Chapter 16:


The Elf Saint is a NEET, so I Forced Her to Work in Another World, Vol. 15

And with that, Volume 15 comes to a close...but Arc 4 is just starting!

I just want to say thanks to all the readers who supported and read my work so far.  Also, special thanks to those who give their time and effort in writing feedback, even those telling me that there are passages/instances I've written wrong.  You guys are a big help in improving my work, as well as my writing skills!

So, what are the things in store for you in this latest arc/season?  Well, for sure, Kuro is now a 'level' higher than he was when Maddie first summoned him.  Also, there are some suggestions put forward to me.  One, a beta reader of mine (my brother, actually) told me to give more 'characterizations' to Eris, and Salis, since he feels like they've been 'left out' in the first arcs.  My solution?  Not only those two, I also decided to give more 'screen time' to other characters that will become part of Kuro's harem.

Second suggestion came from a reader from ScribbleHub (and a reviewer, too).  He actually posted on my wall there asking for Kuro to have a break from all the shitstorm he experienced.  Well, I'm thinking of the same, though I don't have an idea of where to put it in my volumes.  My solution is to create an entire book dedicated to that 'break' (you know, random slice-of-life stuff), while pressing the story forward even a little, so please do watch out for it.

Any case, those are my updates for now.  Yes, volume 16 is already in the works (I already written the Prologue, and heading to Chapter 1 as of writing).  My target is to finish it by mid-March, should real life not interfere with my schedule.  Oh yeah, I also passed my national assessment, so I qualify to teach in colleges and universities.  This year might be busy for me...

Hans, when is the end of the Saint Series?

Yes, once I released V16, it's only four volumes more 'till the end.  Again, as the author, I thank you my dear readers for staying with me!