Chapter 14:

Chapter 14 - Pervert Alert!

Reborn as a Petite Girl’s Teddy

Chapter 14 - Pervert Alert!


After Lia finished dinner, she stood up and quickly washed her hands.

While carrying me, she started to walk toward our bedroom. Mira went to check up on the petite Instructor and Lia was being trailed by.. the pervert petite.

Julia had a big smile on her face, as she seemed very excited for something.

Is she gonna try doing something to our Lia?

Hell! Try if you can!

See if I let you!!

Soon, we arrived at the door & Julia pushed it open for Lia to enter.

Lia quickly dashed inside and placed the books and other items away, while Julia prepared the bed.

I... think I have mentioned this before, but...

The bed is just too fuckin HUGE!!

I won't be surprised if 6 petite girls could sleep on it side by side.

Just as Lia prepared to jump onto the bed, Julia quickly approached her and spoke,

"Y-Young Mistress! You must change before going to bed. I brought your sleeping dress too."

Hmmm~~ I have to say one thing nevertheless...

This Julia's choice is too damn GOOD!!

The black translucent night dress that Julia was passing onto Lia...

It would look goddamn HOT on her!

Try it, Try it. QUICKLY TRY IT!!

Lia tilted her head a petite as she was handed the dress. She turned towards me, who was placed on the bed & spoke.

"Mr. Bear. Should I change into this?"

Of course, you should!

You definitely must! My eyes have been starved of not seeing Lia's cute and slender body...

Just DO IT!

Lia nodded once towards me before Julia started to take Lia's dress off.

Ohhh~ Lia is wearing pink panties today!!

Rose patterned ones ~~

The panty fits her so damn well~~!

Her holy garden is still hidden underneath it all, but her lovely body and cute nipples have no cover anymore, baby!!

Her pink nipples are not very erect right now and look so soft and lovely~~

Her cute armpits flashed from time to time while she dressed and undressed!

Aaaahh~~ This is the heaven every pervert must reach after death~


"There! You look so lovely, Young Mistress!"

Lia finally dressed up in the see-through night dress and turned around as she showed me the dress.

"Mr. Bear, how is it? Do I really look lovely?"

YES!! You dooo~~

Lia giggled to herself, as she climbed the bed and hugged my body close to her chest.

"It's sleep time, Mr. Bear. Good night."

Ehhh?! G-Good night already?!

B-But!... How about some quality time with this cute teddy..

The pervert petite grabbed some blankets and started to spread them onto the floor, as she prepared her sleeping arrangements.

I guess slaves aren't allowed to sleep with their masters either, huh...

Lia turned to observe Julia, as she enquired,

"Julia? Why are going there?"

Julia had an awkward smile on her face, as she informed our Lia,

"Y-Young Mistress... I am going to sleep down here. Have a good night."

Lia sat up as she jumped down the bed and grabbed Julia's hands.

She dragged Julia up on the bed and forced her to sleep beside her.

Julia tried to reason with Lia, but upon facing Lia's stern look, Julia backed down and stared at her silently.

Lia didn't speak further and hugged my body again as she closed her eyes.

I see... Lia is feeling very sleepy..

Then, it won't be right to disturb her sleep...

But! This pervert petite! Are her intentions really good?

I mean... even now, she is just staring at Lia's face with an infatuated look..

Uh oh.. she hasn't fallen for our Lia, right?!

Oh My GOD!! T-This is catastrophic!

Alert! Pervert Alert!!

A pervert has crept onto Lia's bed!!

No.. I must... take one for the team...

Before this Julia targets our Lia, let's target her instead!


>>>>>>>>>>>>Uncle's Delusions<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<

Mr. Bear: 'Tough times call for tough measures! I must divert this pervert's attention somehow!'

UncleFatty: [I don't mind seeing the two together though? After all, two are better than one, right? Huhuhuhu..]

Mr. Bear: 'No! Lia is mine! I'm not letting anyone take her away from me!'

UncleFatty: [..obsession is never a good thing, Mr. Bear.]

Mr. Bear: '..without my obsession, I am nothing...'

UncleFatty: [...]


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