Chapter 14:

The Valkyrie dances

Power of Fear


"Goodbye... I will remember this resistance till the day I die." March's palm turned golden.

"Yowa." Jin called out.

"Yeah... I know." Yowa said with relief, looking up at the sky.

"Took you long enough... Aina."

As if on queue, Augustus, who had a hole in his chest, flew through the sky and crashed into June.

She caught him in midair.

"S-She... is here... s-sorry I-" Augustus cried in a low voice.

June descended and put Augustus on the ground gently.

"You did good enough... Augustus." June said with a comforting voice.

Even though Augustus didn't have a mouth, you could clearly see him smiling.

"April, heal him up."

"TcH WASte oF TiMe..." April tore out two chunks of flesh from his body, which turned into clones, and proceeded to heal Augustus.

March, who noticed Augustus's defeat, didn't stop for even a second and readied his attack.

"I must finish this fight before our grand battle against the valkyrie... and taking revenge for February!" March said angrily.

"A shield!" Akashi screamed.

The tip of Akashi's sword had a giant metal shield, which he placed in front of him.

"Get behind the shield!" Ken ordered everyone.

"That is not going to save you!"

Suddenly, a sword covered in cloth was thrown from above in front of the shield, piercing the ground.

"Bedivere!" Shouted a familiar voice.

"Divine Judgment!" A beam of light shot out of March's palm.

"I know..." Kajra turned his legs into a kangaroos, jumped over the shield, grabbed the sword, and landed with his human feet.

"Kajra! What are you doing?!" Shouted Akashi.

As the beam of light approached, Kajra elegantly pointed the sword upwards and guided the beam toward the sky as if it was his own.

"I appreciate the help, but I am trying to keep a secret here... Miss Aina." Kajra ran his fingers through his hair and in his hand was a beautiful sword. It did not have a blade. It had water spiraling around it at high speeds to resemble a blade.

This was the same blade that Aina used against April a few days before. It was the Knights Of The Round Table: Bedivere's Lacus blade.


???? years ago.

"Everyone left..." Said a woman with white skin and wings.

A dead body was in front of the woman.

"You killed many... but I believe you can reform."

"I can't have my comrades back... but I believe everyone should get another chance."

She sat down and gently placed her palm on the body's forehead.

Tears started forming in her eyes.

"Y-You will atone for your sins... Zeltachriz!" February said.



Everyone noticed the beam going into the sky, but no one could get a clear view because of the shield.

Before anyone could see the sword Kajra was carrying, he threw it at June.

"Another sword?" June reached out her hand.


Suddenly, a hand came from behind June, above her right shoulder, and grabbed the sword instead.

"Was meant for me..." Aina placed the blade on June's neck.

Everyone went quiet.

"What's wrong? Kill me." June asked calmly.

"As if you can't dodge that." Aina smiled.

After a bit of silence, June disappeared and was suddenly above Aina.

"See! I knew it~" Aina said happily.

June quickly disappeared again, this time behind Aina, and performed a quick thrust to the neck with a white spear she was carrying.

"You will pay for killing February and the others."

Aina turned towards her left, dodging the spear, and then grabbed it with her hand.

"That was quick!" Aina said.


June left the spear and flew backward away from Aina.

The spear, which was in Aina's hand, slowly rotted and turned into sand-like particles.


Akashi sheathed his shield blade, and just then, a bloodied woman carrying a boy arrived and landed on her face next to Jin.

"Akane!" Shouted Kumojoshi.

Akane, who was injured in her battle against Augustus, fell unconscious.

"I... What's happening?" Ketsuki had finally woken up.

"That." Ken pointed at Aina, who had an evil smile on her face.

Ketsuki was at a loss for words.

He had never seen his mother this angry before.

"Can we take this somewhere else, June?" Aina asked while stretching.

"Unfortunately, we can not." June answered.

At this time, April was almost done healing Augustus.

"I see... it's a shame."

Aina reached inside her clothes and pulled out a blue bag.

"This situation is too much of a mess..." Aina muttered to herself and pulled out a thin white arm from her bag.

"December, right?" Lancelot asked.

"You talk a lot." June said with slight irritation.

Aina wore the white hand like a glove and pointed at Ketsuki and the others.

"Wait, does she plan to- "

"Divine Teleport!"

"Negate!" Said Augustus, who was now almost back to perfect health.

