Chapter 71:

Forgotten First Dish

Royal Princess of Blood

It was breakfast when I saw a pretty interesting dish served and placed on the table. I raised both my eyebrows, it was a familiar dish. To be precise, it looked like the one I ate yesterday.

Interesting, so she deemed it on the level acceptable for royalties. Was there any improvement I wonder?

“Dear daughter.”

I raised my gaze towards my father who for some reason called out to me as I was about to get some to eat.


“I heard you visited the kitchen.”

I immediately looked around then to the door. Vernon was nowhere to be found, I might have frowned if he ever got in my sight. He was definitely the one who told my father.

But this sure was a bit annoying.

Is every movement of mine being monitored and reported now?

I am used to this sort of thing. However, as a free girl now, being watched all the time was not entirely pleasing.

“Y-Yes, yes I did.”

“I see,” he nodded. “That’s the second time you visited, huh.”

“Is it not good?”

Why was he appearing to be bothered by it? Perhaps he didn’t like the thought of me visiting some commoners. But I was guarded, so I can say I’m safe. Also, it’s not like he would be bothered if I talked to some commoners, my father was not that kind of person.

I stared at him with a pout as though frightened that I did something unacceptable.

“No, it’s just that…” he looked at both my mother and brother then turned to me. “I didn’t think you would go to the kitchen for whatever reason. It is just surprising, is all.”

“Is that so? But you do know I shouldn’t be the same as always, dear father…”

His eyes almost looked like they were about to bulge out of their eye sockets when he heard my words followed by surprised looks from my mother and brother.

I continued.

“I realized that the way I was… well… lonely.”

“Lonely, you say?” my mother murmured.

“I couldn’t make any friends that way.”

“Friends?” my brother repeated in surprise.

“Yes… that’s why, I went to the kitchen… of course, there is also the fact that there will be some delicious food.”

I smiled wryly with a bit of chuckle and embarrassment.

“Beloved Sister… Maybe the bump on the head really did something to you.”

I cutely scowled towards my brother.

“What? Is the change really that bad? I suppose I shall not change then.”

He frantically waved his hands and shook his head.

“Of course not, it isn’t bad at all. Didn’t I mention something like that? It’s just, surprising, that’s all.”

I lowered my eyes.

“.... I just want some friends.”

“In that case, dear,” my mother said. “I suppose we need to introduce you to the noble ladies your age. They will be thrilled to meet you.”

I rubbed my hands as I seemingly pondered what she said.

“I’m a bit nervous about the idea, but it would be good. Although, I guess the crisis needs to pass first.”

I lowered my head, sadness evident in my movement and expression. Although I want friends, I can never get it until things that threaten me disappear. And my enemies were not mere normal people but could be something big. My family realized this.


“But, time passes, and so does the storm. Patience is all but I require.”

I faintly smiled, though the sadness still lingered deep in my eyes if one looked closely.

I immediately went for the food so I stopped any further conversations.

Come on, it’s getting cold. It would be a waste.

I ate the chicken first which I assumed to be the one that was marinated.

I smiled broadly when I tasted it.


It was way better compared to yesterday. This was almost to the level of food back in my old world.

I suggested to my family that they eat this dish. Their eyes widened at the mere level of pleasant flavor of it. In addition to that, it was no longer too sweet unlike last time, so maybe that was what made it better.

Because of this, my impression of the girl cook improved a bit.

My family was incredibly satisfied with this dish and my mother gave her compliments through the servants.

I should say that the girl was impressively talented. Always striving for improvement and discovery. After all, she was the one to come up with those original creations like that cake and this one.

What could her ambition be?

I resisted the urge to smirk.

Whether I would be able to breach through her emotional barrier remains to be seen. Whatever, let’s just do whatever we can.

After we finished eating, my father suddenly spoke to me as I was supposed to leave.

“Estelia. I am reminded of something that I have been meaning to discuss earlier…”

He looked a bit distraught. Why in the world would he feel that way?

I waited for him to continue.

“Vernon told me that… you have gaps in your memories.”

My eyes went wide as though in surprise. So he was worried about that. Surprisingly, both mother and brother were both shocked by the revelation. It would appear they haven’t heard of it yet.

Therefore, Vernon must have only told father. Then father decided not to tell the others immediately since they would only get more distressed than they already were. I did sleep for a couple of days after all. And I imagine that was already too stressful for my mother, I don’t know about my brother though, but I can imagine him getting all depressed when another problem piles up.

“Estel?! Is that true?”

Panic was all over Estevan’s face. I flinched in fear in his sudden outburst.

“I-I’m n-not sure… It doesn’t feel that way.”

“T-Then, could this mean the memories lost are not significant. But, how would you know if you lost something without realizing it…” he was muttering around, trying to find the best answer. “Sister, do you still remember that time we went to the garden when Mother had newly planted flowers.”

“Um, yes. I just went there the other day after all.”

“So not a pretty good question to get an answer from. Let’s see…”

My brother pondered with his hand on his chin.

“Ah yes! You remember that time when I first gave something I cooked for the first time that went well?”

I tilted my head. I remembered it, vaguely though. That said, I was young and so was Estevan. However, it was not at the age that someone would forget easily if it was such a significant memory.

Let’s see. Maybe I was eight or nine years old at that time?

“You did…? When… I think I remember… no… I....” I held my temple as though having difficulties remembering it. “What dish was it, brother?”

He froze in shock, eyes wide open, his fingers trembling.

“I-It can’t be…. Estel… you promised you won’t forget about it….”

He looked terribly hurt. I mean, I guess it would truly hurt when the sister you loved so much suddenly forgot something so important. I mean, it was his first dish to ever cook pleasantly. He worked hard for it, practiced so much just to show off to me.

Yes, all for me.

I’m starting to pity him, really. I mean, look how pitiful he looks right now! He looked like he was shattered into pieces.

My apologies, dear brother. This has to be done.

“B-Brother— I….” I looked at him with a pained expression.

He held out his hand.

“No, it’s fine. Don’t be guilty about it.”

I was speechless. I looked at my mother in order to find help. She smiled wryly before speaking to Estevan.

“Estevan, she was very young back then, it’s not that surprising she forgot about it.”

“But — that was a very significant memory of ours… and considering her age back then...”

“She’ll… She may be able to recall it once she tastes your cooking again.”

“Ah! That’s it!”

Hey hey, how much food do I have to taste?! I am already gonna be occupied with that fucking woman from the kitchen and taste her foods to get close to her. And now brother?

“B-Brother! No need, you’re busy, so that can wait…”

“But Estel—”

“Brother please, focus on the much bigger issue.”

“..........” There was a moment of silence. “But isn’t your loss of memory a big issue?”

“Compared to others, it is a small issue. Isn’t the most important thing for now is that I am still who I am.”

“She’s right, Estevan,” mother said. “It’s not like we lost Estelia.”

He-he-he… yeeaah. It’s not like you lost Estelia or something… ahem

“... I suppose you’re right.”

He finally behaved. This time it was my father’s turn to speak to me.

“My lovely daughter, I can’t say that Estevan’s question confirms you have lost some of your memories. And, it will be difficult and pointless to try pointing out each memory and if you still remember it, since there would be countless memories. But, the signs are there, so let’s assume you really have some gaps in your memories. I am thankful it didn’t turn out to be something worse.”

He smiled in relief.

“Just speak out if something weird happens. Do you understand, Estelia?”

“Y-Yes, I understand, Father.”

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