Chapter 2:

What has just happened?

Floating In My Mind.

Come on...come on...please be a normal class and not a crazy one, please be normal...! I don't want to end up in a crazy class…

I've always had a hard time making new friends, or maybe I should say I suck when it comes to interacting with people. I have always been alone. In middle school, I only had two friends that I ate with a few times during breaks. That was it. I was never the type to go out, but would sit at home and play video games or read manga. I was just different than most and was very reserved. I thought that this concept of "making friends" was just pointless. Maybe I sound edgy but that's just the way I am: a loner. That's right, I am a loner.

I still have trouble communicating with others, and oftentimes people think I'm an extrovert when I'm just pretending to be. I hate myself to death inside for that, believe it or not. But that's just the way it is. I get carried away in some conversations, like this morning with this one girl. Otherwise, I'm more of a one-on-one kind of guy.

"But today will be different, just you wait!"

So I slowly opened the door and entered the room. In the first seconds I saw nothing at all, as the sunlight through the window was too strong and therefore blinded me. From second to second I saw new faces, but in slow motion. There were a total of 24 other students in the classroom, and of them, the boys were in the majority.

Everyone stared at me stupidly and I was frozen. This feeling ... I had not expected that to happen at all. Why is everyone looking at me like that? Do I have something on my face? Or do they already think I'm weird?

Calm down, take a deep breath and just sit down... You can do this.

In the far back right corner, there was an empty seat with a nice view outside.

Phew, it didn't look so bad after all, what should I do now? Do I wait for the professor or try to talk to someone?

As I began to sink into my thoughts, someone suddenly stood in front of me. I saw pitch-black, long hair, and when I raised my gaze upward, I saw red, bulging eyes that could swallow one up if they wanted to....


"Rin-kun…long time no see ehehehe~”

"Aomine! Aomine?! W-what are you doing here…?!”

"Well, I'm in that class too, you know, Rin! We're both in the same class, isn’t that unbelievable?

“Unbelievable? Heh..if you say so.”

Surprised as I am, I could disappear without a word. She and I... we both go to the same class. Holy. But that's not good. I need to focus on my grades…Do I really want that? To have good grades without social contacts? That worries me.

But what worries me even more is that I don't know anyone in this class except her. I really don't know how I'm going to survive this year. In fact, many of them know each other very well as they may have gone to the same middle school or lived in the same neighborhood. On the other hand, there are people like me who are lonely, not because we wanted to be, but because we had to be.


“Rin? Rin…Hello!”

“Ah s-sorry…I w-was lost in thought."

“Are you alright?”

I noticed how everyone looked at me with envy, maybe because of Aomine. I mean, look at her. She is so beautiful. Even if she's new, like me, she attracts all the attention. Pretty sure she noticed herself how many guys and girls stare at her.

I envy her. She is good looking and has a nice personality. Besides, she really doesn't care what others think about her. And then there's me, an idiot who can't get anything done on his own. As ugly as I am, even war veterans are afraid of me.

“Y-yeah I am, don’t worry.”

“I am glad to hear that and then I will go to my seat. We can talk later though.”


As soon as she sat down, the professor entered the class. She was neither tall nor short, neither fat nor thin, more suited to her body. She had brown, shoulder-length hair and glasses worn on her face. She looks very young to be honest.

"My name is Yamaha Chizuru. From today on, I will be your class teacher. Speaking of which, how are you guys doing? Good or just good, hah?"

"Well, first we should all introduce ourselves to get to know each other, and I know a good game for that."

Oh no, that sounds terrible, not today! She plans to get us to write something on cards that she will draw at random, and then have those people introduce themselves.


"I would like everyone to introduce themselves. So yesterday I decided to do this...Okay, hand this off to whoever is sitting behind you."

My classmates passed the note they had received from the teacher.





One sentence to the class:

“I knew it, damn it!.”

I know what she's going to say next, it's so obvious.

"Everyone has to fill out the card. Then I randomly draw cards and ask students questions about what they wrote. If you don't want to participate, that's fine. Then you just say your name and age."

Oh my god... I hope it's not as hard as it looks, or else of course I'll die.

“Okay, okay, if no one wants to start, I'll gladly take the opportunity to start.”

Woah, my savior has appeared!

Who is she? Or rather, where is she?

W-what...she really looks outstanding. Is she an angel or something? If not, can someone tell me why her eyes are golden yellow and her hair is long and blonde? Holy…

"Glad to hear there is someone who wants to get moving, great! So, Mrs. Angel, what's your name?"

"My name is Lida Yukari, I have reached the age of sixteen."

"Lida Yukari, what a lovely name."


Lida Yukari... Lida Yukari seems to be her name, huh?

"Ms. Yukari, you attended Seirin Middle School? Is that correct?

“Yes, It is.”

"Uh-huh, good to know, I guess. But how did you get to this school? Isn't it far from here?"

“Mh yeah…Since my family moved for work reasons, this school was the best choice.”

Her family has moved to another state? This is unexpected to be honest.

Hobbies: She likes to read, sing and do a lot of sport.

