Chapter 15:

A Two-Faced Decision.

(Discontinued) Kazuki X Sayuri: Koibito Tero

(Back at the Golden Gate's hideout, Tulliano was eating another prime cut steak while his cigar was on a holder but suddenly gains a call from an unknown number which irritated him but quickly answers so he could eat.)
"Tulliano: Hello?"
"???: Mr. Takamori, this is the CIA-"
(Tulliano quickly hangs up and focuses on eating but then notices his blinds were then lowering by themselves as the CIA hacked into the Golden Pyramid's mainframe and plays a holographic message from a hidden CIA agent.)
"Tulliano: Ugh...."
"???: I know you don't like to hear from us but we urge you to escape Japan as quickly as possible. If you don't understand why, I'll gladly tell you. You're aware of Kazuki's bounty, correct? We've tapped into a phone call from a cannibal clan leader of a planned invasion coming from several states for the same reason... Kazuki Takabe. Dead or alive."
(Tulliano then squeezes his glass of wine which shatters as he was told this information.)
"I can assure you, we may be CIA agents, but we work alongside a foreign government. We can offer you rapid transportation out of the country before the war breaks down in twelve hours. Please make your decision as quick as you can, time is of the essence, Mr. Takamori."
(As the message ended and the blinds goes back up, Tulliano quickly calls Sayuri as it was urgent business. Sayuri then answers the phone as she, Kazuki and Rakuyomi finished slaughtering a hostile gang.)
"Sayuri: Hello? ...Tulliano? Urgent business? Alright."
(She then hangs up and turns around.)
"Kazuki: Sayuri?"
"Sayuri: ...We need to meet with Tulliano and the mafia. From the sound of his tone, he's not too pleased at all."
(As the three then quickly returns to the bar to regroup with the Kabukicho Devils, Tulliano was then inside his office with a pissed off expression on the impending doom. Moments later, Kazuki and the devils arrives at his office as Tulliano was pleased to see Kazuki recovering.)

"Tulliano: Young Kazuki, how are you feeling lad?"
"Kazuki: A bit better, but I can walk still."
"Tulliano: That's good..."
"Sayuri: What's the urgency Takamori?"
"Tulliano: ...In less than twelve hours, Japan will be under heavy fire by an incoming invasion."
(As everyone overheard, they were a little worried.)
"After the world heard about the fight with Kazuki and the prime minister, they took this as an opportunity to find Kazuki themselves and claim him, dead or alive."
"Rakuyomi: So wait..! They're ALL coming to Japan..?!"
"Tulliano: Not all countries, but one of them involves the United States who is currently the world's superpower. As much as I want to stay and defend my home... I can't have Kazuki and the mafia back on the battlefield knowing how much hell the prime minister caused for us."
"Kazuki: There's a way to escape this right...?"
"Tulliano: The way I see it, there are three options. One: We stay and fight with the lowest amount of forces we have. Two: Evacuate the city and find another hideout in Japan, with the possibility that we'll be attacked again. Three: ...We hideout in another country until the heat dies down... We don't have much time anyway, we'd have to leave now if we're to leave the city."
"Kazuki: ...There's a fourth option."
(As everyone listened in, Tulliano then gave his attention towards him.)
"Option four: What if I were to turn myself in?-"
"Tulliano: Don't be a damned fool."
"Kazuki: Wha-"
"Tulliano: Do you honestly believe any country would be dumb enough to show any sign of kindness towards your surrender? Kazuki... The Takabe's are hated by every corner of the world. Even if you were to surrender, there is no country willing to ever take you as an ally."
"Kazuki: Every corner of the world...? So wait, why does Japan hate me the most?!"
(Tulliano then puts out his cigar and gives Kazuki the coldest stare ever.)

"Tulliano: Because the prime minister forbid any Takabe from living if they came to Japan."
"Kazuki: ...."
"Tulliano: Listen kid, its not that all of Japan hates you. This specific city welcomes you but its the prime minister who wants you dead, one way or another. Whatever happened years ago, your family committed an act so heinous, it drove him to the point he spent millions of yen, just to see every single person related to the Takabe family dead."
"Kazuki: What the hell...?"
"Sayuri: Kazuki..."
"Tulliano: So you wanting to turn yourself in to any other country is a shitty two-faced decision."
"Kazuki: What if its the only way...?! Tulliano, you said it yourself! We're running out of time so we need to make a decision and make one now! Either we stay and fight till everyone dies, leave the city as we come up with a plan or evacuate to another country with our tails tucked behind our backs?! Quit thinking like you know it all!"
(Kazuki then slaps Tulliano out of anger and worry as his glasses were knocked off his face and surprised everyone.)
"Sayuri: K-KAZUKI!"
"Kazuki: Wasn't it YOU that said the Golden Gate Mafia doesn't give up?! Even if things were pointless?! We're a family Tulliano, you said it yourself that if it was me and you against the world, we'd have each other's backs Tulliano! Was all that true... or are you a liar...?"
(Tulliano was then silent as he then laughs after picking up his glasses then punches Kazuki across his face as he was then held back by Sayuri and the other devils.)

"Tulliano: You need to think for a few fucking seconds before you act. You just boldly smacked me. I could've killed you right then and there and let your body rot in the debris. Pull that shit again and I'll gladly excommunicate you, understand?"
"Kazuki: ...."
"Kazuki: Yes..."
"Tulliano: Now. We're leaving the country. Pack everything important and we leave in several minutes. ARS, activate the jet and have it set for takeoff in fifteen minutes."
(Meanwhile in Antarctica, Nikki was enjoying the cold weather as she was outside the sleeping barrack and looked up at the white skies.)
"Nikki (Thinking): The materials the United States has left us is just... magnificent. We could be done in a few weeks..."
(Nikki then pulls out a rusty bullet from forty years ago with a scratched off name as scientists were focusing on awakening the prime minister.)
"If there's a chance, I want this war to end with peace..."

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