Chapter 1:

Okay, who broke the narrator?

The Hero and I are going to rebuild the world! But first we have to destroy it...

        “You think you can defeat me?” Arising from the swamp a massive grotesque bubble monster appeared. It made the water fizzle around it as it killed off the plant life surrounding it. The brave and OP as hell adventurer warrior pulled out his gun katana. He swung it and popped the bubble mutant as if it was just child’s play.

       “I knew you could do it Sir Chunchunmarukincaparurinka!” A soft white haired elven girl said. The atmosphere she brought was like a white lily bringing the scent of peace. She’s beauty. She’s grace. She wielded aerial magic like no other. Her voluptuous personality took over everywhere as her aura did the same. Her eyes were like diamonds that were like emeralds. Since her eyes were green.

The maiden gave the impression of a pizza roll that had just come out of the microwave but not too soon because that would be too hot. She had the feelings and confidence of a microwave pizza roll that had been left to sit for a few minutes. Until you found out the pizza roll was still too hot after 3 minutes so you left it for 10 more minutes. She was a heartbreaker but she was also innocent yet not innocent. Her words flowed out of her with wit and unmatched intellect. You could feel the depth and nuance of every word she spoke.

“Yo, Chunchunmarukincaparurinka when we gettin food. Bubble monsters don’t fill the tumtum quite like bread does.”

      “I’m sorry Rodelia, since the war-” Thunder clapped as he spoke about his depressing backstory. “C’mon you don’t have to make lightning and thunder rain down from the heavens everytime I open up to you! And stop saying my full names, it's embarrassing…”

Rodelia shrugged innocently like a pizza roll.

      “Ahem, as I was saying. Ever since the war when my uncle’s cat’s wife’s cousin’s house plant died. I haven’t been able to move on. The fear and doubt and anxiety that plague my every waking step. The fear of my power will explode, killing thousands of other houseplants. It’s too much to bear… That’s why I spent all of our money on expensive booze.” Chun said with a ferocity in his eyes. The soul of a killer, a warrior was in this man. The spirit of a lion, a survivor to ever go forward.

Rodelia understood this deeply. For she to felt sorrow deep inside her heart ever since the WAR. That’s why she fucking gut punched Chun like there was no tomorrow. They just understand each other so deeply she wanted them both to share the pain. Which is why she then stomped on his manhood.

“Seriously? You spent three thousand gold on… liquor… heh, haha, HAHAH-”

Rodelia laughed softly like a pixie wing in spring. For she was of a stable mind. She was a druid of peace and tranquility. Just kidding she laughed and made even the Joker pee his pants a lil’.

    “Half of that damn money. Was mine… mine…” Her face turned sour like a lime that was freshly harvested. Her complexi-

   “Oh my fucking GOD, Shut up! Just shut up.”

Rodelia yelled looking at the system screen right in the face. The game pop-up floated in the air high above them. Is my text to speech on? It isn’t. How can she read me?

    “Yea, I can see you. I can read your horrific descriptions. What even are you huh? If you don’t start narrating like a normal speech bubble I swear. This lil’ S class spell we’ve been saving in the fight the Demon King is going up your technological ass.” Rodelia said, acting like a yankee out of a manga.

   “Eh, see? Now you don’t sound like you mugged a theater kid and ate their soul.”

Rodelia took a swig out of their water flask and kept moving through the bog. Gesturing for Chun to follow.