Chapter 22:

Reunite: As the Fog Rise


The fog was spreading fast , and it became hard to see. Pablo slowed his run and took caution. He can barely see anything. But what guided him was the faint light from the same spot he saw earlier. He doesn’t know if he’ll bump into a tree, or if there are other people in the ground. He still didn’t know if it’s actually safe, but he has no other choice.

Xadulo was still raging. The sky reacted to this, then turned red. The people from afar that the fog had reached one by one, slowly fell asleep. In a matter of time, no one would be awake anymore. The circle kept on producing the fog, and Carnelia knew she had to be stopped. Knowing she can’t stop her, she still tried. “Stop this now, Xadulo,” she said in her usual tone. Xadulo didn’t paid attention and continue. “Xadulo,” she called, still on the ground. “I can’t let these humans interfere any longer. But they won’t stop until they forget about it!” there was a huge explosion in the fog above the circle, and lightning started to appear. Carnelia was scared of what would happen to Xadulo at that time.

Pablo rushed after he heard the explosion. He knew he was getting closer because the quake is getting stronger. He passed through the trees, rushing as fast as he can. Until, his feet were on the ground shaking so much that he couldn’t stand up, and then fell. He was a few meters away from the source of the light, fog, quake, and lightning. There, he saw two familiar people.

“Xadulo?!” he shouted. After Xadulo heard the call, the fog production decreased. “Pablo!” Xadulo shouted in glee, having a big smile on her face after she saw him. She stepped out of the circle. She was so relaxed that her muscle wouldn’t move. “I finally found you!” she said. “Everyone’s back…! Carnelia, they’re all back!” Xadulo called for Carnelia as well. Carnelia came close, then suddenly, Xadulo hugged them both. “Were finally, really… back as whole again…” then she fell on the ground and fell asleep.

She was so relieved that all the stress flew away. The circle, however, isn’t stopping yet from producing the fog. “What is this?” Pablo asked. “It’s an incantation Xadulo created. It’s supposed to make all humans to forget about us necromancers”, “But that… that’s gonna make a lot of changes, won’t it?!” Pablo slightly panicked, and Carnelia just couldn’t reply for a while. “…for now, let’s go back to the Wander world.”

They teleported there as quick as they can. Carnelia leaned Xadulo’s sleeping body leaning on a tree. “That incantation is really tiring to create. Rest for now,” Carnelia said, squatting in front of her. “Say,” Pablo said. “Why did she create the incantation?” Carnelia had a gloomy look, but didn’t turn her head. “She was mad about the merchants. They were all human,” it shook Pablo. “Xadulo said that it would be better if they just forget,” Pablo didn’t want to believe it. “But the people in the villages… the people who heard about her, that helped us a lot these past years…! Everyone will just forget?”, “…yes”, “Even uncle Ban?!”, “Yes! Even he will! If he’s alive, that is!” Carnelia yelled, as she stood up, faced Pablo with pained eyes and crossed eyebrows. “And we don’t even know if he is still lives, Pablo—! It’s been years, and you’re not yet over it?!”

“…It’s not that… it’s not like I—”, “You of all people know, Pablo. That incantation that can possibly erase us from the human world is not even 1/10th of Xadulo’s power. And you’re saying like I’m supposed to oppose her? Is that it, because you saw our power as equal?” Carnelia’s eyes were fierce. “I’m not saying that!”, “Then, are you saying you side with the humans?”, “No—!”

“Then what is it you desire?!”, “If the humans don’t know about our existence, then how are we going to come back there?!” voices started to raise. “What DO YOU WANT from that world, exactly?!” Carnelia was as mad as hell. “What is so wrong with staying here?! What’s so great about the human world that you are so despaired about not going back ever again?!” Pablo was losing the argument. ‘What’s dumber than the reason - because it was the home of our memories as friends-?’ he thought. He couldn’t look at Carnelia’s eyes. “I’m sorry,” he muttered as his voice was shaking.

“Xadulo just wanted to protect us from merchants. What’s so wrong with that?” Carnelia’s tone became sad one, and even her facial expression changed. Pablo glanced at Carnelia’s burns, and couldn’t argue. It pained him just knowing it was him who made Carnelia make such a face.

“…was that really you, Carnelia?” Xadulo suddenly whispered which shocked the both. “Mistress…!” Carnelia went back to her side quickly to support her. Xadulo was slightly smiling, and her eyes were barely opened, as if she’s still half-asleep. “I’ve never seen you express yourself like that. And Pablo here doesn’t seem to be surprised, so he must’ve seen you express yourself every now and then. I’m glad you now have someone to open up. Just kind of sad it wasn’t me,” she yawned, and closed her eyes.

“Xadulo—”, Pablo called, but unfortunately for him, Xadulo was back sleeping immediately, even before Pablo could ask his question. A moment of silence came up. “…let’s find the others. They shouldn’t be that far,” Carnelia said, back with her usually cold tone. She carried Xadulo in her back and started walking, as Pablo followed after.