Chapter 9:

Chapter 9 - Fire Mage?

Reborn as a Petite Girl’s Teddy

Chapter 9 - Fire Mage?


The two petite girls kept on going through topic after topic..

The petite Instructor worked very seriously, meanwhile my sweet angel was hard at work too. She digested all kinds of things that she was being introduced to.

And just like this, a lot of time has passed.. just like this..

Honestly, it's becoming extremely boring already..

What should I do then..

Oh! I know..

Let's check this Instructor's stats!


Name: Francisca
Title: - Master Magician
Class: - Mage
Gender: - Female
Race: Human
Level: 44
Health: 76/76
Stamina: 34/34
Experience: 119/5610
Focus: 245/245
Skill Points: 0
Strength: 22
Dexterity: 27
Endurance: 18
Sorcery: 356
Charisma: 44
Faith: 0
[Iron Will] Unshakable Resolve. Hard to change thoughts and perceptions.
[Soft Hearted] More prone to forgive her enemies.
[Magic Nerd] Obsessed with all things magic. Photogenic Memory and Logic-Oriented mind.
[Weak Bladder] Difficulty in holding a lot of water. Prone to letting it out when frightened.
[Fire Magic LV22]
[Body Movement LV12]
[Wind Armor LV27]
[Dismantle LV17]
[Intimidation LV4]

Woah... she is this strong already?

Fire Magic, huh...

S-She won't burn my body to crisps, would she?

Let's hope not!

And what's with the crazy level of Dismantle?

What has she been dismantling so far?...

There is something very regretful though.

How I wish there was a way to find out her true age too..


Just as I was contemplating what to do..

The petite maid, Julia arrived and entered the room.

Eh? Isn't she carrying a lot of refreshments?

There are some drinks too..

It.. wouldn't be weird for some of it to fall on their clothes, right?

Let's try and see!

[Outcome Manipulation}!

I try to envision the drinks slipping away from Julia's grasp and falling onto the Instructor's dress.

Come on.. Work..WORK!!



Success! The petite maid slipped slightly and the drinks fell out of the carrying tray.

And landed straight.. onto... Lia?!



Lia looked at Julia in confusion, as she was completely drenched with the juice.

The drink had seeped into her clothes and hair, as the wet clothes stuck to her petite figure.

Oh NO! I didn't want this to happen!

Darn it! Outcome Manipulation can fail too?

Let's see what's the problem here!


Name: Mr. Bear
Title: -
Class: -
Gender: -
Race: Plush Toy
Level: 8
Health: 8/8
Stamina: 0/0
Experience: 11/110
Focus: 13/13
Skill Points: 1
Strength: 0
Dexterity: 0
Endurance: 0
Sorcery: 0
Charisma: 4
Faith: -
[Inanimate Object] Cannot move.
[Pervert] Gains experience through unconventional means.
[Abyssal Tendrils] Conceals tendrils within its body.
[Glutton] Experience gained through consuming offerings is increased massively.
[Appraisal LV1]
[Outcome Manipulation LV1]
[Tendrils Growth LV2]

"[Outcome Manipulation LV1]: Allows the user to slightly influence the probability for a certain outcome to occur among all possibilities."

There is that system's voice again.

Why doesn't it appear when I need it the most?

So... only the probability increased?

The results are not certain, are they..

I must level it up then!

Tendrils Growth is LV2 already... must be because of that Julia..

A-Anyways! I didn't want Lia to suffer because of me!

However... her cute and flat chest is certainly visible like this..

Just what I want!


It's even better than being naked, right?

You are the best! Lia!


"I-I'm really sorry, Young Mistress!!"

The petite maid bowed her head even lower, as she procrastinated in front of Lia.

Yes. You must ask for forgiveness.

How dare you do this to my cute angel?!

The Instructor looked troubled, as she grumbled before she spoke,

"Let's take a break for now. Aurelia, go and change your clothes. You there, take her along and help her. Don't make such mistakes again, got it?"

The petite maid nodded silently and soon she and Lia left the room to bathe and change her clothes.

So.. now..

Isn't the petite Instructor all alone now..

With this petite plush toy..


Let's begin!


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Uncle's Delusions<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Mr. Bear: 'Enough with the waiting! It's action time, baby!'

UncleFatty: [The perverted maid left with our Lia though?]

Mr. Bear: 'R-Right.. only if I could move by myself..'

UncleFatty: [... I think I will go see what's happening...]

Mr. Bear: [Is it in another Side Chapter?... I think I'll be busy here..]

UncleFatty: [...]


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