Chapter 69:

Hard for the Pure Princess

Royal Princess of Blood

We had immediately left the scene, everything should be safe and sound now. Whether those two get very affectionate and intimate there, not for me to bother thinking about. Mera though seemed to be still quite bothered by it.

Her eyes seemed to bulge out as she was in deep thought.

Hey Mera, your head okay?

Her imaginations must be going wild there, I could see some faint flush on her cheeks. Ah, a maiden’s innocence.

What about me? I’m not bothered at all. I have a….

… nevermind.

In any case, it was better to leave early before they even attempt to leave. Eavesdropping tends to be harder when you have loads to carry.

“Your highness, why did you decide to follow that girl?”

Vernon asked me as we went our way back to the kitchen. Being questioned was often bothersome, but I suppose this was to be expected when they do not know what is happening in the bigger picture. As for this case, my personal picture.


“Curiosity…?” he pondered for a while. “Your highness, could it be you have a faint idea of what was going on with the cook girl?”

“I only did it on a whim, Vernon. Why would I have a faint idea about that girl’s life? I only met her once.”

“Hm… You say that… but… I think you might be more observant than any of us thought.”

“You give me too much credit.”

To be honest, I couldn’t think of any great excuse as to why I decided to follow that girl. But this was no big issue.

“... And Vernon… if you are baffled… then perhaps, try to think of what the reason for my actions could be.”

Alright, let’s leave it at that.

“... I understand.”

We arrived at the kitchen, and the door was closed. Well, they must be idle now since there was nothing else to do. At least it worked for me because I was able to smoothly go past this room without being noticed.

I expect the other two cooks must be here. I glanced at Vernon with a smile, he understood what I was trying to tell him, he then opened the door for me. Come on, I’m the princess, shouldn’t something like this be expected? Well, looks like I am getting used to being royalty.

Oh no, I’m already getting a little tired of acting like this though, so I might accidentally let out who I really am as I bask in my own royal glory! Alright, that’s enough kidding around… Or was I actually serious? Heh. No, I’m kidding.

I entered the room, the two male cooks were shocked to see the visitor that was me. Their eyes were wide as saucers, but the head chef immediately regained a little composure. For the young one however, his mouth was still a bit agape.

I held myself back from smirking in amusement but instead formed a sweet smile.


My voice O so gentle reached their ears, my pure and warm gaze graciously blessed them.

“Y-Your highness!”

The chef stood up from his chair before bowing deeply, seeing that the young man was still dumbfounded, he pulled him and pushed his head down.

“T-To what do we owe the pleasure?”

I placed my hands on my back, acting adorably as I could, then tilting my head slightly.

“Oh I just wanted to visit the kitchen. Last time was pretty interesting, and too bad I arrived just as you finished baking. Today, if it is alright, I would like to see how other dishes are cooked.”

“... Really…?” the young man muttered.

Yes, consider yourself lucky!

“Indeed, if possible, I would like something special. You never know, I might be able to cook on my own if I observe and practice.”

My two servants turned their eyes towards me with surprise.

Hey now what are you guys surprised about?

Even nobles cook, especially adult ones. So what was so surprising about me learning to cook? Or maybe they are surprised because I am trying to learn.

I’m not that lazy, you know.

“Then… it would be a great honor, your highness.”

The chef said as he lowered his head again.

“Excellent! Ah by the way, I see that you are missing someone.”

“Ah yes, Allie left for a moment. She said she wanted to take a short walk because it was...boring.”

“I see. I sort of wanted to talk to another girl as I went to watch the process…”

Mera became restless all of a sudden, she got fidgety a little as her eyes drifted around.

What’s up with her?

I wanted to ask her directly, but this wasn’t a good place for this. Although I think I have an idea why she was acting this way.

“I suppose your highness is more comfortable interacting with the same gender, but she should be returning shortly.”

The head chef, Ceruos, said to me as he glanced with saltiness towards the young man beside him whose name was Tenil. Why? The young man looked disheartened.

This… this guy held some hope, didn’t he?

Wow. Even though people tell themselves that there was no hope in achieving something, deep in their heart, they still cling to that faint light of hope. And when it is shattered before their eyes, it will hurt.

This young man right here, hm… Sorry people, if there’s someone you like, and you feel they won’t like you back, give up. You’ll be wasting your time. I guess I am in no position to give such advice, hehehe, I also heard it from someone.

Your crush won’t ever like you back.

Oh, I’m not trying to discourage you, I’m telling you a fact!

Joking! I'm joking. Go ahead and give it a shot or something, if it is futile, well shoot them in the head or something…. I’m joking! Don’t do that.

Or am I?

Aight, let’s move on.

“Then, what will we be cooking, Mr. Chef?”

“Would you like chicken, your highness? Beef or pork?”

