Chapter 34:



Frankie’s food was getting cold.

In the meagerly-sized, mostly shellfish-centered restaurant Blue Monday, smartly situated right next to the Gigawhale’s exit, two women ate in relative silence as another just fiddled with the hem of the now slightly-damp shirt she had insisted on putting back on.

“How are you not hungry?” Katie asked from her left, pulling Umi’s attention away from her own dish as she looked up from her plate to see the sweaty-faced girl in front of her.

“Don’t you… think it’s messed up how they serve seafood and show off fish in the same park?” Frankie managed.

“Eh, I guess” Umi admitted in between bites of crab. “Fits the brand though.”

“So just… what did you mean earlier?” Katie continued. “About getting an idea?”

“Ah.” She spoke flatly. “You mean that. Well I figured something out, Katie.” Frankie forced herself not to look around at the creeping, twisting crowd of other customers walking all around her, polluting the small establishment.

“You’re speaking easier.” Umi added. “What is it?”

“You see… well, it’s just… I really never hated this park. That’s not it.” She kept her sight to the old table, weary and plagued by water damage. “In fact, I could even enjoy it… if there weren’t all these goddamn people here.”

Katie took her last bite of scallops as Frankie continued.

“I’m kicking them all out. Every last one.”

Umi took a sip of water. “Woah woah woah wait. I hope you don’t expect me to be able to do that for you. I’m sorry, Frankie, but you have to realize there are some things that we just-“

“Oh no.” Frankie assured. “I won’t need your help. I’ve got everything I need…”

She pulled the giant green wad out of her sister’s bag.

“…right here.”

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