Chapter 0:

(S1) Chapter 1 - Descent


This is General Excis. Your final objective lies on top of the Tower you see, About 5 kilometres ahead. Expected arrival: 10 minutes.

Be aware, Poises are ahead.

“Got it, General.”

The city of Vedel, the capital of the region of Helmvel. Situated in the nation of Lyanvina. An everlasting war, and battle against biotic-infected machines that plague the city Haywin lived in…

The biotic, the people of Vedel refer to as Pois. The objective of the war that broke out in between the region of Helmvel, and the region of Kritis.

Ever since The Conflict, it left a great scar on the region of Kritis, more specifically, its capital, Lavor.

It became deserted, and forsaken, for the most part. A contaminated city filled with death left many of its residents to flee from it, onwards to other cities Kritis included. A very few of them stayed out of pure spite, one of them, was the one who many refer to, as The Founder.

Manivolas was his name. Ever since Lavor was forsaken, he had used this chance to build his own empire. By doing so, he needed an initiative. Chances took chances, and he used his wisdom to discover a bacteria he would later on refer to as Biotic.

This biotic would be the cause many of the people of Lavor would become prominent in their work, and become so prosperous, they regained the safety of the city, and built their own entire empire. All because of the work, of The Founder, and the wonders of his so called “Biotics”. They were later on renamed to “Pois”. As Manivolas thought it would be a fitting name for something humans ingest to become prominent.

Pois was a certain bacteria individuals were able to consume. It would give them an everlasting boost of their longevity, and would boost their human natural fortitude. Many were able to build for longer, fight better, and do everything they can abundantly.

Manivolas believed that this was something more people of Lyanvina should have known about, and use, because he believed he was a good person for doing so. And be seen as the pioneer for something that would be used for generations, and generations.

He arrived at Vedel, the capital of Helmvel. The place where The Castle situated in. The place, where Mother, the Chief of Helmvel, and three other regions lived in as her main palace.

He went through the walls, and was brought upon Mother, herself. His ideas, and ideals were prominent. However, prominent was an understatement. They were something Mother was wishing for for years. Evil took over her heart, and shortly after Manivolas discussed his plans and gave her samples, she stole everything from him, and most of Lavor. Ending Manivolas his life in the process.

She declared war with Lavor. Because Manivolas, before his passing, disclosed to her that there would be enough Pois to serve for the whole nation of Lyanvina. This sounded like a struck of Gold to her. So she wished for everything to be under her eyes.

Not everything went as she wished, however. This was because Manivolas had birthed a son many years ago. His name, was Aether. And he learned about his father’s death. He was the one who also knew most about Pois. He swore to himself, and his people that Mother would never be able to overtake Lavor. And thus, he pioneered in something, different…

He experimented, and mixed Pois with pre-existing robotic-machines his father created. Those robots would become his strongest arm. Plaguing the city of Vedel in the name of vengeance, and protection of his father’s dreams. He built an country-force sum of robots to serve his wrath. Alongside the people of Lavor, itself.

This brings us to Haywin, the protagonist of this story. In the midst of the battles and the war, to protect the ones she loved, that serve a treacherous leader, who faces her own people with a smile of hope, that transcends into the people. Who grow to love her dear, and swear loyalty towards Helmvel.


With the ideas and content she stole from The Founder, she used the Pois to modify humans, more specifically, soldiers. Haywin became on of its victims. The Pois she had received, had made her an exceptional fighter in combat. However, the challenge to prove her worth was almost occurred. As The Standing’s Test was approaching, for every soldier to have their chance to become part of Vedel’s Special Forces…