Chapter 67:

Lightning Koujiro (1)

Atk 0 Crit All ~My attack stat is negligible, so I can't help but rely on critical hits to succeed!~

The rest of the time on the seas had been relatively uneventful. I spent much of the time playing around with magic control, for a lack of other things to do. After about a full day, it seemed like I was starting to get the hang of it.Bookmark here

A thin veil of wind swirled gently around my body that I could maintain for nearly a minute.Bookmark here

Questioning whether I could do other things, I turned my attention to imagining flames around my hand this time. Pretty soon, a fireball formed in my palm, which I chucked casually off the edge of the ship. The fireball seemed to extinguish itself after falling about ten feet. It didn’t seem likely that it would do any real damage even if I had been serious.Bookmark here

However, I reformed the fireball and focused on shaping it around my hand. After some effort, I managed to make it appear as if my fist had been coated with flames.Bookmark here

“Oh, neat! In that case…” I dropped into a dramatic pose. “THIS HAND OF MINE BURNS WITH AN AWESOME- Ow!”Bookmark here

I clutched my head as I felt someone smack me from behind.Bookmark here

“Stop that! You’re making a scene!” Eryn hissed at me for my outburst.Bookmark here

Disappointed, but understanding her point, I had hoped for just a small moment of celebration at my achievement. If I had this ability in my previous world, then I would’ve cosplayed as a certain fighting game character. On second thought, I wondered if I could make it purple, as the cursed flame always seemed cooler in my eyes.Bookmark here

Sighing at my antics, Eryn seemed to be more expressive now that she had no reason to hide her inner thoughts. If anything, I started to consider her playful reactions of annoyance to be a bit endearing.Bookmark here

“Before you go off into your own fantasy world, I wanted to let you know that our destination was spotted.”Bookmark here

Having heard that, I dashed over to the ship’s bow and peered into the distance. Certainly, there was something jutting out of the surface of the water. Within a few minutes, a cluster of islands joined this initial break in the water. These specks of land stretched farther and farther across the horizon, seemingly centered around a tall central island which shot towards the sky as we approached.Bookmark here

The sailors were moving about the deck, getting prepared to dock the ship. I simply continued to stare at the majestic view in front of me, wondering what new things this place had in store. Absorbed in the scenery, I barely noticed Katalina walking up to join me.Bookmark here

“So, we have arrived…,” she said with a hint of anxiety. She clutched the collar of her dress.Bookmark here

To me, this was the beginning of an adventure, but for Katalina, our arrival was the beginning of an unknown life. While Eryn and I could leave at any time and return to our home, there was a good chance that Katalina’s home would be here for the rest of her days. Of course, she wouldn’t be looking forward to it.Bookmark here

Just then, my ears started picking up the faint sound of music floating in the air. It was a nice melody with a brisk pace, one that made you want to work to the tune. However, the melody seemed almost familiar, but at the same time, I didn’t know of it – like a song on the radio that one would hear in the background but never bothered to look up.Bookmark here

Looking to the source of the sound, I saw a group of people lining up along one pier, marching in tune. A man with a flag signaled towards our ship, beckoning us to dock at that location. The ship slowly made its way there and stopped next to the line of people that had gathered, who were all dressed in fancy, exotic clothing. Quite the welcoming party, it seemed.Bookmark here

As the sailors anchored the ship, we made our way off to the crowd of greeters. The flagman waved it in a particular motion, which appeared to signal for the music to wind down. The group immediately stood still at attention before parting ways to a heavily-armored man.Bookmark here

I was immediately struck dumbfounded by the way that man was dressed. His attire consisted of ultra-fancy but horribly gaudy armor covering nearly every part of his body. With a clear lack of tasteful coordination, it looked as if he mixed and matched armor based on something else besides appearance. Though his helmet obscured his hair and part of his face, I could tell that he looked different than the people around him. The man walked over and gave a cheesy smile at our shocked faces.Bookmark here

“Astounded by my awesomeness, it seems. That is natural! For I am, Lightning Koujiro! Invincible warrior and Electi!” The man loudly proclaimed to us. The men around him clapped.Bookmark here

I couldn’t even react to this flamboyant man. Fortunately, Katalina stepped up and introduced herself to break the awkwardness.Bookmark here

“I am Princess Katalina Bastilla de la Sistina. Pleased to make your acquaintance. Behind me are my guards, Viscountess Faulkner and Knight Evers.” Katalina pointed to us.Bookmark here

Koujiro looked over with a hint of confusion. “Your guards? That’s a weird way to dress as a guard.” He scanned me briefly before looking over at Eryn. “But this one! You suit my tastes!”Bookmark here

Koujiro grinned with obvious intentions before Katalina cleared her throat to interrupt him.Bookmark here

