Chapter 12:


The Elf Saint is a NEET, so I Forced Her to Work in Another World, Vol. 15

Lady Salis, can I ask you to fly a message to the Duke of Shent?”

The owl-girl, who was in the middle of reading a book, stared back at Gerard. She never wanted to move from where she was lying, but the elf guard was persistent.

“I wanted to prepare the ships before we arrive in Cherwoods,” he kept on saying.

“What for?”

Gerard heaved a sigh and told her, “Are you not really aware of the elves?”

“You guys got…erm…long ears?”

“Look, we don’t have much time left before we reach the end of the crossing,” the elf guard sat beside her and explained. “The elves can hit their enemies with deadly precision. Even if they are armed with bows, which limited their range, they can still kill us with improper preparations.”

Hmm…you got a point, Mister Elf.”

“I’m an elf myself, go figure.”

Salis chuckled and sat up, “Well, what should I tell the other ship?”

“That I recommend we seal the gun ports and the deck bridge with makeshift armor, like a wooden plank for example. While a curtain is enough to disrupt an elf’s line of sight, I’m afraid their arrows will pass through the barriers and still hit someone hiding behind the ‘soft armor’ such as curtains and blankets.”

“Not to mention, those are easily flammable, should they decide to burn us. Unlike the wooden planks, which will give us time to chant spells to extinguish the fire before it completely burns.”

“You’re right on that one, Miss Genius.”

Salis was surprised at the elf’s words, and she had to hide her blushing cheeks from him.

However, Gerard was quick to notice her, “I didn’t mean anything special behind that, so don’t fall for me, Miss Genius.”

The owl-girl answered his teasing with a middle finger. The elf laughed, but stopped his jokes.

“Anyway, yes, we have to plug every hole in the ships large enough for arrows to get in,” Gerard continued his explanation. “If ever the fight erupts, the gun crews, and the engineers will go below the decks for protection. The only ones to remain at the ships’ bridges are the captains, and the crews assigned on the ship wheels, including me…I’ll be defending our fleet from there. The gun ports are to be closed, though not locked because we’ll be shooting the elvish galleys once they stop raining us with arrows. The ship lieutenants should assign someone who’d chant magic barrier spells to protect the ships during the reloading of the cannons, then lift the shields once the artillery are ready.”

“Got it.”

“Also, once the battle begins, you ladies will head down the decks as well. No exceptions.”

“But we can fight—”

“I’m not doubting your abilities and bravery, Lady Salis,” the elf reiterated. “However, once you’re dead from a precise elven arrow to your head or heart, your skills and courage will be useless. Lady Braunhauer claimed earlier that I care for you? Well, yes. You ladies helped us, after all…in a lot of ways than you think. And I’d like to return the favor.”

Salis said nothing, save for a light nod. Then, Gerard tapped her shoulders.

“Please send my message; our time is limited. Thanks!”


Acting upon Gerard’s instructions, the crews began to prepare the ships for a possible encounter with the elvish fleet on the other side of the crossing. Spare wooden planks—meant for onboard ship repairs—were brought out and nailed to seal the holes of the vessels, from its deck windows, to other ports—like the ones for rigging. For the bridges, though the windows were covered by glass windshields, they reinforced it with wood as well. The only part that wasn’t covered were the front panes, so that the ship pilots could still navigate the vessel’s path.

As they neared the other side, the ship lieutenants gave the order to unlock the armories. The crews equipped themselves with swords and guns, especially the short ‘bolt-heater’ revolvers of demon make. Medical supplies were also put on the middle area of the lower deck, so that those in-charge of treating injuries could easily access the medicines and gauzes inside the chests. Gun crews stood near their respective stations. Cannons were loaded with black powder and waddings; the solid round shots were left inside the burning steam engines so it was already heated when needed.

Food, coming from the ‘Hagena’ where Nari cooked, was distributed to the people of both ships through Salis, who flew back and forth to deliver supplies. The elf guard reasoned that the crews had to be well-rested and fed before they dive into battle. Meanwhile, once Salis was done…


“!!!” The owl-girl was surprised when the elf guard came to her, handing a bottle of citrus juice, as she rested after her ‘supply runs’ in between ‘Hagena’ and ‘Duke of Shent’.

