Chapter 15:


The Elf Saint is a NEET, so I Forced Her to Work in Another World, Vol. 15

***The deck of ‘Hagena’***

After the battle at the Tenedrim Lagoon, the Lady Malvette determined that the supplies of both ships were not enough to even carry a ‘raid’ at the Saint’s Tree palace. The black powder and cannon ammunitions were almost used up, though the food was still plentiful. The cartridges for the ‘bolt-heaters’ were also low in numbers, and the ships had to re-provision the wooden planks, in case they needed on-site repairs.


The Duchess of Malvette recommended they turn back to the Mouth of Calabria to carry out resupply, and if possible, hire more ships to break the elvish blockade. The captains of ‘Hagena’ and ‘Duke of Shent’ supported her assessment, so Kuro—with the permission of their ‘financier’, the Duchess of Braunhauer—agreed.

However, Lady Margaret Jeanne also sought to sow tension and uncertainty to their enemies, so…

“I can tell the elvish scouts are watching us from the shores,” she told the others at the middle of their dinner.

“Well, they have no artillery to bombard us from that distance,” Kuro pointed out.

Hmm…it’s not what I have in mind, actually.”

“Then, what is it, milady?

“Let’s play some pranks on these elves,” she proposed. “Look, they can watch us. So, let’s head up north, where there’s only vast seas and no land. That way, we confuse them into thinking ‘why did those humans go there?’, then turn and secretly slip into the portal back to Chersea.”

Oh! Good idea!” the Lady Henristone stood from her seat. “Not only it will cause panic to the elves, degrading their morale, it will also burn their supplies in an effort to find us! Such great naval skill you have, milady! Will you consider coming back to Chersea and serve in Her Holiness the Human Saint’s navy?”

“What?” Kuro exclaimed. “Maddie has a navy now?”

“Well, if Lady Malvette agrees, then we can form one.”


But the Lady Malvette shook her head, “My apologies, Lady Henristone, but I have to decline the prestigious offer. First, I’m the ambassador of the Kingdom of Cherwind to Cherwoods, and I wanted to serve His Majesty the King…” she stared at Kuro. “And also, Her Majesty the Queen Ursura. Second, my loyalty lies towards the people of Cherwind.”

“Ah, bummer…” the paladin captain muttered. “Still, the offer’s on the table. Our corps will always welcome talented women like you, Lady Admiral.”



The Battle of the Tenedrim Lagoon was a lop-sided battle. The entire galley fleet of the Elf Guards blockading the portal out of Cherwoods was annihilated, though many of the elvish sailors survived to tell the tale of how the Lord Kuro of Arles (they thought it was the Beastman Saint) destroyed them using his god-powers. On the Chersean side, only a handful suffered injuries…mostly because of the misfiring cannons in the heat of the fight.

In any case, Kuro healed those wounds and bruises, just like how he did to the elves they rescued from the waters of the Gulf of Cherwoods.


As the steam ships approached the harbor of the Mouth of Calabria, Kuro stood at the deck of ‘Hagena’, looking into the port city itself. He felt the cool wind of Chersea, as if welcoming him to her lands once again. He remained in that spot for a few moments, until he felt someone stand beside him.

He opened his eyes and saw Eris.

“Lady Eris…”


“Just Kuro is enough.”

“Then, please call me by my name. I’m more comfortable that way, K-Kuro…”

Kuro smiled and shook his head. In his mind, he just couldn’t resist the Duchess’ charms, which honestly, changed a lot during the times he was gone. “Alright, E-Eris…you win.”

The young lady blushed. She quickly averted her eyes away from him; nevertheless, she asked, “K-K-Kuro…uhm, I wanted to know…wh-why did you hide…yourself?”

He chuckled. “You really want to know why?”

Eris sheepishly nodded. “I…no, we’re thinking about it. Why did you hide when you can just reveal yourself to us? Did you…come to hate us because we forgot and left you alone in Cherflammen?”

“What?” Kuro’s eyes widened in surprise. “No! I don’t hate anyone of you! And while I did regret my decision to die in Cherflammen, I’m happy that you guys lived peacefully! My sacrifice isn’t wasted!”

“Then, why?”

“Well…” he pointed towards the wharf. “It’s because of that. See those people at the docks, especially that lovely, silver-haired beauty over there?”

Eris followed his direction and stared at the figures waiting for them at the piers. A collection of human, beastman and demon figures stood on that side, and prominent among them was the unmistakably silver hair of Her Holiness the Human Saint, Madelaine Ann Rubinforth. Her arms crossed over her chest, and her face—though still beautiful—was pissed.

“Kuuuuurrrrrrrrroooooooooooo!!!” she shouted, the volume of which was enhanced by the power of the Beastman Saint. “You’re awfully late to come home!”

Eris and Kuro exchanged looks; the former, though she said nothing, had an expression that told the latter, ‘here she comes again’. And Kuro, while he did miss Maddie, knew what fate awaited him once he sets his foot on land.

He might become a dad soon…


In any case, Kuro was finally back in his loving home.