Chapter 44:

Make a Move

Unconsciously Interested


“Hey, Kyashii…”

“What?” Kyashii installed herself on a seat next to me.

“After trying your cooking for a couple of days, I’m sure I’ll pile on the pounds, wouldn’t you say??” The sight of two lunch boxes filled with delicious dishes is astounding. On the same note, it also feels like this will be my last meal before I get executed.

“Hmph! You’re still cute even if you’re going to put on weight.” Kyashii retorted.

“Heh?” …What gives?

“What… Why are you staring at me like that?” She gave me a mildly quizzical glare while picking up her chopsticks.

“Well, you told me I’m cute regardless of my weight. It’s just not something you say in a setting like this, so I’m somewhat surprised.” I shrugged.

“Eh?!” A startled expression crossed Kyashii’s face as if her words had just dawned on her. “Ahh… Umm… T-That’s because you’re really cute, Yuyo. So… Ahm... Put an end to your grousing about how much you eat! Hmph!”

“Tsk... Easy for you to say. No matter how much you love eating sweets, you don’t gain weight that quickly. Welp~... The blatant injustice.” My eyes fell on her face. “There’s nothing you can do to make yourself look less attractive. You’re beautiful as always.”

“Uhrrm!” Kyashii cleared her throat and lowered her sight to the lunch boxes.

“So anyway... This has been on my mind for a few moments now, Kyashii. But don’t you think it’s strange?”

“Huh? What is?”

“That those three had set up their desk a few feet away from ours...” My thumb pointed at Minori, Tomoka, and Nazumi-san, sitting close together and staring at us in silence. Nevertheless, they haven’t started eating yet. “You, guys… What do you think you’re doing?? Did we get into a fight I’m not even aware of?” I narrowed my eyes at them.

“Oh!” Kyashii seemed to have realized it just now. “Right… Guys, why are you creating this distance between us?”

“Wooaah! At long last, they noticed us!” Tomoka balled up her fist toward Minori and Nazumi-san. “I was starting to worry we’re invisible to them, but it looks like they can still see us, yeah?!”

“Tch!” I twitched my lips. “I’m not sure what the three of you are up to, but could you get a little closer? We still need to talk about something.”

“Okay, girls! We can now invade their private space!” Tomoka exclaimed as they hurriedly hauled the desk closer to us.


Today is not one of their normal days, no doubt about it.

“What were you guys doing?” Kyashii’s brow wrinkled up in confusion.

“Ohh~. We thought we’d give you some space, Kyashii-chan, which is why we stayed there for a while.” Minori giggled as she went to sit next to Tomoka. “Seeing as both of you seemed to be in your own little world earlier, it wouldn’t be a good idea to bother you~.”

“What’s with all the consideration when Kyashii and I are just talking?” I wondered aloud as I picked a dish from the meals Kyashii had prepared for me to try. “I don’t remember you being that way before.”

“All we did was give you some breathing room, Shibasaki-san.” Nazumi-san flashed a cheerful smile as she dug into her bento.

“Huh? What for?” I cast a curious glance at Nazumi-san before biting a tamagoyaki.

“Yu-chin, you are so frightfully unromantic!” Tomoka groaned. “As today marks your official first day as Mikami-san’s wife, we feel it’s only fair to grant you some alone time!”

My mouth stopped chewing the omelet as I gave Tomoka the side-eye.

“. . . .”

I can’t put my finger on it, but lately, these people I call friends are getting weirder and weirder in more ways than one. Sheesh...

Oh, well...

Be that as it may, I’ve made up my mind to disregard how others label my close bond with my best friend. “Anyway, let’s move on to more pressing matters than your random weirdness, guys. So... About the message I sent last night, do you think you’ll be able to make it?” I asked after taking a few sips of my bottled water while giving Kyashii the thumbs up, suggesting how tasty the tamagoyaki was.

“I’ve already got permission to stay for two nights at your house, Shibasaki-san. There will be no letting up on the fun that’s in store for us.” Nazumi-san said with a ribbing smile.

Hmm? With that smile, I’m not sure what kind of fun Nazumi-san has in mind.

“I’m okay with it, too. My parents agreed since they know it’s you, Yuyo.” Minori has an excited smile.

“The same goes for me, Yu-chin! In fact, I’m always open to staying at your place, so if you’d like to invite me over tonight, feel free to do so~...” Tomoka’s voice takes on an inviting tone. “Go ahead and keep me until you no longer want me there~.”