Likes: I eat a lot, so give me something to eat, ehehehe.

One sentence to the class: Let's all get along and give me food!

What a phrase.

Everyone seemed to like her, huh. Well, that was to be expected. I mean, look at her. Not only her appearance but also her personality is striking.

"So, the next one is Rin Takahashi."

Me? How in the world...? I guess my luck has run out.

"Where is Mr. "Takahashi?"

“Here I am.”

"Ahh good good, so Takahashi, you went to Rakuzan Middle School from what I heard. Isn't that a bit far from here too?"

"I mean it is."

I don't really like to talk about such topics... since my father left me and my mother, I don't like to talk about it.

I hate it.

"Oh~ I understand how that is. You wrote "private reasons" on the card. I suppose you don't want to talk about it, right?

“Yes please…”

"I see, I'll be more careful next time, but thanks for the information!"

“You‘re welcome.”

Oh God, I am saved.

Hobbies: Enjoys reading books and playing video games.

Likes: My room.

One sentence to the class: Let's all get along or something, I don't even know.

"Your room? Are you sure you don't have any other preferences you can share with us?"


“I see.”

Although she seemed disappointed, she is still trying to manage the process. Well, I call that hard work, wait, we call that hard work, right?

What do they always say? "Honesty is strength" strengthens my ass. Although, at least I was honest. Anyway, I live with the thought that no one would approach me. So, damn it.

By the time the introductions were over, I was almost asleep. How can a teacher have so much energy? And that too on a Monday.

Anyway, I packed my things, put my headphones in my ears and listened to music to prepare for the trip home. Many students had other plans, for example, today many students are going to karaoke or dinner, as they invite each other to dinner. How nice it would be to have a person who would do that with me.

“Damn it…”

Well, I see how it is. I am neither interesting nor handsome. If I had a superpower, it would be my “ugliness.”

Of course, when I got home, neither my mom nor my sister were home. My mom is working right now and my sister is pretty popular, so she's definitely busy, at least I assume.

It started raining hard, but it wasn't hail, it was heavy rain. So who is still out there, I am infinitely sorry.

Speaking of apologies, isn't that the angel girl from my class? What is she doing at this hour? And why at my front door?

I quickly ran down the stairs to open the door, and when I opened it, I said, "How the hell are you still outside in the rai-”

"Uwaaa!!!" She fell on me and finally made me soaking wet too.

"How on earth did you manage that?"

Holy shit, she was lying on my chest, completely soaked. I can feel her body too. This…this isn’t right, Rin!

“Uwaaa aiaiai, I-I..I’m so sorry nameless guy, I was leaning against the door and completely forgot that you can open it because of the rain.”

"Obviously you forgot, you idiot! Otherwise it wouldn't make any sense."

"I-I'm sorry, I'm sorry ... please let me make it up to you."

Doesn't she recognize me?

"By the way, I'm Rin Takahashi from your class."

"Rin...? Rin!? Rin! I remember now the guy who likes his room!"


"So, you live here, huh? Do you live alone?

Why is she asking me that…?

“Well not really. I live with my mother and sister, but they are rarely home, so you can say that.”

“I see, okay okay.”

"But probably the more important question is why you are here, or rather why you were out in the rain.

“Uh-huh…because I didn't want to go home.”

Did she have a conflict with her parents or what?

"Well, I'm not going to ask why, because it's obvious you don't want to say, but before you get sick on my doorstep too, come on in. I'll give you something to change into so your clothes can dry."

“In your house?!”

"No, I was just kidding, I was just messing with you, you know. I'm into that kind of thing."

“W-what? How Takahashi mean, you‘re so mean…waaahhhh.”

Is she actually crying now? What the heck, that shouldn't be allowed. This is the height of cuteness…!

"Stop crying and come inside before you really catch a cold."


As I took her to my room to give her clothes, I told her that she could use the bathroom freely and stay here until my mother came home from work.

If my mother finds out, I'll definitely be dead.

"Thank you, Takahashi, for helping me. I'm so sorry..."

"You better be sorry…I'm putting my life on the line because of you."

“Your life on a line? What do you-”

"Forget it," I interrupted her.

Suddenly it was quiet and the mood between us became uncomfortable. For the first time a girl is in my room and then such an angel…

"You know, this is the first time I've ever been in a boy's room. It's kind of embarrassing, if that makes sense.

I understand what she means, and yes, she's right, it's uncomfortable, but not just for her. For me, too.

"I got it, I'll go already, you should sleep here and don't worry about my mother. I'll tell her in a nice way so she won't kill me right away, so good night. Sleep well."

“Takahashi you-”

"It‘s okay, just tell your mom that you're staying at a friend's house."

“Ah…okey I will…”

“On that note, sweet dreams, Yakuri-san.”

“You too-”

I closed the door before she could finish her sentence. Oh, really. What's actually happening to me?

Slowly, I made myself comfortable on the sofa and fell into a deep sleep. I briefly summarized what had happened today. Unbelievable…

Was it luck? Or coincidence?

“Well, that no longer matters I guess.”