Chapter 10:

Chapter 10 - Aroused

Reborn as a Petite Girl’s Teddy

Chapter 10 - Aroused


The petite Instructor started to check up on the study materials after we were left all alone.

Right... Since she escaped being drenched outside, I want to make her drenched inside instead.

But, how to do it...


On second thought, this blonde petite girl looks extremely cute!

Her mature personality also makes her quite lovely.

What a Contrast!

Ohhhh... I can't stand it anymore!

How I wish I had some means of conquering her easily...

The cute petite girl nibbled on her pen, as she browsed through her worksheets.

Her calm countenance... I want to make her HOT for me!

"One Skill Point remaining."

"Do you want to select a new skill? Y/N"

A skill huh?

Then, I would want... Fatal Attraction?

"Alert! The desired skill is too high level."

"The basic version is being initiated instead."

"You have gained the skill [Instant Arousal]!"

"[Instant Arousal LV1]: Causes the victim to be in a state of arousal instantly. CAUTION: The effect lasts 3 minutes. Cool down time: 6 Hours."

"The being from the abyss applauds your efforts."


Instant Arousal?!

I can.. this is AWESOME!!

Let's try seeing what I have now.


Name: Mr. Bear
Title: -
Class: -
Gender: -
Race: Plush Toy
Level: 8
Health: 8/8
Stamina: 0/0
Experience: 11/110
Focus: 13/13
Skill Points: 0
Strength: 0
Dexterity: 0
Endurance: 0
Sorcery: 0
Charisma: 4
Faith: -
[Inanimate Object] Cannot move.
[Pervert] Gains experience through unconventional means.
[Abyssal Tendrils] Conceals tendrils within its body.
[Glutton] Experience gained through consuming offerings is increased massively.
[Appraisal LV1]
[Outcome Manipulation LV1]
[Tendrils Growth LV2]
[Instant Arousal LV1]

I see I see...

But.. what about the being from the abyss?

Am I being watched by someone?

I hope I didn't offend anyone powerful needlessly...

Breathe...Breathe... Positive Thoughts...


Let's not wait another moment.

I target the blonde petite with the skill and proceed immediately.

[Instant Arousal]!


The petite Instructor became startled and looked around her in surprise.

A blush was becoming visible on her cheeks, as she suddenly clutched her lower body.

Poor petite girl~

BUT! I am not done yet!

The petite Instructor wriggled in her seat as she wondered how she got so horny~

"W-What... is this? I-It's so itchy down there..."


She... does she not realize that she is aroused?

But.. how could that be?!

Was she so busy studying Magic that she neglected SEX ED?

"Mnnhh~... it's unbearable!"

Uh oh... I thought that this girl must be very educated.

It's all that Julia's fault!

That pervert petite girl has really affected my common sense too..

I think.. I have sinned already.

"Uuuuu.. Ahhaa~..."

The blonde petite kept trying to satiate the itch somehow by rubbing herself down there, but Instant Arousal seemed way worse than I had imagined.

Even at Level 1, it is too much for someone who has never masturbated before.

The question is... how to rescue this suffering petite girl?

"No... I don't.. want this~"

The petite instructor collapsed from her seat and fell on the floor.

Her glasses had fallen somewhere too and I could see tears falling from her petite pretty face.

"Hahh Ahhhh haaa.."

Her hot breaths are now reaching my face, as she is now very near to me.

It was then that, the petite instructor looked at me and a weird look came upon her.


Beary? W-What's that?

The blonde petite girl reached out towards me and grabbed my body before I was planted into a soft flatland.

"Beary.. Please help me... I-I don't know what's wrong~"

She put a lot more strength into her hug, as my body deformed and stuck even closer to her chest.

Ahem! I-It's not that I don't like this but...

Aaaahhh~ Such a good fragrance!

I can smell a rose-like scent coming from within her clothes~

Also... I have been planted right on top of.. her nipples..

OH MY GOD!! They are so erect!!

I don't know for how long I would be able to handle this!

My Inner Instincts are screaming at me to start devouring her immediately, but my remaining sanity is refusing to torment a pure soul too much...

What should I do~?

This is the toughest choice of my life!


While both the blonde petite girl and I were suffering, the door opened up and two angels rushed inside immediately.

"Ah! W-What happened?! Miss? Are you awake?"

Mira ran up to the petite Instructor and carried her up in her arms.

Meanwhile, Lia was more concerned about me and swiftly snatched my body away from the blonde petite girl's grasp and hugged me herself.

"Mr. Bear! Are you okay? You are not hurt, are you?"

My sweet angel..

Ah... I'm feeling dizzy...

Is it Mana Exhaustion...?

The last vision I had was of my petite angel staring at me worriedly before I lost consciousness.


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>UNCLE's DELUSIONS<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Lia: "Big Sis! We need to hurry! Mr. Bear needs help!"

Mira: "Eh? But, the Instructor has collapsed! Doctor!"

Lia: "Don't worry Mr. Bear. Lia will save you!"

UncleFatty: [Such good children.. *sniff*. It's too lonely here...]


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