Chapter 7:

Spy x Communist Part 3

I’m in love with a Chinese Nationalist [Part 2]

“Take this order to room 668” someone from the kitchen called out.

This is mine. I need to get it at all costs. I slapped myself a few times and got moving.

One of the staff was already driving off with the food, so I quickly jumped out on him.

“Hey! Why don’t you take a rest? I’ll do this one.” I called out to him with full confidence.

“Sure” he replied and walked back into the kitchen.

Well… That was much easier than I thought it would have been. Guess doing someone else's job is acceptable. Though I don’t know why you would normally want to do that.

Either way, it’s time to continue. Moving the food trolly over to the elevator, I made my way to my dad’s apartment. We fitted the trolley with a phone to find out what was happening.

“Taji. Remember, just say that they won a lucky free draw and got some food for free and that it's all on the house. That’s all they need to think about. Just walk out after. Also, act professionally. Don’t make it obvious that it's you.”

I nodded in agreement and walked over to the room.

Knock knock.

Knock knock.

“Who is it?” a voice replied from the room.

“Room service…”

“We didn’t order any food, wrong room.”

“No, sir, this is a free meal… won in a lucky draw for room 668…”

“What lucky draw? We did not enter any draw.”

“This is, it’s fully random, sir. We choose a random rented-out room from a list and deliver free food.”

“I don’t want it. Give it to someone else.”

Well then, he really doesn’t want any food. I can’t give up now though, we came all this way to figure this out, I will not give up!

“Sir, this is especially for this room. We cannot give it to anyone else. If you do not want it, we will have to charge you.”

“What kind of stupid concept is this? Absolutely absurd.”

“It’s policy, sir.”

“Alright, give it here and leave me alone.”

“As you wish, sir.”

The door opened up, and my father stood there. He looked at me for a few minutes and just dragged the trolly into his room without a word.


I ran back to Lei Mei to begin the spying mission.

“I have the visuals, Taji! Well done on winning him over, though your method was a little aggressive, could have ended horribly.” She stated while patting my head.

They left the food untouched and there wasn’t much going on in my father's room. He was talking on the phone a lot for most of the time. We were losing hope that there is anything happening… Hour by hour, we watched and listened.

I don’t understand what he meant by “We” when I was at the door. Who was the other person? I didn’t tell Lei Mei yet, I feel the need to figure this one out myself. What could my father be hiding? Who could be the other person in his hotel room?

Coming here has left us with more questions than answers. There is nothing much we can do other than sit and wait. Maybe something will come up at a later time. Well, that’s what we can hope for at least.

“Taji. I think I understand now. Based on what we have seen and heard it may be that your father just carries on working at the hotel room after he is done with work. I am unable to see another reason.”

“You might be right, that’s all we have seen, but something doesn’t make sense, there has to be something more to it. Surely, there is no way that this is all there is to see.”

“It’s been a long day and I’m tired, It’s almost my time to sleep. I will head to bed, you’re free to keep watching.”

“Okay, Lei Mei. I shall keep watch, you take your rest. Thank you for all the help you offered me.”

“No problem Taji. Goodnight.”

Now it’s just me. I sat down on a chair and kept watch on the phone. With Lei Mei soundly sleeping, it was just me and him…

I really want to figure this out, what Lei Mei said could be true, but it still feels to be lacking something.

A few hours later, there still is nothing happening. He seems to have gone to sleep as well. Looking at the clock it says it’s currently 00:43. I should be sleeping like everyone else but this is still before the time he can get back. Something still may happen. I need to stay awake and watch what is happening.

knock knock

I opened my eyes…

knock knock

It’s 01:26…

I look at the camera and see that the lights are back on. I’m glad I put some earphones in to hear everything in case I fell asleep like that.

”Hey, it’s been a while…” an indistinguishable voice spoke from the door.

I can’t get any visuals on who it is or what they look like, they need to quickly move away from the door.

“LEI MEI WAKE UP, SOMETHING IS HAPPENING!” I screamed to get her attention.

Despite all of the noise I made, she was fast asleep, no point forcing her up, I will have to carry on this investigation on my own. She has done plenty already.

As I was listening to the conversation between my father and the unknown person, the screen went black.

“No… No…” I can’t believe it.

The battery ran out before something even started to happen. What kind of idiot am I? Guess I need to try to sneak my way in and find out what’s happening.

Since I can't use the door to listen through, the only other option would be to… hmm… What other options are there…? I popped my head out of the window to see if I could maybe listen in through an opened window.

Wait… There's a balcony? Why didn’t just use this in the first place?

As I opened the door to the balcony, I was hit with a blast of cold air. No wonder we weren’t thinking of doing this, we would die from hypothermia. Regardless, I need to do this. This is the only way I will get an idea of what my father has been scheming all this time.

I climbed on top of the balcony barrier. As I launched myself my leg didn’t land correctly on their balcony slipping off.

With the tips of my fingers, I managed to hold on enough to prevent falling down 6 floors.

I don’t know what kind of noise I caused but it wasn’t significant enough for anyone to notice luckily. I dragged my body up onto the balcony.

As I tried to stand up on both legs agony filled my entire body. Burning pain came from my ankle. Damnit. This sucks.

I snuck over the barrier and crawled up to the balcony door. The curtains were blocking most of the view.

With a tiny gap between the curtains, I peeked through, trying to make out the most of what was happening. It was impossible to understand what was fully happening just from the view of their feet. There seemed to be some high heels walking around the room. Did my father buy an escort? Why would he need one though?

All of a sudden a metal suitcase fell to the floor, opening wide and releasing its contents all over the room. The floor was covered with some kind of foreign bills.

What kind of deal is going on here? What on earth has my father gotten involved in? I grabbed my phone out and took a few photos of whatever was visible. It’s freezing cold so I can’t stay out here for long. Whenever Lei Mei wakes up we will have to talk about what I saw here but before I can even do that. I need to figure out a way to get back into my own room. I fear trying to do the same thing again, however, I may not have a choice.

Once again standing on the barrier, I need to watch what I'm doing. With my ankle in this condition, one bad landing and it's going to be definitely broken. I need to just do it. The more I think about it, the more doubts I will have about jumping. This will be a leap of faith.

I put all my force into launching my body up. With a loud scream, I landed on my balcony. Quickly gathered myself together and rushed inside my hotel room before anyone looks out to see what the noise was.

There is a high chance that my ankle is now broken but I got out alive, that’s the most important part as of now.