Chapter 6:

Spy x Communist Part 2

I’m in love with a Chinese Nationalist [Part 2]

I sneaked around the corners of the hotel, avoiding all of the staff and the sight of my father. He seemed to already have a room since he didn’t check in or anything, just walked in and headed over to the elevator.

This is the hard part. I took the risk and went into the elevator with him, I made sure to act natural. I can’t let him find out my identity now. Avoiding all eye contact, making sure to not get his attention. Luckily he had already selected the floor so I didn’t need to do it myself. It would be pretty hard since I don’t have a key card for the hotel.

We stopped at floor 6, we got off and split ways. When it was clear I hid behind a corner so he didn't notice me. I peeked over the corner and saw him enter his room. I quickly ran over to check the room number.

As soon as I checked, I went back into hiding. I gave Lei Mei a text.

“I followed him up to his room. It’s room number 668. Rent us a room on floor 6 so that we can monitor him. Meet me on the floor, I’m near the elevators.”

Lei Mei read the message and sent me an angry sticker followed by an “okay”.




A few minutes later Lei Mei comes marching out of the elevator.

“Taji, I will personally rip your body into two. How are you morally okay with making me pay for everything!” Lei Mei shouted furiously.

“Don’t shout, specifically my name.” I whispered to Lei Mei.

“Right, forgive me for not listening, I have completely forgotten that I was your tool for whenever it works best for you.”

“Look, I’m sorry, can we talk this out when we get into our room?”

“Sure as hell. 665 is our room, the best I could do.”

We went into our hotel room. Once the door was closed we could rest a little.

“So, Taji. Care to explain?”

I walk towards her forcing her to back up to the wall.

“Taji… What are you doing?”

I locked her against the wall with my arms and moved my face closer to hers.

“Lei Mei,” I whispered into her ear.

Her face turned bright red, her body was beginning to tremble.

“Wh- Wha- What iss it…~” She replied in a nervous tone.

“You’ve been doing so much for me, I think I should reward you.”

“Ho- How How… will you?”

“Hmm, not sure yet.”

I moved my hand and stroked her gentle smooth face. Caressing her ear and playing with her hair.

“Di- Didn’t we… weren’t we here for something else… Taji~?” Lei Mei asked in a soft tone.

“Want me to stop?”

“No… but it would be a waste to stop the mission here.”

“Good point, we shall carry on with your reward later.”

Lei Mei blushed and walked to the bathroom smiling from cheek to cheek.

I went back into the corridor and scouted out the area.

There was no sign of anyone, I went to room 668 and put my ear to the door. I attempted to listen in to what was happening but either the door was really soundproof or nothing was happening.

I remained here for a few more minutes but it was pointless. No sound was coming from behind that door. I returned to our room disappointed.

“I couldn't hear anything from outside the room.”

“We should try to sneak into the room then.” Lei Mei suggested

“How would we do that?”

“We need to pretend to be room service.”

“That could work but how will we do that? We don't have any outfits or equipment.”

“This isn’t my go-to option but the best way to do this would be to steal some from the hotel.”

“Now this is getting exciting. Never knew you were such a bad girl, Lei Mei.”

“I’m- I’m not… usually.” Lei Mei turned bright red again while replying.

“It will be a hard task though, do you have a plan?”

“Not really. We will have to improvise. I do have a basic idea of how we will play this out. However, this will be mostly your job.”

“So, Lei Mei, what do I need to do?”

I don’t entirely understand this situation but I have to trust Lei Mei. She’s more than smart enough to figure this issue out.

“We will bring over food and say it's a special gift from the hotel, that their room won a free raffle and some food is rewarded to them. We will plant a phone and be on a video call with it the entire time to see and hear what is happening there.” Lei Mei explained.

“This sounds like a good plan, though, I do have a question.”

“What is it?”

“What phone are we going to use?”

“I always carry a spare phone on me in a hidden pocket. In case someone was to rob me at some point, this way I’m not left with nothing.”

“Wow… That’s pretty smart, I have to admit. You only seem more and more like a genius the more I get to know you.”

We got to work right away. We ordered some food for our room, with Lei Mei’s money of course. Once it got delivered, I kindly greeted the food service man while Lei Mei dropped a bin on his head.

Once he was disorientated, I jumped him to the ground. Lei Mei quickly started tying his hands up and tapping his mouth.

“Good job Taji, didn’t think you would manage it.” Lei Mei said while laughing at me.

“What do you mean? Why are you laughing?”

I’m so confused. What is she on about?

“We just committed a crime. Never would have thought you would do this, haha.” Lei Mei carried on laughing.

“This is a crime?!”

“Of course it is, dummy. What else would attacking and tying up someone would be?”

“Well, it can be weird foreplay sometimes…”

Lei Mei stopped laughing and stared blankly at me. Maybe this was a bad time for that?

“Just undress him, Taji, and put his clothes on.” She commanded me soullessly.

I did as I was told. I should avoid annoying her for a while now. This is rather unfortunate. I thought we were finally getting along better than before. Oh well.

I moved the person to the bathroom and undressed him. I covered him with a few blankets and put his clothes on. They were a little big but weren’t too bad.

“Ok, now go down to the kitchen. I’ll make a fake order for their room and you make sure that you are the one delivering it.” Lei Mei commanded me.

I rolled the food trolly down the hallway towards the elevator. There was a trail of droplets behind me. I have never stressed so much in my life, even the final exams weren’t as stressful as this.

I ended up following the other staff to find the kitchen. Everyone kept giving me weird looks while I tried to find my way around. My head was slowly beginning to spin. I can’t hold myself together. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do. I don’t know what to do.

Running out of the kitchen to avoid having a panic attack. I don’t know what to do.

Why does this have to happen to me? I really don’t understand. Am I really this pathetic? Lei Mei will be disappointed with me but I can’t manage it. This is too much for me but I can’t stop here. 

I need to get hold of myself. This is no place to give up. This is no place to panic. Lei Mei put in a lot of effort to help me, I need to make it worth her time and I need to figure out what's going on with my father.