“Sir Koujiro, will you be guiding us into the country of Macali for our arrangements with the King?”Bookmark here

Koujiro’s eyes shot back at Katalina and gave a look of disapproval.Bookmark here

“Hmm. Glasses aren’t my thing. Yes, I suppose that I’m in charge of taking you there. All of you, follow me.” Koujiro faced the crowd and clapped his hands in the air. “Men, disperse!”Bookmark here

The crowd immediately bowed and scattered back into the streets, going who knows where.Bookmark here

As he beckoned for us to follow, I was no longer sure that I wanted to be here anymore.Bookmark here

As Koujiro led us through the streets of the port entry town, I took in the new sights of the area. Like how the sailors described, the tanned people of these islands all exuberated a healthy glow. People went about their day as we passed by dockworkers, merchants, and guards; all were dressed in loose clothing to suit the hot climate. Dancers shook their hips towards those around them, enticing them into the nearby huts.Bookmark here

‘Ahem’, a voice cut into my thoughts. Turning back to Katalina, I had apparently been caught with my eyes lingering for a bit too long.Bookmark here

Fixating my eyes forward to shield them from any more temptations, I saw that Koujiro was hovering around Eryn, repeatedly hounding her with his advances.Bookmark here

“Hey, wanna come under my wing? I’ll make sure it’s worth your while.”Bookmark here

“I’m the strongest one in the country, thanks to my Electi powers. The people here all know of the great Lightning Koujiro!”Bookmark here

“Here, take a look at my stats to see just how awesome I am!”Bookmark here

Koujiro brought out his status window for Eryn to see, as he continued to shower her with his self-proclaimed greatness. Eryn’s hand, which had been holding her bundled sword, started to shake.Bookmark here

We had bundled up Eryn’s sword as a courtesy, to show that we were coming in peace. However, it seemed like that show of respect wasn’t going to hold out for long at this rate.Bookmark here

I peered over her shoulder at the status window, and immediately, my eyes widened.Bookmark here

“What the…?” My voice leaked out. Though his level was in the 70s, his Atk, Def, and MgDef stats were nearly as high as they could be, only a bit under the maximum value of 999. While not as impressive, his other stats were still in the several hundred.Bookmark here

“How is that possible?” Eryn had also frozen in place.Bookmark here

Even with the boosts from our Electi bond, Eryn’s Atk and Mag were only a third of his value. In the kingdom of Sistina, there were few who had a higher stat in either. What was with these cheat-like stats?!Bookmark here

“Oh? So you are that surprised by my stats, huh?” Koujiro rubbed his chin with a grin. “I guess that’s natural since it was my destiny to be summoned to this world to be its hero.”Bookmark here

Somehow, this guy had turned into an OP main character that you would find in certain light novels. And from the looks of it, it seemed like he was already at his endgame. How unfair life seemed to be sometimes.Bookmark here

Giving all of us a smug expression, he led us to the tall red gate that was the entrance to the country of Macali. This gate was the only entry point, as a magic barrier stretched from both sides of it. Interestingly, the barrier was somewhat opaque, obscuring the scenery behind it like a mosaic censor. What kind of unspeakable things did they wish to hide? Given how scantily clad people dressed, this wasn’t going to devolve into something R-18, was it? As he walked up to it, several guards bowed towards him before moving aside to allow him to pass.Bookmark here

Touching a sign on the wall, we saw a symbol brighten before light funneled into the lines connecting it. What appeared to be mana was flowing through those lines and into the red gate. Slowly, the doors of the gate swung open, revealing how thick and sturdy the country’s sole entrance was.Bookmark here

Koujiro casually walked in and waited for the three of us to pass through the entrance, which led to another red gate in front of us. To the left and right, we could see that the magic barrier was as thick as the width of a ship. Nothing would likely be able to penetrate such defenses. After the gate closed behind us, Koujiro activated another panel for the other red gate, giving us our first view of the lands behind it.Bookmark here

Immediately, a rush of cool air gushed at us, caused by the temperature difference. The feeling was like walking into a store that had the air conditioning on high on a hot summer day. Though chill bumps started spreading across my arm, the cool air was not the sole reason for it.Bookmark here

A semi-modern town greeted our view, which looked far more advanced than any other location that I had visited in this world. The sight of buildings in a familiar style as my previous world, juxtaposed with people in fantasy-like attire typical of this world, left me speechless. My two companions were no less stunned.Bookmark here

I felt like I had stepped into the setting of a completely different game world. Seeing our reactions, Koujiro simply smiled and proclaimed to us.Bookmark here

“Welcome to the country of Macali. Welcome to the country of endless wonders, created by magic.”Bookmark here

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