Everyone standing on the rubble of the mansion started glowing golden except Ketsuki.

"Tch..." Aina sweated for the first time.

"That would have been a real problem... thank you, Augustus, you saved this secret mission." March said.

"It seems that we have... a really bad situation here..." Jin said.

Yowa said nothing and put his hands on his face.

"Everyone, we will immediately head for the mansion after we get teleported!" Ken ordered.

"I don't think we will make it in time..." muttered Kajra, who was staring at Lancelot.

"Ketsuki!" Emi reached out her hand.

Ketsuki did the same, but Emi... everyone... disappeared.


???? Years ago.

At a great golden Japanese-styled palace.

Throne room.

"Everyone must get out!" February screamed.

"^#<×%&#*@&×*" an angel who looked like a floating ball with giant eyes said in an unrecognizable language.

"Do not worry... I will be safe."

There was a lot of movement of angels floating from left to right, trying to find an exit.

After a few minutes, the door to the throne room blasted open, and a woman with two halberds and a blue bag walked in.

"My my, it looks quite empty for a throne room of one of the most respected Cycle of Months."

The throne room was completely made of gold and consisted of a red carpet leading to the throne, and the most defining feature was the giant diamond chandelier moving back and forth unnaturally.


"You were the easiest one to find... as technically this is a hospital of sorts." Aina slowly walked towards February.

"Why you... kill me and leave!"

"Kill you?"

Aina was standing right in front of February.

"I'm going to do just that." Aina lifted her halberd and immediately attacked.

February instinctively closed her eyes and put her hands in front of herself in fear.

Aina stopped midway, just barely touching February's arm.

"A normal face, two eyes, two wings, a big mouth... I can see why they call you the most human Month."


When February opened her eyes, she noticed that Aina was gone.


"We have a chance." Said Lancelot.

Everyone stayed silent, neither agreeing nor disagreeing.

Aina looked around suspiciously.

"Very weird... why has not a single person noticed this much commotion. The population of this town is very scarce but not THIS much."

"As expected of you... it is because we are fighting in another reality." Lancelot said proudly.

"So you put a dome around this place... the mansion is safe then."

"Indeed." Said Lancelot, pointing his lance at Aina.

Aina wore her blue bag like a backpack and swung around the Lacus blade in the air.

"Let's get started."

Immediately after she said that, June and Aina sprinted toward Ketsuki who was stunned.

June went ahead of Aina and was just about to grab Ketsuki but then Aina, who was just behind, slammed June's head into the ground stopping her momentarily.

Just then Augustus shot an arrow at Aina who dodged it.

"A+ for good effort."

"I believe I should get a better score for that." Augustus pointed at the wall beside the rubble of the mansion, where there was a blue bag along with his arrow that pierced it.

March who was the closest to the bag, picked it up and clenched his fist around it.

"Incinerate!" A golden glow appeared inside March's fist. When he opened it, there was nothing left.

"I should have taken my halberds at least..." Aina said sadly, who was now at Ketsuki's location.

June who got up to her feet asked, "You... what are you?... this level of power is not of a human."

"What am I?... Umm... let's just sayyyy... a mother." Aina answered jokingly.

Suddenly without warning, March punched at Aina and Ketsuki.

Aina waved her hand and summoned a golden halberd.


She then performed an overhead slash which cut March's arm in two.

"Attacking an enemy in the middle of a conversation... how honorable, March." Aina said sarcastically.

"I possess no mercy for people like you... you lost my respect after February's death. SHE DIDN'T EVEN KNOW HOW TO FIGHT, SHE WAS A KIND HEALER!" March shouted so angrily that it felt like the neighboring houses were shaking.

"February this... February that... what about your other comrades?" Aina scratched her head.

"Silence!" March used his other hand and shot a beam at Aina.

"Sadly I can't do the same thing Kajra did..."

Aina handed Ketsuki Bedivere's sword and patted his head.

"Mama is going to finish this very quick!"

"Divine light!" Aina shot a beam of her own to cancel out March's beam.

At the same time, April who had three clones with him flew towards Ketsuki.

Aina threw her halberd and all three of them backed off.


"April... limit the number of clones to ten, any more and you will get thrown out of the dome while fighting. You can exit the dome, but you can't enter until the fight is over." June explained.

"I HatE ThIs! SHe iS aS AnNoyInG As ZelTaChRiz!" April complained.

