Chapter 13:

Chapter 13 - Nighttime Approaching

Reborn as a Petite Girl’s Teddy

Chapter 13 - Nighttime Approaching


After showing me all kinds of books, Lia finally picked up the first Magic-related book.

And once again, she excitedly opened up the book in front of me and started to act cutely again.

Although I wouldn't mind indulging in her a little bit...

Let's try learning something!

Hmmm... so...

From what I can tell, the governing force of Magic is Mana, as expected.

But, a new type of approach is being researched too.

Hence, the community has been divided into two.

One is of the researchers of Advanced Magic. Since Magic is very ancient and well-documented in this world, it is the mainstream study among the masses.

While the other one uses logic and concepts derived from nature, science, geometry, and Magic.

The resultant approach that they call.. is Alchemy...

So.. is this alchemy different from the one I read about?

I-I mean... wouldn't it be cool to use the transmutation circle and change my shape and size?

But... how is a stuffed toy supposed to advance in Alchemy at all...

I don't even know if this alchemy is similar, or something completely different.

After all, it is still a product in development.

Magic though, is easier to understand and visualize, right?

Let's say... I want to burn all the hair of that slaver, then I just need to visualize it and read the incantation.

Then pour the Mana into the Magic circle and direct it wherever I want to.

That's what I can tell after reading so far...

Unfortunately, before I could read further, Lia put the book away in boredom and brought out a new one.

General Studies, huh?

Hmmm... I really miss my smartphone too much at a time like this...

Who the fuck likes to study?!

I wanna learn Magic, baby!


After a few hours, the door to the bedroom opened up as Mira stood at the entrance and spoke,

"Young Miss, it's time for dinner. Julia is already waiting for you at the table. Please hurry."


Lia then put away all of the books and grabbed my body close to her sweet and soft chest as the two girls moved toward the dining hall.

I have to say though... any man who is a fan of big boobs would absolutely die living here from pure excitement.

After all, these busty and mature maids.. certainly are a thing of desire among young kids...

For gentlemen like us though, culture is more important!

After all, those that have suffered at the hands of those kinds of manipulative and greedy bitches would know for sure what the innocence of a petite girl means and how precious it is.

Huuu.... enough with that...

Breathe... breathe... positive thoughts..

Hehehehe... bedtime is approaching...

Lia wouldn't mind some action, right?

After all, I am somewhat experienced now!

I want to show Lia the fruits of my labor.


Arriving at the dining hall, I can see that pervert petite Julia sitting at the table while waiting for us to come.

Yeah... our petite angel is just too innocent...

When she said to become friends with her slave Julia, that's what she meant exactly.

Now, she has even started to dine alongside Lia.

I don't really mind though...

But, don't trust anyone so easily Lia...

You never know, who is the wolf among the sheep.


"Young Mistress! I made something special for you today! Look, It tastes good!"

The pervert petite passed a bowl full of something towards our Lia, while Lia looked at it with a puzzled expression.

Well, it's not her fault that she is behaving like this.

I mean, how could something that looks so fiendish and horrible ever taste good?!

Ohhh... I even feel an aura of evil radiating from it.

Lia... don't eat it...

I don't think this is safe for human consumption!

Lia took a spoonful of the dish and brought it close to her mouth before she resolved herself and put it in her mouth.

NOOOO!! Ahh! My Lia has been poisoned!!

Doctor! Somebody help!!

The pervert petite looked at our Lia with bated breaths.

See that?! That's the look of a criminal right there!

"How is it, Young Mistress?"

Lia swallowed the thing & turned to smile at Julia, as she spoke,

"Un. It tastes good."

"See! I told you so!"

And look at that smug-looking pervert...

Hah... I give up...

Let's hope the night won't be as miserable with Lia tonight...

But.. Isn't the pervert petite going to sleep in Lia's room from now on...?


>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>Uncle's Delusions<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Mr. Bear: 'Hey, Oldtimer. Holidays are coming! I will certainly get something good from Lia. I am sure of it!

UncleFatty: [Ah... it's nice to have someone care about you, isn't it...?]

Mr. Bear: 'Do you not have anyone like that around you? Don't tell me that's how old perverts are abandoned?!'

UncleFatty: [I-I... prefer not to talk about it. At least I lived my life my way. Now, no matter what my end looks like. I won't be dying with regrets at all.]

Mr. Bear: '...'