Chapter 1:

Chapter 01 Kobito no Otoko

Kobito no Otoko - Dwarf Man

In the heart of Tokyo, lived a man unlike any other. He was small in stature, with a long beard and an impish grin. He was known as "Kobito no Otoko" or "the dwarf man," and he was said to possess extraordinary magical abilities.

Kobito no Otoko lived in a soda vending machine that had long since gone out of use. To the average passerby, it was just another rusted, forgotten relic of a bygone era. But to him, it was a cozy, magical hideaway that he had crafted into his own little kingdom. But you might ask how did nobody remove this old vending machine from the streets if it was of no use. Well, my friend, let me tell you this; keep on reading and you might find the answer.

Kobito no Otoko's name was Koji Yuji, he had a peculiar hobby of observing the world outside through the glass of his vending machine. To him, the scenes he witnessed through that glass were like watching television. The outside world was a source of constant fascination for him, and he spent many hours every day peering out from his cozy, magical home.

Every day, he would go about his business, casting spells and concocting potions to keep the rats, cats, and dogs that roamed the streets at bay. He was keeping a keen eye on the service guys who come by to pick up the vending machine for disposal. With his magic he tricks them every time, canceling the vending machine.

The dwarf man spent his entire life locked inside the vending machine, which had become his home. He had fashioned it into a cozy, magical abode, complete with all the luxuries he needed to sustain himself. With the help of his special powers, he kept himself safe from the dangers of the outside world.

However, despite his isolation, Kobito no Otoko remained curious about the world beyond his tiny home. He often peered out from his vending machine window, observing the rush and haste of the city around him. But he had resigned himself to the fact that he could never truly be a part of it. He was quite content with his simple, solitary life - that is, until one day, a beautiful woman stopped in front of his vending machine to buy a soda can.

As she inserted a coin to buy a can of soda, something went wrong. The soda can got stuck in the machine, and she couldn't retrieve it. Seeing her distress, Kobito no Otoko felt a sudden urge to help her - an urge that he couldn't quite explain.