Chapter 1:

Good Morning Kelly

Machines of War

Kelly Bloom woke up early with a yawn. She was surprised to check her phone and see she had woken up before her alarm, which was a first. Pulling herself out from under her deep purple cover and getting dressed in a yellow-gold top and denim jeans felt like it took forever. She pushed her arms through the sleaves her black jacket, then rubbed the sleep out of her faded pink eyes. She was half tempted to flop back onto her bed and go back to sleep. She couldn't though, because this afternoon was the entrance exam for the mech academy of her dreams. She pulled her long, light blue hair into a ponytail as she recalled the countless dreams about driving one of the towering machines, and she worried because she might not get into the academy just because of her grades in high school. She had spent more time doodling mech designs in the margins of her papers than actually studying. She sighed as she slipped on her shoes and walked downstairs, coming back to her room to grab her phone. Her mom was already up; her long, blond hair swaying as music played and she was humming along as she made breakfast. 

"Good morning, dear," Her mother said as Kelly walked into the kitchen and sat on one of the cushioned stools next to the island "Breakfast is almost done." Her mom smiled as she looked over at Kelly. She smiled back, then her stomach growled a bit. She was slid a plate of eggs, bacon, and sausage. She was a meat girl, and her mom knew that, so she always made a lot of meat. 

"Thank you mom," Kelly said as she started eating. She always went for bacon first, it was the best in her opinion. She made sure to eat until she was full, for it was a long day ahead of her. Her dad walked downstairs, sitting next to her. She gave him a hug from her seat as he was slid a plate and her mom sat down next to her with her plate. Usual weekend morning, but this afternoon was where all the excitement was.