Chapter 35:

The Guest Removal Initiative


“Please, sis. You can’t be serious- Frankie? Frankie!”

Katie just missed her arm as she reached out to grab it. Frankie marched down the street at a speedy pace, eyes ready to kill.

“You can’t be thinking this! Please, Frankie! Umi, talk some sense into her!”

“Listen, kid… you can’t just… this isn’t going to work, first of all. I get it. This isn’t fun for you. But everyone else here, they-“

“It’s their choice.” Frankie spoke, as if to threaten. “We’ll see what they think when I offer them twice their annual salary.”

“It won’t work!” Umi shouted. “There’s too many people here, you can’t possibly have that much money!”

“I only had time to just barely flip through a tenth of it.” She uttered. “And that alone was more cash than I’d ever seen in my life. Must’ve been at least four or five million.”

“That’s ridiculous! That can’t be true, Frankie.”

Katie stopped in fear.

“What’s the matter?”

“It… might.” She shivered, talking to Umi but looking at the ground. “That’s the money… we got from- P-President Washington, you know…”

“You’re kidding me…”

Paralyzed, they didn’t notice Frankie was already on the edge of their field of view, about to head straight into a crowd and disappear.

“It’s like she’s a different person…!” Katie scrambled, running after her. She finally managed to catch up to the girl, at long last grabbing hold of her arm.

“Please stop this, Frankie. You’ll only embarrass yourself!”

“How do you think I just walked straight into a crowd of strangers? I gave up all my fears five minutes ago. The time to cower is up. Now it’s my turn to really go nuts.”

Pope Evaristus
Steward McOy