“Sure. Providing you pay the rent.” I offered Tomoka a lopsided smile.

“Whaatt?! Now that I am merely the mistress, I can’t get free lodging at your place anymore?!” Tomoka grunted.

“What a moocher....” Minori mumbled between bites of food.

“Hey! I heard you, class rep! Tch!” Tomoka hissed at Minori, who sniggered in response.


“Alright… Well, I guess that settles it.” I clasped my hands together. “I’ll meet everyone at six o’clock on Friday at the train station.”

“Hey, Yuyo... Didn’t you forget something??” Kyashii frowned before stuffing the mini okonomiyaki into my mouth with her chopstick.

Oohh… Yummy~!

This Osaka-style mini pancake is also amazingly delicious! I want a second one. “I wouldn’t say that, but did I leave something out?”

“Wha— You haven’t asked if I’m able to come this Friday night!” Kyashii pouted. “A-As your wife, I assumed you would ask me first... Yet, you dare to ask everyone but me. Grr!” Her expression grew grumpier. “You’re already wrapping up the details when you haven’t even asked me yet!”


It sure looks like Kyashii is putting a lot of effort into this wife thing, isn’t she? Even though she declared as much yesterday, she still seems to be getting used to it.

I’ll bet she’ll use the wife card a lot more often now in her temper tantrums, huh?



Did she just trade her successful best friend trump card for this underwhelming wife card she has yet to master?

“. . . .”


“What… I don’t like the way your eyes are lighting up like that, Yuyo.” Another glare from Kyashii came my way.

“Why, what’s the matter with my eyes?” I slowly smiled at her.

“Nothing! Anyway, come on... ask me if I can also make it. You shouldn’t make your w-wife insignificant here. Hmph!” My left arm took a swift, solid flick from her.

“Ouch!” She’s just downright nasty sometimes. “Oh, well... I don’t think it’s necessary to ask you, Kyashii.”

“How can you be so mean to me again?! Gaah!” Kyashii had my arm in an iron grip before I knew it.

“Aww! Ouch! That hurts… Hey!” I let out a muffled laugh while clutching her hand. I have to grasp it to keep her crushing grip from breaking my poor arm. “It’s not being mean... Ouch! There was no need to ask a straight follow-up question since I already knew your answer, Kyashii.”

“Hmph! How could you possibly know?! What if my parents said no?” She grimaced before letting go of my arm.

Phew! ...What an abuse of athletic prowess.

“That’s unlikely, though. If your parents had said no, there’s no sense in preparing this much food.” I puckered my lips at her. “You’re deciding what to cook this weekend, right? Given that you have these foods today, it makes sense that you can make it on Friday.”

“Ahh… Umm… I g-guess you’re right...” The air around Kyashii seemed to calm down a bit. “But still, it wouldn’t hurt to ask me! I feel out of place because you didn’t ask me, Yuyo...” Sighing in annoyance, she turned into munching on those caramelized micro herbs again.

“Alright... I’m sorry I made you feel that way, Kyashii.” I glanced at her with an impish grin. “I get it... From now on, I promise to check in with you every time because, as you said, you’re my wife now~...”

“–ough!!” Kyashii choked from a sudden cough. “–ough!”

“Eh?!” I quickly rubbed her back as a few more coughs escaped her. “Are you alright??” I grabbed my bottled water and opened it for her right away. “Here... You should drink first.”

“T-Thank you…” Kyashii mumbled before taking huge swigs.

“Be careful when you eat. Tch!” I peered at her with a squint as soon as she finished drinking. “You can be a klutz at times, Kyashii.” My lips tightened as I wiped her mouth with my handkerchief to get rid of a few drops of water and caramel around it.

“S-Sorry...” Kyashii stared at me with embarrassment. Redness is all over her face following that coughing fit. “T-Thank you, Yuyo….”

“Owh! Aw!” Tomoka suddenly squealed. “A million ants are crawling all over my body! Has anything similar happened to you, girls?” She aimed her question at Minori and Nazumi-san, both coyly covering their mouths.

“What’s wrong?” My eyes got squinty at them.

“Owh~! Yu-chin! It’s been a while! How are you? We thought you had forgotten we were still here.” Tomoka simpered.

“That sounds familiar. Come up with a catchier line next time.” I deadpanned. “Honestly… You guys are acting completely out of the realm of normal today.” A quick shake of my head, and I’m back to eating.

