Chapter 70:

Me? Average? Nonsense

Royal Princess of Blood

Allie Jelimis froze at the door when she saw a beautiful girl with white hair, red eyes and snow white skin. Yes, me!

Her eyes were wide in surprise, never in her life expecting that I would be here today. When she regained her calm mind, she stood straight and bowed deeply.

“Your royal highness.”

Oh, as I was still covering my eyes with my hands due to the gruesome sight, I slowly lowered it with a wry smile.

“Ah- Eh, h-hello.”

I stuttered as my cheeks flushed red due to embarrassment. Of course I would be embarrassed, another party suddenly barged in with confusion and surprise when they saw me. Plus, she might have been confused by the fact that I was covering my eyes.

I cleared my throat quietly.

“Your name is Allie, am I right?”


“In that case, please no need to be all reserved, come inside, this is your station after all.”

I smiled sweetly with warm eyes as I watched her curtly nodding her head and entered inside, closing the door as she did so.

“Hey Allie, we’re cooking right now, so help me season this chicken right here. Leave the lighting of fire to Tenil.”

Tenil nodded his head before complying to the order of starting a fire.


“I, I asked for it.”

I said to her as I avoided looking at the butchered chicken.

“The dessert I had here last time was very delicious, so I was interested in what more you have to offer that is not yet offered to my family.”

She blinked her eyes, whether in surprise… or was it flattery I was seeing?

“And then, the chef mentioned you have a new recipe, so I wanted to try it!”

I said energetically in an excited tone while placing my clasped hands on my cheek. Now that the person of interest was here, time to do some work.

“I see,” she then turned to look and moved beside the chef. “Chicken? What are we making?”

“The recipe you just finished working on.”

“Oh… that…”

I tilted my head adorably as I took in what he just said.

“You worked on it? You mean you made it?” I asked Allie.

“Um, yes, I was who started working on it, but Cerous and Tenil helped me.”

“But her’s was the idea. We just mostly help on the physical work,” the chef added with a chuckle.

I lit up in awe.

“My! How incredible! I did not expect someone as young as you to be making an original recipe.”

All of the recipes made here were all made by the head chef and those that came before him. In addition, a lot of recipes were bought from other chefs as well. So an apprentice chef striving to make original recipes was pretty impressive.

“Did you know, your highness? She was also the one who basically made up that new cake you ate last time you were here,” the chef said with a restrained chuckle.

My eyes went wide at the revelation.

“Really? Amazing, that was a delicious cake, Miss Allie! I am deeply impressed by your skills.”

She was unable to immediately respond to my words as she was silent for a while with a half open mouth.

“T-Thank you for your praise, your highness. But, it was hardly worth mentioning at all.”

“Really?” I tilted my head as though in genuine confusion. “But I think such a remarkable creation should be mentioned and acknowledged by many. After all, it is a recognition of your hard work, don’t you agree?”

“Can’t say I disagree. But, it is… a bit embarrassing to be coming from someone like yourself, your highness.”

“Is that so? Hehehe,” I chuckled. “Then, just remember that I am impressed by your skills, Miss Allie. I see excellence in you.”

“... Thank you, your highness…” she averted her eyes away as though embarrassed.

I sort of took her as some sort of person that would remain composed even in tense situations. After all, that was how she was the first I met her when I first came to visit the kitchen. However, now, it seems being praised like this showed a side of her that I have not seen.

Easily flattered.

But was I really impressed by her? Well…. I am. But not much that my words to her suggest. I have tasted more delicious food back in the old world after all. But, compliments will be important here for getting on her good side. From there, I’ll determine how I would do things moving forward.

That said, I am just getting started.

Let’s be more friendly with this girl.

“Then, if you’ll excuse me for a moment, your highness. I’ll wash my hands then begin helping Cerous.”

“Oh, go ahead. Don’t mind me while you’re working, okay? I’m just going to watch, it has been pretty interesting so far.”

With a nod, Allie left for a while.

Vernon then went on to speak to me.

“But you are covering your eyes, your highness.”

I pouted as I glared adorably at him.

“I couldn’t hold myself from doing so. But at least I’m taking a peek rather than nothing at all.”

“If you say so, your highness.”

“Vernon… at least praise me for my efforts.”

He smiled in amusement.

“You’re doing well.”

“Hmmm. I suppose that is progress.”