“Take it; it’s on me,” Gerard told her, as he sat beside her to take a break. “Lady Nari made some of these from the ships’ supplies. I got her to keep a few for me, and also for you, since you and I will definitely need these later.”

“Thanks,” the owl-girl sheepishly said.

They remained silent for a while. Gerard just watched the greyness of the crossing pass by their ship, while Salis sipped on her juice. The hum of the steam engines from below decks disturbed the stillness of their journey, though it was soft enough not to impair their hearing.

Then, once Salis finished her drunk, she broke the ice, “It’s quite a pity, no?”

“What is?”

The owl-girl heave a sigh. “Well, they say I’m a genius. I also believe I am, but…”


“Even with all the knowledge I possess, it’s useless when it comes to the sadness of the heart.”

“Is this about your guy?” the elf asked.

Salis nodded, and sighed once more. “Eh, you know, I’m still hoping that what we learned from the Lady Malvette isn’t true. After all, the Lord Kuro is the one who supported me to follow my dreams. My tribe—even my mother—saw my inventions as novelty, see? As a beastwoman I was expected to follow the traditions, and bear strong, healthy children for our people.”

Seeing that Gerard would not say anything, the owl-girl continued.

“But that human, he is different. The Lord Kuro never laughed at me; though I’m sure I annoyed him many times. He encouraged me to persevere,” Salis laughed, though the elf could feel a hint of bitterness behind it. “Maybe the saints are right; I’m just denying the truth. The Lord Kuro—my teacher—is gone.”

“Well, I don’t know about you,” Gerard cleared his throat first, before adding, “but you’re what they call a ‘scientist’, right?”

“What about it?”

“From what I understand in your talk with the others, you won’t accept something unless you see it yourself. You haven’t even set foot in Cherwoods, so why are you giving up now, and believe what others tell you?”

“Because of the circumstantial evidences?” the owl-girl pointed out; she was sarcastic.

“And you quickly believe in those?” Gerard countered. “So, what if I tell you know that the Lord Kuro has grown fat, and heavy? Would you immediately believe me?”

Oh? Really?”

“It’s just a ‘what if’.”

“Right…well, I’d believe it a little, I suppose. But, I’d definitely want to see, so I can prove the statement.”

“Exactly,” the elf chuckled. “Feelings are deceptive, though to be fair, we are like this because we may have experienced similar events before. Still, I want to see for myself before admitting someone’s words to be true.”

Another round of silence; only Gerard’s sipping of his bottle of orange juice could be heard. Then, Salis spoke, “You know what?”


“You sound exactly like the Lord Kuro.”

“Now, don’t go attributing my words to a (possible) dead man. It’s taboo for us, elves.”


“What’s funny?”

“I just…” Salis flashed her sweetest smile for the elf guard. “I want to ask myself; why am I telling you these things anyway?”

“Beats me,” Gerard shrugged, but added, “No worries. I’m not thinking of anything weird when I said those words. I just want to console you; it can be a problem for us if you guys are distracted in the heat of battle later.”


While the two-ship flotilla neared the exit portal to Cherwoods, Gerard gave Salis a new mission…

“You want me to scout ahead of the flotilla?” the owl-girl asked.

“It’s the reason you’re with me, right?” the elf reminded her. “You volunteered to serve as my ‘reconnaissance’.”

“Yes, I have no qualms with that,” she replied. “I’m just confirming the instructions you gave me.”

Gerard nodded, “But make sure you fly high. Your owl eyes can still see the seas from several leagues high, no?

“Of course. What kind of an owl-girl would I be if my eyes are weak as humans?”

“That’s good. The skies will be your main defense against the deadly, accurate elf arrows.”

Salis was silent, and only gave him a thumbs-up. She spread her wings, ready to fly.

However, the elf guard pulled her back to the ship’s deck, handing a small bag and telling her, “Oi, I can’t let you off without eating first. If the elves decide to give us a fight, I’m pretty sure you’ll have no time to eat while arrows and cannonballs are flying around you.”

“You’re pretty fussy than my mother, Sir Gerard.”

“Yeah, yeah…do as I say for now, you’ll thank me after surviving this shit,” the elf guard winked at her.

“Well, I’m already thanking you now,” she whispered.

Hmm? You saying something, Lady Salis?”

The owl-girl shook her head, and flashed a sweet smile. “Nothing! I’m just memorizing your instructions.”