Chapter 14:

A Devil's Forgiveness.

(Discontinued) Kazuki X Sayuri: Koibito Tero

(Meanwhile at the bar, the Kabukicho Devils were then sleeping and Kazuki's room was guarded, the door then creaked open as the injured Kazuki snuck out the room and went out the back of the bar to smoke a cigarette while remembering what happened during the wars and wondered if Tulliano is alright after losing consciousness.)
"Kazuki: ...I hope the gang's alright..."
"???: Oh. You're alive."
(Kazuki then was silent as he remembered Rakuyomi's voice who was very rude to him before then kept his eyes closed then notices Rakuyomi was lighting Kazuki's cigarette along with hers.)
"Rakuyomi: Sorry for being a dick before, I don't like newbies."
"Kazuki: I figured that from the damn jump."
"Rakuyomi: Honestly, I didn't mean anything I did to you before. I just assumed you was weak."
"Kazuki: Mhm."
"Rakuyomi: But.. When the gang heard about the streaks of crimes you've been committing with the Golden Gate Mafia, we realized we threw out the best potential that could've had the devils come out as the most feared clan in Japan."
"Kazuki: Yeah... No."
"Rakuyomi: Look, I was given the order to watch you until you're cleared to go back to the Golden Gate."
"Kazuki: What?"
"Rakuyomi: Tulliano wants you to gain a speedy recovery, so he entrusts us but threatened to finish us if we fail."
"Kazuki: What makes you all think you trust me again?"
"Rakuyomi: We treated you wrongly, yes. But after your first assignment, I was scared we fucked up the mission... Instead, we got closer to the Yakuza Organization because of you. In short, I'm sorry again, okay?"
"Kazuki: How do I know this isn't some trick to make me feel like a dumbass?"
"Rakuyomi: Because, I just did this."
(She then pecks Kazuki's cheek with her lips then gets up as she finished smoking her cigarette then goes back inside the bar as Kazuki was stunned at the kiss she gave him.)

"Kazuki: The hell was that...?"
(Meanwhile, Kazuki goes back inside to the awakened Kabukicho Devils along with Sayuri who was cleaning her katana while sitting on two of her executives.)
"Sayuri: Takabe."
"Kazuki: Okay, lemme get this straight. Tulliano entrusted you guys with protecting me but he'll kill you if you fail?"
"Sayuri: That's right. However, for the time being, we've agreed to a temporary alliance. In return, we'd have access to any and all classified information that the Golden Gate Mafia has collected regarding the Yakuza Organization and their connections."
"Kazuki: I see."
(As a windchime was heard, a fully dark clothed spy emerges from the shadows and unmasks herself as one of Sayuri's executive gang leaders but was a successful spy.)
"Kurihana Kiyumi (Ninjutsu Spy): Ukyo Sayuri, I've returned with the report."
(Sayuri then stands up to listen to what Kiyumi has to say.)
"Sayuri: Whenever you are ready, do tell."

"Kiyumi: As we speak, there are barely any heavy duty law enforcements in the city as of right now for over thirteen divisions has scattered throughout Japan to cease the ongoing criminal wars and riots. Second, one hundred low seed gangs were completely wiped out, leaving only twenty seven low seed gangs, only a few have escaped Japan while some low seeds are still laying low. Thirdly, there has been an update on the death of Japan's Prime Minister... He's being held in a top secret confinement chamber for rehabilitation, he's alive and will be in peak condition again in two months."

"Kazuki: WHAT?!"
(The devils then looked at Kazuki as he was the most surprised.)
"Sayuri: Is something wrong?"
"Kazuki: No, he's dead... I killed him while he was injured, HOW IS HE ALIVE?!"
"Kiyumi: The technology the government uses for the prime minister is like the ARS but a copied prototype. The truth is "ARS" stands for "Artillery Resistance System" which is a combat avatar equipped into an electronic device and will obey its master's command if the command cannot go over its limitations."
(As Kazuki was told this new information, he then remembers every single moment the ARS would electronically automatically apply itself to any weaponry Kazuki carried.)
"Kazuki: So wait, why am I entrusted with ARS?"
"Sayuri: Around the time I brought you into the gang, you've met ARS through the electric massage sofa upstairs. ARS may be an AI but she has feelings, I've seen that for myself."

(Kazuki then takes one look at his phone and wonders what ARS could really do. Meanwhile in an hidden government lab deep below Japan, scientists were using the technology they've had to keep the prime minister's heart pulses from dropping for he was resurrected by the science and technology they've required. Meanwhile in the lab, a female scientist then rushes to her private research lab with a vial of the prime minister's blood for an experiment as she then was panting to catch her breath but was very nervous in the process.)

"Female Scientist: Computer, initiate soundproof walls, lockdown level three."

