Chapter 17:

A Girl’s Purpose


Frankie couldn't care less whether she lived or died.

This world was awful, and she knew she didn’t fit in it.

The only reason she stood in front of this psychopath right now was that she felt it was the most she could do to protect Katie.

Because what Frankie realized, when that Ferris wheel fell-

Was that she cared about Katie’s life more than anything.

Action laughed.

“Well if it isn’t the one who got away. It’s such a shame you’re so stupid- you could’ve lived, you know.”

“Frankie… run…” Parker struggled on the ground below.

“I don’ wanna run.” Frankie spoke, somewhat aversely, almost too quiet to hear. Her next sentence after that was completely mumbled, so much that her opponent couldn’t hope to hear.

“What was that…?” Action taunted. “You want to die?”

“Sure.” Frankie swallowed hard. “Why not. Just as long… as I can beat your ass first.”

Action’s grin crept across her face. “Oh… oh, you are interesting… tell me girl. Other than me, what do you hate most in this sick, sick world of ours?”

“Theme parks. Can’t stand ‘em. And now they’re gonna be the thing that gives me nightmares for the rest of my life.” Frankie’s eyes glinted as her voice gradually increased in volume.

“Yes, that’s what I thought. I hate them just as much. That’s why I’m seeing to it that they’re destroyed.”

“No… pretty sure you’re just insane. You don’t… you don’t see me going around and killing people for fun.”

“Oh, but you must understand, sweetie- you and I are only inches away on the spectrum of… how should I say… er, “atomized” individuals? You can’t call either of us humans, honey- we despise life. Our styles are just so different from this uni-toned world. We don’t belong here. You’re clearly suicidal, and I’m an anarchist. We’re the same kind of simple, darling, it’s just that we deal with it different ways!” She giggled. “Now, wouldn’t you like to come with me to watch this man die in front of his son? This family in particular really pisses me off, you see.”

Frankie wasn’t like this woman at all. Action was the furthest thing from a human she’d ever seen.

“I hate theme parks…” she shook. “But I love… my sister!”

She swing the rod too fast even for Action to concoct a plan of escape. All she could do was put up her hand and say what she always did-


But of course, you can’t dismantle a single piece of something.


Action’s head spun as the iron stick bashed some of the lipstick off her face, cracking her jaw just a centimeter to the side. She’d never felt so insulted in her life.

“You brat- I’ll make both these idiots watch you die!”

She quickly grabbed Frankie by the collar, who couldn’t help but drop her only weapon as they suddenly began to propel into the air.

With Kiddie and Frankie in one immeasurably strong grip, Action shot herself towards the sky, dismantling the air below her as she flew higher and higher.

“We’re off to see Drew now, you two! I’ll think I’ll let Frankie die first once we get there, since she wants to so bad.”

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