Chapter 2:

The woes of a pirate rat.

The Hero and I are going to rebuild the world! But first we have to destroy it...

Bleh, Rodelia gagged on the foul stench of rot coming from the dead rat general. They had just finished their epic battle with Ratticus Roccicus the II. Ratticus was the 3rd general of the demon army. He commanded the demon navy. Chun and Rodelia had traveled through the bog. To the clear gulf area Ratticus controlled. Where they pillaged his ships. Sent his crew overboard and drew mean graffiti on some of the rat pirates flags. All the while Ratticus begged for peace negotiations. Though you can take a wild guess how well that went.

 Rodelia and Chunchunmarukincaparurinka sat at the rat pirate's dock. Thinking about what to do next.

“I feel kinda bad for the little fella. I mean look at him, he was a cute little pirate guy. Hehe, pirate rat.” Rodelia chuckled to herself, as she poked the tiny dead rat with a stick she found.

“Guys, please…” Ratticus wheezed. He was face down into the ground. “I’m not dead, help me up.”

Rodelia shed a single tear that fell onto Ratticus's tiny rat peg leg. As she choked up thinking about the his lil' poor soul. Sure, he was a part of the demon army.  But, he was a cute little guy. We all deserve second chances right?

“I can still hear him. It’s almost like he’s still with us. I’ll take his tiny pirate rat hat as a keepsake. Fly high little friend, fly high.”

"Aw man, I liked that hat..." Ratticus mumbled sadly.

ChunChun had turned away from the rat general. Not because he was grieving though. It was because he was counting how much money Ratticus had on him.

“Well my sadness official is now over, how much money did he have?” Rodelia said, flipping from tears to rubbing her hands together like a cartoon villain. Both of their eyes gleamed as they patted down Ratticus one last time. Cuz who's in the wrong when you rob a thief?  Chun found a bag of... something?

 He opened it and found a massive gold coin!

Holy crap, Rodelia look what I found!” Chun shouted euphorically before the bag woefully slipped from his fingers into the water below. “My gold coin…” Chun mourned.

“Your WHAT!” Rodelia screamed. “You found a gold coin?!”

They both leaned over watching the glimmer of gold slowly fall deeper into the mucky water. The duo both leaned over the water contemplating diving in.

Splash! Chun fell in as he kicked trying to heave himself up. He grabbed Rodelia’s leg. Both of them panicked as Rodelia fell in also. The water around them began to stir as they were sucked up in a whirlpool of water. You could hear Rodelia’s last words echo.

“You dumb bitchhhh…”

Ratticus just chuckled as he sat up. His long rat nose was crunched up comically. The poor rat began to grieve his smashed nose, and stolen money as his newly poor life set in. Ratticus looked at the area in the water where the pair vanished.

“I thought we closed that portal…” He said talking to himself to help narrate the story and further the plot. Ratticus held his tail tightly and curled up into a ball going to sleep.

(I know this is short next chapter will be longer)

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