“Ignoring the jokes, I think you are quite cute today, Yuyo.” Minori crossed her arms as she leaned back in her chair.

“That’s the second time today I’ve heard that. I don’t know what’s up here, but I know I haven’t done anything out of the norm today to merit such a remark.” I shrugged before nibbling another okonomiyaki.

“Our thoughts differ here, Shibasaki-san!” Nazumi-san is ecstatic. “There was just something out of character about what you did today.”

“Haaah??” They are arousing a great deal of curiosity in me. “And that is?”

“Mmm... You were critical of this wife jesting yesterday, but today, you’re playing along with it like it’s nothing.” Nazumi-san seems amused. “Also, we never heard you refer to Tomoka-chan as your wife, and there you are, calling Kyashii your wife~.”

“Yeaah! Yu-chin has never once called me her wife. I was the one who always said it! ...Poor me! Another reality slapped me in the face.” Tomoka pressed her cheeks together. “This cute face of mine has been sore since yesterday!”

“Ooh… That…” I smirked. “Well, it looks like Kyashii is interested in playing with it, and she’s making a good effort to get used to it. I figured that if I played along, she would have an easier time adjusting.” The briefest of grins passed over my lips.

Truth be told, I plan to gain the upper hand over Kyashii by playing the wife card. If I get used to it before she does, I can use that to my advantage and resist giving in to her petty tantrums. Since she has already amassed an impressive arsenal of trump cards against me to get things her way, now is the chance to turn things in my favor by coming up with a trick of my own.


I was still laughing inside my head when Minori jolted me out of my thoughts.

“But, Yuyo, don’t you think Kyashii-chan will be a great wife someday? Putting this much time and effort into preparing these meals is amazing.” Minori’s attention has shifted to Kyashii. “I have no doubt Kyashii-chan got up way earlier than she should have to make these. If I got up at my usual time, I wouldn’t have time to prepare all these.”

“Hmm...” My eyes traced Kyashii’s features. “Yeah… Kyashii has already heard me say that a lot. I dare say a man can’t go wrong with Kyashii as his wife. Although she does have moments of childlike temper, she’s a wonderful person who happens to be beautiful, caring, and a fantastic cook. They couldn’t ask for more, could they?”

“Awh~. Shibasaki-san, would you want Kyashii as your wife if you were a guy?” Nazumi-san is all smiles.

“Yeah, sure,” I replied without hesitation. “If I were a dating type of guy, I’d definitely make a move on her.”

“Oohhh~.” There was perfect harmony among those three.

Ara~… Are you serious, Yuyo?!” Minori’s amusement and awe in her eyes made me feel like I was the center of the universe.


“Yeah… There was a time when I told her that. Right, Kyashii?”

Kyashii’s lips lifted in a slight smile as she nodded. “You don’t have to be a guy to make a move on me, though.” She uttered while twiddling her chopsticks.


“. . . . .”

I went a few seconds breathless as my mind raced to make sense of what I had just heard. “Hold on... D-Did I hear that right? Y-You don’t mind if a girl hits on you??” My mouth popped open as I stared at Kyashii.

Her face twitched with surprise in a fleeting moment before she settled into an unwavering, intense gaze at me.


She has no idea how her stare is making me feel right now.

“Yes… I don’t, Yuyo.” Kyashii said without batting an eyelash. “Our feelings are not motivated by gender, but rather by our emotions toward a person... Isn’t that what you said before? So… If a girl likes me that way, and I feel the same, then I’d be willing to be her girlfriend.”



A flash of insight sent my heartbeat to a frantic pace. Even my throat tightened to such an extent that I had to swallow to get my voice out.

“Uhrm… Uhh... Does this mean you’re not s-straight, Kyashii?” I asked in a hushed tone.

“Why bother asking when your logic already figured it out, Yuyo?” Her chuckle was dry.

“Y-Yeah... I...” My cheeks tensed. “Uhm... It was just a matter of m-making sure.”

“Oh. Right... You were always cautious about everything.” Kyashii wryly smiled as she drew in a deep breath. “Yes, Yuyo… I’m not straight. And I’ll be brave enough to spell it to you right now, and in front of our friends, that I prefer to be with a g-girl than a boy.”

“. . . . . . .”

I don’t remember how long my eyes rested on Kyashii, whose lips had curved in a smile that had no hint of humor to it in the slightest.

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