Oh my, so I get to choose. Let’s see, beef, chicken, or pork? Hm. Beef and pork are too fatty, you could say, and the cholesterol. I am leaning towards chicken after all. What do I truly want…?

Okay, I am thinking too deeply about this. Oh no, could this be? I’m… I’m getting gluttonous?

I want to palm my face. My life of peace is getting into me. It’s not that bad, peace was great! But I need to be careful to take care of my body and avoid ruining the balance of my movements. I am still a fighter at heart after all.

“Then I will take the chicken.”

“Chicken, huh. Good timing, your highness! We actually just finished making a new recipe. And we would like feedback from someone like you.”

My face lit up.

“Truly?! Then it will be my pleasure to help you with it!”

“We are grateful,” he then faced the young man. “Tenil, get a fresh chicken.”

“U-Uh, yes!”

The young man left and headed towards what I assume was the storage room. The chef then went on to prepare a butchering knife and a big wooden cutting board on the table used to place ingredients. Of course the table they would use for cooking would be different to the table used for dining.

A moment later the young man returned with a fresh dead chicken. The chicken’s feathers were already plucked as the skin was left exposed. Then there was a slit on its neck.

They must have slit its neck to kill it and drained its blood. But I hope their storage room was a bit cold at least. Well, it was supposed to be fresh, and from the way it looked, I judged it to be fine. Also, I imagine they use a basement as storage.

The young man gave it to the chef. The chef placed the chicken on the cutting board. I looked from the side, I am here to observe after all.

But I was forming a worried look.

The chef raised his big knife, then struck it down causing a loud thud, cutting the chicken’s head by the neck.


I released a squeal the moment I saw the horrendous moment.

Ah! How horrible!

“Milady?” sweet Mera called out to me with worry. “Something wrong?”

“N-No. Nothing.”

Everyone looked at me with confusion while I gazed at the chicken with horrified eyes. This implied one thing, the butchering already began to scare me.


The chef nodded then went on to slice the chicken’s thigh. I began to see the flesh inside. I slowly covered my eyes while taking a peak just a little.

“Milady? Something wrong?” Mera gently held me on the shoulder and on my back.

“M-Mera? Are you not bothered by t-this?”

“Um, no.”

Oh well, as expected from a maid. Vernon then approached.

“Your highness, it seems you cannot bear to watch the butchering. I suggest you avert your eyes away.”

I looked at him, then back at the chicken, then to the chef who paused his work.

Yes, this might be too much for a pure princess such as me. Someone who couldn’t even bear to see blood spilling out, nor some flesh being sliced.

Aaaah! May the gods save me!

“N-No. This is the natural process of the world. I should not escape from something such as this. I must watch things unfold, that is why I am here, yes?”

I looked at Vernon innocently. He furrowed his brows.

“If you say so, your highness.”

Then the chef continued. Whenever he slammed his knife to cut through bone, I would flinch as I covered my eyes every now and then. I am like an adorable young girl seeing something like this for the first time, even though I’m already a teenager.

Of course, how could I not freak out from something like this? Especially as an innocent princess?!

Mera was holding me trying to comfort me. I acted as though I was truly comforted.

I may have looked adorable, pretty adorable really. I could see the young man glancing at me with an amused smile on his face.

How mean…

Needless to say I am only acting, hehe, I am pretty convincing to the eyes of others. I have seen a lot of nasty things. Guts spilling out of one’s stomach, severed arm and legs, burned face, cut tongue, stabbed eye, splattered brain matter. You name it, I’ve seen it.

Then the chef opened it apart, and I saw the insides. The intestines, the lungs, the heart and so on.


I unconsciously squealed as I saw it. Nasty!

“Princess, you’re turning pale!” Mera exclaimed.

I slightly knitted my brow.

“H-How could you tell that when I’m already pale skinned?”

“Y-Your lips.”

“..... I just never expected to see that a chicken’s inside would be like this.”

“Milady, you can look away if you want.”

“No. I will not crumble here and retreat. If one knows they could overcome something, falling back would be an act of folly and cowardice.”

“Oooh,” Vernon let out a sound of awe or something, but I didn’t think much of it.

I steeled myself as I watched, like a warrior about to face off something horrifying and dangerous. But still standing tall before the danger that lies ahead in front of me.

The chef took out the chicken’s organs, cutting off the ones that would not be required and then discarding them. He kept the liver and the heart, those were what I only saw since I was covering my eyes in dread.

How could such a delicate lady such as myself watch something so gruesome?!

Then I saw that he threw the bag thing that kept the waste — the shit of the chicken. Well, it could have been cleaned, but these kinds of food were served to the royal family. Plus, it might depend on what food they wanted to cook.

Then they went on to slice the chicken’s body.

It was at that moment the door opened. We all turned towards the door. There I saw the person of interest.

Allie Jelimis.

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