"Do not underestimate Zeltachriz... he was more troubling than one might think... almost all of the Months and the Round Table got annihilated in the great battle."

"Zeltachriz? Are you part of the second generation of the Cycle of Months?" Aina asked calmly.

June stayed silent.

"I knew it... even though you don't show it, you are the angriest one here. You are not only taking revenge for February but also January." Aina gave an evil smile.

June looked away.

"ENOUGH!" March shouted.

March, who had an arm sliced in half suddenly started to shrink.

"March! That form is too dangerous!" Augustus shouted.

"Hmph, Silence!"

March's body made a disgusting sound and shrunk to the size of a slightly muscular human.

He had no wings and was completely black.

"AINA!" March jumped high in the air.

"Ketsu hold tight!" Ketsuki wrapped his arms around Aina's waist.

As March landed, a huge Shockwave blew the rubble in all directions, but when he looked up, he saw Aina standing in the air with the help of two golden plates beneath her and Ketsuki's feet.

Just then Lancelot charged in with a jousting lance in hand and slightly grazed Aina's cheek.

Giving her no time to rest, Augustus fired several bullets into the air. Constantly firing and reloading.

Aina dodged them effortlessly.

June and Lancelot then attacked together. A horizontal strike by June and a vertical by the other, which would hit Ketsuki if she dodged.

Aina summoned two more golden Halberds and redirected Lancelot's strike toward June, who dodged backward, and then she proceeded to kick Lancelot away from her. This exchange allowed three bullets of Augustus to hit Aina's back.

"Mo... I... you..." Ketsuki could only watch.

March who was furious jumped in the air again, Aina prepared to parry it, but then April who she didn't pay attention to went behind and attempted to slash Ketsuki.

Having no time to think, she slashed backward, hitting April(who was a clone) and saving her son, but March who had reached close to Aina punched her shoulder, ripped out her arm, and threw her into the ground.

Aina held Ketsuki close to avoid getting him hurt.

"Are... you fine... Ketsu?" She asked while coughing up blood.

Ketsuki's mind went blank. His mind was completely empty, he couldn't stand blood and this situation made his thought process blurry.

Slowly, Aina got back to her feet into a fighting stance with one arm.

"It's over... you fought brilliantly." March said calmly.


Aina started glowing golden and flew into the sky.

"Divine God Finale: Sword Of The Afterlife!"

Her clothes turned golden and white, resembling a queen's attire.

She raised her hand in the sky and summoned a golden sword so big that the mansion looked like a doll house in front of it.

"We can't... counter that thing." March said with slight fear in his eyes.

"My bullets are spiraling around her... WHAT THE HELL IS THIS!" Augustus screamed.

"We should retreat immediately... " Lancelot started to move outside the dome slowly.

Aina looked at all the panicked faces and noticed something odd.

"1... 2... 9?" Aina was counting April's clones.


When she looked at the person who screamed her name... you could see genuine fear in her eyes.


April had Ketsuki in his grasp with a sword on his neck.

"DEaCTiVaTe WhAteVeR ThE FUcK YoU arE dOiNg oR ThE KiD's DEAd!"



Aina quickly stopped her attack.

The giant golden sword slowly disappeared piece by piece.

Aina descended and ran toward Ketsuki, hugging him, ignoring the fact that April was just behind her.

Tears started flowing from Ketsuki's eyes.

"I have an offer..." said Aina with a serious tone.


"Take my life... but please... spare my child."

After a bit of silence... June replied with respect.

"You have my word..."

"M-Mom...b-because of me you...I shouldn't... I SHOULDN'T HAVE BEEN BORN!" Screamed Ketsuki.

"Shhh~ Don't say that... you are the best thing that has happened to me... without you... I would have been dead ages ago." Aina lovingly pulled his cheeks.

"April... as much as I hate to say it. You were the reason we won..." March said, who was coughing up blood.

"ShUT tHe FuCk uP MaRCh!... iM gOnnA ENjOy ThIS!" April positioned his blade near Aina's neck.

"Any last words?"

"Last words?... I don't need any... because my little furball already knows..."

April lifted his blade.

"That I love him more than anything in the universe combined!"

The blade dropped and thus were the final moments of Aina... of a mother protecting her child.

The Months left... but Ketsuki watched... and watched... the blood didn't bother him anymore... he was more scared of losing the sight of his mother... and after an hour... he disappeared.