Chapter 12:

Deneb: first wise friend


The culprit was some teen dude. He’s at the same age, or older than Pablo (he’s the eldest of the group). With no hesitation nor fear in his eyes, he pointed his bow and arrow to Xadulo. “O the Angelic demon, you have come home. Since stories tell that you unleashed your power in the human world, not much witnessed it. Many says your power is fraud, many say you have died. But they’re all negative thoughts, which killed the rumors of a legend. Only a few still believes in you. Or rather, in this world, it was only me,” Xadulo didn’t felt any lies. 

“You’re rather observant,” she said. “It only been a minute when I got here that you already knew who I am and didn’t doubt”, “Of course. There aren’t any popular albinos with heterochromia in this world other than you,” he said. Xadulo smirked an ‘I win’ kind of smile. “That is where you’re mistaken,” without flattering, the teen tried to process what she just said.

Suddenly, Xadulo appeared behind the teen. Before she could ambush, the teen turned, but he was still caught. “You really are observant,” she said. He was glaring at Xadulo, but when he looked straight ahead again, there was another Xadulo. More like, as if the first Xadulo didn’t moved an inch. The four companions were also shocked, but only Pablo understood that it was Carnelia who ambushed the teen. Only that she changed her hair length and eye color. 

“There’s two of you?!” he said. Xadulo walked to him, passing by Pablo, and whispered to him ‘That’s correct! You’ve got 3 points!’ and went ahead to the teen. “That’s right. There’s two,” the teen struggled to break free from the ropes. “Let go! I have been training my whole life this moment…!” he said. ‘And here she is, right in front of me, yet I can’t reach her!’ “Has your whole life been a lie?” she teased the dude. “Or have been lying to yourself?”

He was able to take out a knife from his pocket, cut the rope, and was able to slice a scar on Xadulo's left hand after she raised it and stepped one step back. Because of his anger, he flung back the knife two more times, giving Xadulo three big wounds. He was seriously about to aim to her neck, when a stick went through his abdomen. It blocked him out, and is surely about to die any second. “Don’t you harm my mistress,” Carnelia said, pulling the stick she stabbed to him. He fell and bleed, on the verge of death. Kind enough Xadulo healed his wound before it killed him. He was still blocked out until dusk came.

He woke up, facing the sky. He was tied on a stick, above ground. Below him is a fire being started by Pablo. He panicked and shouted on Pablo to stop the fire. But instead, Pablo just threw tons of dried leaves on the small fire. In no time, it was big enough it was about to reach the teen. “Hi there!” Xadulo said, who had her wounds wrapped in clothe. “What’s your name?”, “Why shall I say?!”, “Because I want you to be my friend”, “That’s unreasonable!”

“Pablo, the meat is still alive. Can you make sure it cooks well?” Pablo started fanning the fire really quick. “It’s Deneb! Now get me off here!”, “That wasn’t the deal. All we need is your name. Now, may you please, Pablo?” he fanned the fire even faster. “Please!”, “Seril, Jack,” Xadulo signaled them. The two of them went to hold both ends of the stick Deneb was tied to. When he thought he’ll be off it, he was wrong. Instead, the two just started spinning the stick slowly. The teen shouted “HELP!” in high pitch every time his face faces the fire.

After a while, Xadulo ended her trolling and let him off the fire and the stick. He’s still tied, though, and his face was as dark as coal. Everyone was surrounding the fire while eating. “Deneb, from now on, you’re my trusted friend,” Xadulo said. “If I’m a friend, then let me free!” he demanded, but Kyshanne, Jack, Seril, and Pablo was trying their best to hold their laughter. “What is it?” he asked. Pablo spoked, “That’s only normal in the start. I mean, Seril here was tied for two months, and was suspicioned for two years!” pointing at Seril. 

“That Kyshanne was strangled and stabbed in the stomach!” pointing at Kyshanne. “Jackie was imprisoned in fire, and he was rejected romantically,” in the end, only Pablo was left laughing. “Hahaha… wa, why’re you looking at me like that?” Deneb broke the talk when he asked about the other Xadulo. “She’s Carnelia,” Pablo replied. 

“Come to think of it, everyone had a rough time with me at first!” Xadulo brought back the talk. “Yeah, what happened to Pablo on the first day, anyway?!” Seril asked. “Carnelia pointed a knife at his neck,” then the three Pablo bullied laughed hardly. “Where is she now?” Deneb asked about Carnelia. “She’s resting,” Xadulo said. “Yeah? He also got a death threat at first, then!” Kyshanne said while bumping Pablo with her elbow, as he lost his hype. ‘I don’t fit in this group at all!’ Deneb thought after being ignored.