Chapter 1:

What a fun day.

Floating In My Mind.

„…" = time skip.

"Rin! Rin! Honey get up, it's already 7:30, you'll be late if you don't get up now, do you hear? Rin!" Said someone from the kitchen.


For a moment there was silence, and not a sound in the world was heard, until I perceived footsteps heading for my room.

I knew what was coming.

Right outside my door someone was standing, the footsteps stopped and suddenly a crack opened up, allowing me to see the person's feet first. It was none other than my own mother. It could be only her feet.

„GET IN, MOVE YOUR ASS AND DO IT NOW." She screamed before taking the blanket away from me and pushing me aside with her foot.

„Uwaaa." I screamed.

„Aaaah…that really hurt, are you crazy? How can you push someone from their own bed like that…" I tried to pretend that something abnormal had happened.

"Your breakfast is on the kitchen table and don't forget it's already 7:32, make sure you're not late, today is still your first day of school. You wouldn't make a good impression." She said seriously.

"Yes, mom, I understand, now go on."

Tskk, how annoying. That really hurt like hell. Nevertheless, I should wash my face and brush my teeth.

"Oh yeah, I forgot that today is my first day of school....Wait, what?" It took me a minute to realize that today really was the first day of school.... "ahaha...ahahaha" I laughed like an idiot who just discovered that 1+1•3 is 4 and not 5. How did that happen? I had set a total of 37 alarm clocks and still didn't get woken up? What kind of person am I...

Take a deep breath, Rin, everything will be fine. Don't worry, you have exactly 13 minutes left, exactly 13 minutes is not enough..!? Did I say 13? „Ahaha", I laughed while tears ran down my face. I hate my life.

My first day of school and then being late?

I can't afford that, no, that's exactly why I have to hurry. „Okay okay, where are my uniforms? They should be somewhere in this room, right?" Rin muttered to himself, „Ah, there it is."

My school uniforms were simple.

Black pants and a white shirt with a black jacket over it. „ufufufu, how good I look in it, thank God, you really are my man," I said smugly.

After I finished getting dressed, I went to the kitchen where my food was and realized that I didn't actually have time to eat my breakfast there because I would be late.

So I decided to eat my lunch on the way to school.

„Munch Munch...Munch, oh how delicious, my mom is the truly the best girigiri." I said to myself, meanwhile beaming like an angel.

On the way to school, I already saw many students wearing the same uniform as me. It was a small relief that I wouldn't be late after all, and if I were, I certainly wouldn't be alone. So I couldn't worry about it.

While walking I listened to music with the help of headphones connected to my cell phone, I still had a while to go, and I thought it would make me less nervous than before.

From time to time there were more and more students, even some good looking girls ahaha. Ahem ahem, I mustn't distract myself, I didn't come here for the crowds, I came here because I had to, so the only sensible thing I can do now is to try hard and pay attention in class. goal is to have the best school life.

„Ehm…h-hello!" Said someone from behind in a shy voice.

Hmm? I could perceive a voice, but I ignored it because I live with the thought that no one would address me anyway.

„H-hello, can you not hear me."

I still didn't give a shit who the voice was talking to, so I turned the music up more and kept walking.

"You with the headphones, stay still!" Said the person louder this time and came towards me, without me knowing how close she was. I turned around and suddenly she bumped into my chest and fell down.

„Uwaaa." She screamed.

When I looked down to process the situation, she was lying on the ground and had rubbed her head as if she had hit her head, oh yes, and her panties were purple. A very nice color, I must honestly admit.

"You..." I said, but stopped when I saw her innocent, sweet face. She is indeed really beautiful.

„Heee, do you need any help?" As I said smilingly, I reached out my hand and helped her stand up again. She's light as hell and still has a beautiful body, how does that make physical sense?

„Uhm, thank y-yyou!"

"You're welcome, so tell me, why did you make such a fuss, you approached me with the idea of wanting something from me, right? I asked curiously.

"Um, actually I was going to ask you something, if that wouldn't be a problem for you." She said while holding her hands together.

"Go on, I don't want to be late for the first day of school."

"Yes, right, so, um, would you mind going to s-school with me? I just moved here and enrolled directly as a student, so I don't know the way..." The shy voice came from her again.

Tee Hehe, what did she just say? Go to school with me? Ahaha. What a coincidence.

„Whatever you say, miss." I agreed with her.

„T-thank you again, ," she suddenly began to smile, clasped her hands behind her back and walked in front of me. Today is really a funny day huh. But still... she is a simple girl like any other, I am just doing her a favor, nothing more, nothing less.

„Hey, o-oppa!"

Hmm? Did she actually call me oppa? What?

„Umm, I...wanted to ask you something." She said curiously.

„Woah woah woah, not so fast little girl, why did you just call me oppa like nothing happened."

"Eh? Ehhhh um I don't k-know! S-s-sorry!" she said as her face looked like a tomato. Red as hell. 

Holy, how cute…

„Forget it, call me whatever you want, so go ahead, what's your question?" I quickly added.

„Well, since you're accompanying me, I'd like to know your n-name, my name is Aomine Araya."

„Aomine Araya, did you say? I will call you Araya. My name is Rin Takahashi, just call me Rin, that would be nice." I said a little grumpily. I never liked my last name, ever since my father left us I hated it.

„I see, thanks again, on a good cooperation Rin!" She said with a smile.

„On a good cooperation Araya."


„We'll be there soon, you can already see the school," I said.

„Yessss." She said and held my hand tightly. „Ehhh, not so fast and let go of my hand, please."

Oh God, help me, if people see this, my school life will be over in milliseconds.


„Argh, wait a minute. Let me take a deep breath in and out before we go in, waaaah. „I think I'm dying ahaha."

„Fufufu, that was fun and entertaining, don't you think?" She said, as she had a fit of laughter.

„You have a good sense of humor and HOW CAN YOU STILL LAUGH LIKE THAT?"

„Well, never mind." She winked and went inside. „Hopefully we're in the same class and I'll see you later."

„What a monster..."

Minutes later, I entered the building as well. Outside the main entrance were several lockers and two directions, left and right respectively. The hallways on the left and right were full of classes. My class was supposed to be on another floor. To the left of the main entrance was a staircase leading up, which I followed. I am now in 10th grade and 16 years old.

When I got to the second floor, my class,

10-C, was at the right end of the hallway.

"So Rin, pull yourself together, you can do this, we both know it's now or never."

And so I entered the class…