Chapter 1:

My Forest Abode

Hearth Heart

Amidst the extensive forest, where the leaves crinkled with the breeze and the birds sang sweet melodies, there stood a small cottage hidden from the world. Its thatched roof, weathered by time, showed signs of neglect, yet it held within it a secret.

No one knew the inhabitant of the cottage, nor did anyone dare to venture too close, for it was rumoured to be cursed. Yet, one day, a valiant young adventurer named Hiro decided to investigate.

As he approached the cottage, he could feel a sense of foreboding. The door creaked open as he pushed it with trepidation, and he stepped into a dimly lit room. The scent of incense hung heavily in the air, and Hiro's eyes adjusted to the flickering light.

In the centre of the room, there stood an old woman hunched over a pot, muttering spells in a language unknown to him. A gigantic tome lay open on the table, filled with strange symbols and diagrams.

Hiro took a step closer, but a sudden gust of wind blew out the candles, plunging the room into darkness. He could hear the old woman's cackling laughter echoing in the silence.

As the candles flickered back to life, Hiro found himself standing outside the cottage, unable to recall how he had escaped. He knew he would never venture there again. The mystery of the cursed cottage remained unsolved.

The forest grows thicker, and the darkness seems to swallow him whole. Every step he takes is filled with anxiety, and he can feel the weight of the curse bearing down on him. He is determined to uncover the secrets of the cottage, no matter the cost.

As Hiro continued on his journey, he encountered strange creatures and otherworldly beings. The forest itself seems to be alive, and it conspires against him at every turn. Yet, he persists, driven by a need to know the truth.

But with every step he takes, Hiro becomes more entangled in the witch's web. He can feel her force growing stronger, and he knows that he is running out of time. Will he be able to break the curse, or will he become just another victim of the cottage's dark magic?

As the sun sets on the forest, Hiro finds himself standing in front of a vast grove. He can hear the old woman's screeching laughter resounding in the distance, and he knows that he has to act snappy. With a deep breath, he starts to stride, committed to locating the truth and breaking the curse once and for all.


Hearth Heart