I returned my eyes to the chicken only to grimace the moment I laid eyes on it.

Allie returned and then helped the chef, the latter rubbed salt on the chicken. Meanwhile, Allie grabbed a large porcelain bowl before taking a maroon colored fruit that could fit in her palm. She sliced a bit of the upper part then squished it atop the bowl.

Maroon liquid squished out of it pouring down into the bowl. After that, she poured a little of what seemed like vinegar from a glass bottle, I could smell a little so it was definitely vinegar. Then she added a few more ingredients.

I saw the chef washing the chicken. I’m just happy that everything was sanitary. Come on, I’m from the modern world, I could tell just how dirty things would be without cleaning. Good thing soaps exist here hehehe, though not exactly as great as the previous world.

Here the actual soap was rougher. But hey, at least it bubbles and almost looks like a proper soap, so I’m satisfied with that.

“Should I light the fire now?” the young man asked the two.

“Nope, do it shortly. I’ll just tell you.”

Allie was the one to reply. The chef approached Allie after washing the chicken. Allie meanwhile was stirring the liquid stuff then crushing what appeared to be herbs in a wooden mortar and pestle. After crushing them thoroughly, she poured them down to the bowl then stirred again.

Meanwhile, the chef placed the chicken parts inside a larger bowl. Allie then poured what she was working on inside where the chicken parts were.

Hm. Could they be marinating it?!

Oh… But a lot of ingredients used were unfamiliar to me.

Where’s the lamb sauce?! I mean the soy sauce...

Ahem… Sorry, couldn’t resist, that phrase was pretty famous.

“Miss Allie, that’s interesting. You came up with all these?”

“Um, the ingredients used, yes. I took into consideration the flavor of each one.”

“I see. Then the method of dousing the meat in s— in those liquified ingredients has already been done?”


She responded to me enthusiastically. She was passionate apparently. Well, that’s how it is when you’re doing something you love and when someone shows interest in the same thing.

“And after dousing that, you go on cooking it?”

“Indeed, ah pardon me for a moment,” she faced the young man. “Tenil, light it up.”


That didn’t seem right…. Why are you cooking it shortly after marinating it?!

Hey, I’m not a pro cook, okay? But I can cook. I can even cook for you if I wanted. I often cook for my teammates. Although, it was only sometimes because they don’t mostly let me cook. Which was weird, I think I was good.

That aside, even if I’m not an incredibly skilled cook or something, I know what should be done when marinating, okay? And, to enhance the flavor greatly, at least leave the chicken marinated for a few hours. And what they did was just wait for like a few minutes.

Well, the ingredients used here were different. So perhaps things work differently in this world. Oh well. Let’s just see.

Besides, generally marinating works after a few minutes… so I guess it was somewhat acceptable…….

With the fire they placed the pan then poured a bit of cooking oil I presume. Cutted garlic was then put into it after the oil had turned warm. And oh, during this time as the oil was warming up, Allie was doing her own stuff. Mixing some water and squishing another fruit, it was on the light green side of color. Then another fruit that almost resembled a lemon but in the color of light brown.

She cut it in half then just slit the insides before crushing it with her hands, letting the somewhat sticky liquid fall down into the bowl she was just mixing. Then she stirred hard.

The process was pretty interesting.

The chef then placed the sliced chicken on the pan, the sound of boiling oil as the chicken was placed erupted. I didn’t want to get near it since I don’t want a drop of hot oil flying unto me. I am a fragile maiden after all, damaging my skin was not an option.

In addition, he also poured just a bit of what the chicken was marinated in. After several minutes as the chicken had appeared to be close to being cooked, Allie poured the contents of the bowl she was working on. It fell slowly, almost like a sauce.

Yup, definitely sauce.

Then shortly after, the food was ready!

I went on to sit by the table, the food looking good on my plate covered in sauce. So delicious looking! Not all the chicken was put on my plate, mind you. Just the amount that can be placed on the plate and what I can eat.

As for the chance of food poisoning. Heh, I have been observing closely, as you might have realized. In addition, there were several eyes watching everyone and each other. Vernon also appeared to be keeping a close watch all that time too.

In other words, I’m safe.

None would take the risk of poisoning food in these circumstances.

In addition, as I was reading the book about magic, I also discovered a few anti poison spells, though they were low level. But that was a book for beginners, so there should be a potentially more powerful kind of spell. Plus, my family was not particularly worried about food poisons, plus they are royalty, they should know anti poison spells.

