Chapter 12:

Chapter 12 - Alone with Lia

Reborn as a Petite Girl’s Teddy

Chapter 12 - Alone with Lia


The petite Instructor tried her hardest to control her emotions, and after some time, she turned to look at our Lia and spoke,

"I'm sorry... I didn't mean to claim your thing as my own. It's just that... a few years ago, I had a similar toy too.."

"I-I was really attached to it.. but my mother hated it. She burned it secretly one day & I found out too late."

"Beary was gone.. just like that..."

I could feel Lia beginning to loosen her guard. She probably feels a sense of compassion for the petite Instructor.

As for me... well... I am not over the previous incident yet.

I'd much rather spend some time with my sweet angel than anywhere else.

The petite Instructor then looked at my body once again, as she spoke,

"I really thought that my Beary came back.. When I was suffering so much, he appeared in front of me again."

She then turned to look outside the windows and spoke,

"I... want to stay alone for a while. Please..."

Taking the cue, Mira signaled Lia and both of them exited the room, leaving the petite Instructor alone.

As for me, my dear angel Lia is giving me business-class treatment, as I stick close to her chest and enjoy the warmth behind me.

Hehehehehe... such softness~

Normies would never understand!!

They all pointed their fingers at me, calling me disgusting, vermin, and shitty human among many other things..

Hah! So what?!

My love for my petite girls is immeasurable!

Only my fellow gentlemen ever agreed with me.


We were taken back to Lia's bedroom by Mira, who turned to leave before saying,

"Young Miss, just wait for a while more. The dinner would be ready soon."

And so, the pretty maid left us two lovers alone in our honeymoon suite.

That's right!

Even if I never mean to carelessly harm pure souls ever again, that doesn't include bonding with our angel Lia!

Certainly, we can have some fun together, right?

Lia carried me along, as she sat down on the bed and took out the study materials dropped by the petite Instructor.

She turned to look at me with a big smile, as she spoke to me,

"Mr. Bear, do you see these books? So amazing! What do you think is written here? See!"

Lia positioned my body to sit beside her as she excitedly showed me the book.

Hmmm... I certainly understand... that I understand nothing.

Honestly, what's with all these scribblings? And these geometrical shapes... I can't make heads or tails of what it means...


"The being from the abyss understands your troubles."

"New Skill Acquired: [Language Recognition]!"

"[Language Recognition LV1]: The user can decipher any language in existence. The ability to understand logic depends on the user's mental strength."

Ouch... Why does this thing never learn?!

It hurts.. and what was it?

The being from the abyss again?!

Oh fuck... I have a feeling that something very bad might end up happening someday.

Language Recognition, huh?

But, if I can learn any language... then why the levels?

"The more the skill levels up, the more languages can be added to the recognition database."

"Current slot: 1/1."

"Delete the current language? Y/N"

Of course not!

After so much trouble, I have finally acquired the means to stand strong!

And what this implies? Hah!

The petite Instructor is a goddamn Fire Mage!

Certainly, she must have a lot of magic-related books, right?

Hehehehe.. I can finally learn magic!

Then let's study along with Lia for now..

Though... I would like to play around with her in the end...

D-Definitely not the Instant Arousal!

It's too dangerous, man.

L-Let's try something else later then..

By the way, I feel very good right now.

Is it something in my status?

Has my focus recovered completely?

Let's try checking it.


Name: Mr. Bear
Title: -
Class: -
Gender: -
Race: Plush Toy
Level: 8
Health: 8/8
Stamina: 0/0
Experience: 89/110
Focus: 17/20
Skill Points: 0
Strength: 0
Dexterity: 0
Endurance: 0
Sorcery: 0
Charisma: 4
Faith: -
[Inanimate Object] Cannot move.
[Pervert] Gains experience through unconventional means.
[Abyssal Tendrils] Conceals tendrils within its body.
[Glutton] Experience gained through consuming offerings is increased massively.
[Appraisal LV1]
[Outcome Manipulation LV1]
[Tendrils Growth LV2]
[Instant Arousal LV1]
[Language Recognition LV1]

My focus limit increased?!

Eh? Does that mean that I don't have to level up to improve my attributes?

But... Mana Exhaustion...

I won't lose my consciousness forever, right?

It's too scary!!

L-Let's leave that for later then!

Hoooo... study time for now then.

Let's see if I can gain any skills this way.


>>>>>>>>>>>>>Uncle's Delusions<<<<<<<<<<<<<

UncleFatty: [It's really hard being a pervert nowadays..]

Mr. Bear: 'I know, man. The petite girls nowadays are too wary of people like us..'

UncleFatty: [I was talking about acceptability... Mr. Bear, don't end up becoming a criminal, alright?]

Mr. Bear: 'Of course! Petite girls are to be protected! Petite girls are to be preserved! Petite girls are to be tasted!'

UncleFatty: [Yeah... let's keep this between ourselves, alright?]

Mr. Bear: '...'



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