(As the command was given, the entire private lab was then sealed off with no way in or out and the walls were sealed through any communication, sound or transmission. As she then begins her experiment with the blood, she then places a small cybernetic chip into the vial then taps the glass three times as the chip then circuits small sparks of electricity then begins to drain the vial of all the blood inside it as she was in surprise.)

"No way..! Its compatible...!"
(As she quickly ends the lockdown on her lab, the scientists escapes with the vial and goes to the head scientists of the labs which took them by surprise as the four then witnessed her sweating face of excitement.)
"Head Scientist #1: Kunieda, what's the issue? What's with the vial?"
"Kunieda Rokuto (Female Scientist): Its done...! This chip inside the vial is the exact fragment from an ARS system, I took some of the prime minister's blood and... it turns out its a 94.6% match, its too high to be a coincidence!"
"Konda Seiichi (1st Head Scientist): Is that so? If this chip is actually compatible, then we might be able to finish the big project in under two months."
"Kunieda: Should I get started on more components?"
"Konda: Yes, I want you to do it again and show me precisely how you did it."
"Kunieda: Of course!-"
(Suddenly, Kunieda was interrupted by a phone call which he answered for a quick moment.)
"(Phone): Hello?"
"???: Is this Miss Rokuto?"
"Kunieda: Uh... y-yeah..? W-Who is this..?"
"???: A close friend of the prime minister, I heard the bastard got his fade ran recently. It was that Takabe bastard wasn't it?"
"Konda: How do you know that information?"
"???: As I said, I'm a very close friend to the prime minister."
(On the other side of the phone was a cannibal clan eating another human as the leader who was swinging a bloody wooden bat was speaking on the phone with Kunieda.)
"Konda: Well, if you're close then, how-"
"???: Can you not bombard me with questions? God! Anyway, I'm going to leave you this very urgent message. There's no leader in Japan so that gave every country a chance to strike down as quick as they can, so all hell is gonna break loose soon."
"Kunieda: What are you talking about?!"
(The leader then looked up at military jets flying towards Japan overseas.)

"???: There's a planned invasion coming from the United States, Russia, Europe, China and two other countries. All of these countries are after Takabe's head, dead or alive for he holds the highest bounty and is most wanted across the world for his acts of evil deeds. So if I were you, I'd relocate the prime minister somewhere out of the future warzone, for everything is going to become debris when they get there."
(As Konda, Kunieda and the rest of the scientists were terrified at the info they've received they were speechless.)
"???: Seems like I left you guys speechless, well that's all I need to tell you. Oh, the invasion happens in about two days from now, Ciao!"
(As the call ended, Kunieda then slides on the wall for she could not stop thinking about the endless amount of blood waiting to be spilled in two days.)
"Kunieda: Oh my god...! What are we gonna do?!"
"Konda: We have two days, we need to relocate away from Japan but we need to bring the technology needed to keep the prime minister alive."
(As clacking heels were heard coming down the hallway, a tall female figure appeared out of the shadows while smoking a Cuban cigar.)
"???: Settle down... and await my orders."
"Konda: V-Vice Prime Minister Nikki, o-of course..!"
"Nikki Kikyo (Japanese Vice Prime Minister): There is a hidden shelter far out in Antarctica, I've made a convincing deal with the United States to assist us with the transfer, along with access to the frozen tundra."
"Kunieda: We can always rely on you..!"
"Kikyo: Now now, we leave a day before the invasion. Pack up everything important and leave the waste behind, we'll remake it within time."
(As the order was given to the scientists, Kikyo continued to smoke her cigar as she bites down on it hard enough to remember the name "Takabe" which was circling her head but kept her cool without showing signs of anger.)

"(Thinking): As much as I hate to do this, I can't let Takabe finish off the prime minister. We'll be moving the recuperation process to Antarctica and continue the big project."
(Meanwhile back in the surface of Japan, the Kabukicho Devils were out on a night patrol as Rakuyomi and Kazuki was partnered again but Sayuri was with the two to keep an eye on them.)
"Rakuyomi: Hey a-.. Takabe?"
"Kazuki: Its just Kazuki, its okay."
"Rakuyomi: Oh. Well, Kazuki.. What's it like with the mafia?"
"Kazuki: Well... Tulliano has taught me a lot of stuff. He even told me the differences between a gang, organization and a mafia. That's when I realized, I can't leave something I'm considered a family member in. I lost my blood family so I'm practically alone."
"Sayuri: Listen. We treated you wrong, yes. But I want to have another chance and make it up to you. We both do."
"Kazuki: ...How exactly would you both make it up to me?"
"Sayuri: I know a pretty tasty restaurant near here, why not we head there after we get this job done?"
"Kazuki: Ehh.. Whatever... In that case, I forgive you guys. But next time, I'll kill the devils myself."
(Sayuri then heeded Kazuki's warning as she was more careful now.)
"Sayuri: We'll see about that, if it comes down to us fighting to the death."
(As the three then continued patrol, Sayuri, Kazuki and Rakuyomi continued to get along more as the night was still young.)

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