"I don't have a choice do I?" Yowa responded with a tired voice.
"I cannot wait much longer... as an opponent I cannot grant you enough time to prepare. That will be disrespectful." March readied his fist for a punch.
"Kiara, make a wall with your skeletons and keep producing more! Kajra transform yourself into an elephant to support the structure from behind!" Yowa shouted instructions and they followed them immediately.
"Shouldn't I make a web for more defense?" Kumojoshi asked, she was in her spider form. Only her upper body was human.
"No... you, Ken, Shika, and Emi should wait here. Akashi... keep sheathing and drawing your blade till you find something useful." Yowa seemed like a completely different person right now... right now he felt dependable.
Soon the wall had formed, skeletons on top of each other and behind them a massive elephant.
"I'm... a bit disappointed. No matter, I shall crush you here with my fists alone!" March punched directly at the wall. It crumbled immediately and Kajra who was an elephant now was also blown away.
"Kumojoshi, now!" 
Kumojoshi sprinted quickly and webbed up the roof to March's hand.
"Hmm." March didn't feel the slightest bit of panic.
The skeletons which he blew away and the new skeletons Kiara had made held down March's hand in an attempt to lock it in place.
On Yowa's instruction, Shika started using 'Hole in one', a technique that pulls anything to the ground in a circular area.
The mansion crumbled more by this weight and soon they were on the ground with March on his knees, but March only laughed in amusement.
"Blow through his arm Ken!" 
"Not bad Yowa!" Ken's black blade started burning with white fire with a hint of golden at the tip of the blade. "By my command vanquish my foe, for the holy has sinned and the evil has desired now purify, Angel of hell!"
A beam of light and darkness emerged from the blade obliterating the arm and going through March's chest.
"A-Amazing!" Emi shouted.
"Your divinity... is less than the others but you are the only one who can use it." Yowa said with relief.
"Is it over?" Akashi asked(still trying to find a useful item).
"It was a good effort." Jin said with a hint of sadness.
"Huh? What do you-" 
Cut in the middle of Emi's sentence a loud disgusting sound was heard.
"What... but after that... HOW!" Shika shouted in disbelief.
"Good! Very Good! Excellent! You have impressed me. It seems I can go all out!" March who had a hole in his chest and lacked an arm regenerated completely with no effort.
"We can't fight this monster!" Kiara shouted for the first time.
"Yowa! Say something!" Ken tried to bring the shocked Yowa back to reality.
"I... why... I tried my best... after a long time.... and I..." Yowa started muttering to himself.
March who had now completely regenerated faced the palm of his hand towards them.
"It has been a good fight! It is a shame... with enough training, you would have been able to kill me easily... but the reality is always cruel. Goodbye... I will remember this resistance till the day I die."  
A few moments back, Akane vs Augustus.
"Messenger of God? Which means you are a lower plane God aren't you?" Augustus asked.
"No response? I do not know which religion you belong to but it's dead anyways... or are you hoping that people will start believing again? Your time is over, new gods have taken the heavenly plane."
"Wha... are..." Ketsuki gained a little consciousness.
"Shhhhh~ Sleep!" Akane closed Ketsuki's eyes with her hand gently.
Seeing this as an opportunity Augustus lunged at Akane with lightning speed and attacked her with both his sword and spear with no hesitation.
When Augustus attacked Akane suddenly disappeared.
"Not concerned about killing the kid anymore?" Akane said mockingly, her golden feet oozing lightning.
"I knew it. You speed Gods are all hard to kill."
"As I said, catch me if you can!"
As a surprise, she left Ketsuki midair and kicked Augustus over his head with all her might but he blocked it without looking.
"Speed is all you have got... and in terms of that June is still faster than you by a long shot."
Akane immediately fell back and grabbed the falling Ketsuki.
"Stop with the June."
"(I do have a bad habit don't I? Can't help it June is too cute!)"
"I have noticed one thing." Akane said suspiciously.
"H-Huh? W-What I never lie!"
"You are holding back more than you should, aren't you?"
There was silence for a moment.
"Don't feel that it's unfair... I am carrying another person with me to protect him. Your job is to get him right?"
"March has always taught me to fight on an equal footing that is all."
"I find this unfair."
"Why are you trying to make things harder for yourself? You could try to win instead of making me go all out." Augustus asked suspiciously.
"You do not need to concern over that. Everything will go in our favor regardless."
"Ok." Augustus pulled out two pistols. "I apologize."
Augustus fired a shot immediately but Akane had disappeared from that spot already. 
"That's a miss." 
As Akane said, the bullet bent abnormally and hit her shoulder from behind.
"That's some ability you got there."
Akane who couldn't afford to hold Ketsuki anymore left him to fall.
"It will take him a minute to fall to the bottom of the barrier... I will finish this by then."
Akane's arms started glowing.
"Messenger of God: Royal permission."
Augustus without a word started firing his pistols but Akane uniquely dodged them. The bullets that curved around hit the bullets directly coming forward.
For the ones she could not dodge she used her hands which were coated with 'divinity' and lightning.
She reached close to Augustus many times and chipped at his skin delivering minor wounds.
"Tch... what a pain!" Augustus cried out. Soon she came face to face with Augustus.
"I got you now!"
"Sorry Speed God... you missed one."
One bullet, which wasn't even curving, but was coming in a straight line hit her straight through her palm.
"Thank you, Speed God... for this fight." Augustus readied his spear to thrust Akane, but he noticed something strange, a crack through the barrier, big enough for a person to fit through.
After he looked back towards Akane she had disappeared and a halberd had pierced his stomach from behind.
"It... cannot be... with just a plain halberd!"
"What a relief."
Augustus recognized that voice, but it was more sinister than he remembers. He looked back in horror. A woman with her hair down, staring at him with murderous intent looking for her child.
"I think it's about time for angels to go extinct..." Aina said angrily.