That’s enough! Time to dig in.

I gracefully used the kitchen knife to cut the food then stabbed down the fork — gently as I could be.

“By the way, the presentation is excellent, I commend you for that.”

Indeed, the food arrangement was neat, and the food didn’t look nasty overall at all.

“Thank you, your highness,” Allie responded with a bow.

After that, I ate the food. I chew slowly, trying to savor and analyze the flavor.

I nodded with a smile.

To be honest, it was good. However, nothing reached the level of my old world. But I think I know the reason.

“It’s delightful!” I said as I took another bite. “That said, it is a bit too sweet for me for a chicken dish. But, this is just my preference. Other than that, everything else was fine to me. I am pleased with this dish, Miss Allie.”

I looked at her with bright eyes and a wide smile. I absolutely looked to be genuinely pleased.

I then ate again and continued after swallowing.

“My family will be most delighted once they taste this magnificent creation of yours. I suggest you cook this for them when given the chance. I’m sure they’ll love it.”

Allie’s eyes went wide as her mouth opened and closed. Then the corner of her lips curled up.

“I hope so. And… thank you for your kind words, your highness.”

I giggled.

“Praises should be given to those who deserve it. As this is your creation, the praise is mostly yours. Of course, others worked too, so a job well done to you both.”

I smiled at the other two. The chef stood straightly and stiffly, while the young man avoided my gaze.

I then continued.

“And, I thank you for having me taste this dish… I see that you are pretty talented, Miss Allie. I hope I get to eat more of your dishes.”

Her eyes went wide at my words, and she seemed speechless.

“First the cake, now this. I can only imagine what you could achieve in the future. But it also made me curious about what you will be making in the future.”

I said excitedly as I ate the food again.

Then, Allie spoke to me.

“In that case, your highness…”

“Hm?” I looked at her.

“... A-Allow me to cook more for you in the future. I will offer you dishes that I have improved and made.”

Interesting. She really seemed to be pushing forward with this.

Also, this may be to my advantage, and this kind of outcome did cross my mind. But I didn’t think much of it since the chances were pretty low. But if it happens, then I’ll take it.

I smiled.

“That will be great! Yes, that will be great, Miss Allie! I am looking forward to it. Guess I have now a reason to visit the kitchen frequently.”

With this, I will be closer to this girl.

Then moments passed and I ate all of the food while the cooks finished cleaning up.

“Ah, by the way, Miss Allie.”

“Yes?” She stopped her work then faced me.

“You doused the chicken in the liquid from the fruit, yes? Do you cook it shortly after that?”

“...Yes. Cooking it must be quick since it would be served shortly. That is how it is done.”

Yes, marinating can be left for several minutes. However, leaving it longer would be better! Hehehe...

“Hm I see. But dousing it gives flavor, right?”

“... Yes.”

“I see. Then, what about trying to keep it doused overnight.”

“Overnight…? That could potentially spoil it, especially when it is mixed with other ingredients.”

“It could possibly don’t. Keep it at a cool temperature as best as you can. Just not too hot of a storage room. Is there such a place? A cold place.”

She pondered for a moment.

“...The storage basement we use might suffice…”

“Try keeping it there. And oh, make sure to cover the bowl.”

Don’t want any bacteria landing there.

“Then… after leaving it for one night, try cooking it, see how much the flavor improves.”

There was a time when I left marinated chicken for three days thinking it would improve the flavor intensely. But I only got a scolding from my team. And I never did it again. I just learned that it would ruin the meat if left too long.

Oh well, good to learn. Sometime later that time, they would not let me cook anymore. Weird.

Oh! One mentioned my cooking was average!

How rude!

Me? Average? Nonsense.

“I understand, then I will try it.”

“Splendid! Tell me how it ends up! I would be lucky if I have the time to visit as you test it.”

“Your highness is learning magic, right?”

“... Yes, yes I am.”

I guess after that incident in the library, everyone has heard of it. Allie’s expression was pretty normal though when I answered her.

“In any case, I will have to go. Thank you for the time and the delicious food.”

After their goodbyes, I left the room. My stomach was already filled, so it seems I won’t be joining dinner with my family. Better tell Vernon to relay that to my family.

Now then, I have progressed with Allie, good. Very good.

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