Chapter 10:

Wander World: Bittersweet memories


Few months after, it was the end of the year once again. Ever since Jack’s been part of the group, he had replaced Pablo’s position as Seril’s best bud. Not that Pablo’s disappointed, but he was actually satisfied with it. Jack became more like a little brother than a best bud, though. He didn’t ask about Xadulo’s heart being taken already. Jack really did abandon his hopes for her, just like Seril told him. Even his interactions with her were different, and acted as just friends. Yet, Jack found his resolution to live, and didn’t need anything else.

In the public eye, the group were able to fool Jack’s village that he was dead (during first few months), so they’d stop looking for him. And since it was the only village they’ve got in sight, they all went in killing everyone and stocking food for the next expedition. For these past months, Jack had been happy, amazed, shocked, satisfied. They taught Jack things about their world too. Their histories, traditions, believes… Jack was almost turning into one of them. He found human flesh a delish. He learned incantations and how to use potions, and started inventing knew ones with the knowledge of his chemistry. He learned self-defense, and attacks. But the best of him, in the end, is still his intelligence. It’s not been long since he turned 11, but he’s changed into a completely different person.

“So I was thinking,” Xadulo said. They were all camping in the woods, cooking meat from chickens and ducks. All six of them were surrounding the fire, waiting for the stew to boil. “Let’s go visit the Wander World!” she said excitingly. “Wasn’t that supposed to be ‘Wonder World’?” Jack said. “No, I think it’s ‘Under world’,” Kyshanne said. “No, it’s ‘Wander World’! Wonder World is the world full of wonder, Under World is hell. Wander World is the rumored world of wood land creatures. In the human world, they say when you wander in the woods and got lost, fell asleep there, or was feeling drowsy, there’s a chance you’ll get into the world of Wandering creatures! That’s basically the place where our kind came from,” She explained. “…I remember uncle Ban talking about that,” Pablo said. “He did? I don’t remember that at all”, “It’s because you guys fell asleep. It was a bedtime story,” Pablo replied to Kyshanne.

“Ah!” Seril said. “Maybe that was why we’ve never encountered a village consisting only necromancers?”, “That’s obviously it, idiot,” Seril’s eyes widened. “So, it wasn’t because our kind started to go extinct, but because the world we were exploring isn’t ours?!”, “How much of an idiot can you be?” Pablo sighed. “…Ever since my mistress was brought here by merchants, we couldn’t get back to our world. Of what Seril said, it’s probably true that there are no villages consisting of only necromancers, but there some in villages,” Carnelia said. They talked about it until they each fell asleep. The only remaining people were sleepy Pablo, and Carnelia, who doesn’t sleep that often. “Sleep,” Carnelia said. “What?”, “If you died of tiredness and fatigue, then I couldn’t protect a trusted friend of my mistress’s,” she showed a little smile, and softness in her eyes. Pablo smiled back and said, “There you go again… alright, I’ll sleep”.

That night, Pablo dreamt of when he was a kid with his parents. Just like the others, he also came for the Wander World. He had a wonderful family, and they were always happy. Until they were attacked by merchants. His parents received fatal wounds, and their food and special items were all stolen. After 2 days of starvation, he moved by instinct, killed his parents, and ate them mercilessly. That was when his parents knew they taught him just right. A week later, the merchants came back and kidnapped Pablo, which was how he came to the human world. Remembering his forgotten past hurt him in his sleep.

A tear drop fell. He suddenly woke up, seeing Xadulo continuously shaking him and calling his name. “He woke up!”, “Pablo seemed to have—” Carnelia stopped when she noticed the tears. Pablo touched his cheeks and found drops from his eyes. ‘—A bad dream after I sent him asleep last night’ Carnelia thought. “Were you crying?” Xadulo asked, concerned. Pablo wiped his tears, and Xadulo patted his head for comfort. “Don’t worry, it was all… just a dream,” he continued wiping. “It wasn’t, wasn’t it? Not all of it,” Pablo remained silent. “If it is about the Wander World—”, “It’s fine,” Pablo appreciated Xadulo’s kindness. He was grateful, but didn’t want to be a burden. “I’m coming with you guys,” he said, smiling kindly to Xadulo. “That’s good!” Xadulo continued patting him. “I don’t want to leave you behind, after all.”