Chapter 11:

Entering a mystery: The worlds' mechanics


“So, how’d we get in?” Jack asked. They were on their way to the Wander World. “As the stories tell, ‘when you got lost’, ‘fell asleep’, or ‘felt sleepy’ actually works, but creatures from it can actually access it anytime,” Xadulo explained. “So, there’s like a portal that’ll appear?”, “No. this world and the Wander World are so close to each other, that if you had the eye that can identify them, you can see that they almost fuse, but in reality, their 0.000001 millimeter away from each other. Let us say you wore a glass to see the worlds through colors. Human world is blue, Wander is red, Wonder is yellow, and hell is black. You see various colors, at least nine, but not red, blue, and yellow. Why?”, “Because the Wonder World is a fantasy world,” Kyshanne said. “Correct! Now, why can’t Jackie find the blue and red? It’s sure to exist, though?” but this time no one answered.

Xadulo continued, “Jackie doesn’t see the red and blue but he sees a violet world. However, when the lines of these worlds were zoomed in, we’ll see that it’s not a purple world, but a red a blue so close to each other that it made an illusion. This illusion is a real cosmic glitch, which created the passageway that allows creatures from one world to come and leave to the other so easily. The two worlds also had very distinct looks. Everything here that was naturally generated will be seen in the other world just as the same. Artificial structures, however, won’t be seen as the same in different worlds. Remember one of the stories uncle Ban was telling? It says that one man was just exploring the woods, when a village that was never there suddenly appeared. That man came back to his village and told it to everyone. But when they all looked, the village was gone. Many thought he’s just gone crazy, but many also believed him. What do you think is the issue here?”

Pablo raised a hand. “It’s because he drifted to the Wander world, and left Wander world without his notice”, “Yup that’s it! This usually occurs in places with many trees, or with less artificial structures. That was why many people gets lost in the forest…” they continued the chat as they climb the mountain. Once they reached a wide enough space, they stopped there and took a rest. “Where’d you get all this information from, Xadulo?” Kyshanne asked, chasing her breathe. “I can read people. The necromancers who were planning to go home had these in mind. All the other explanations are simply just common sense”.

After a while of explaining and resting, they were finally ready to enter the Wander World. “The common thing about ‘getting lost’, ‘falling asleep’, and ‘feeling sleepy’ is you being unaware of your surroundings. In contrary, those who know about the world simply calls for the world, and thinks that they have entered the other world. Simply put, they purposely become too aware of it,” they formed a circle, and focused their minds into thinking ‘I am in the Wander World’. Each slowly disappeared in the Human world. By time, all five of them was able to get in.

The four observed the surrounding, and asked Xadulo if they really have arrived. “You all get failing grades. Didn’t I say earlier the two worlds are identical?” suddenly, Xadulo leaned backwards, and less than a second later, she caught an arrow that should’ve hit her head if she hadn’t avoided it. “Man, that was a great aim!” Xadulo said, then gave the person who shoot it a death glare. Since he had been found, he stood up and talked. “You are the rumored girl from six years ago. That white skin, silk-like hair, and gem eyes…” he readied another shot, pointing his bow at her. “It would be a great pleasure to bring you to our chief. Without a doubt, he’ll start noticing me.”