Chapter 54:



The two were on break for a little while. Frankie’s rat mask flopped on an empty cardboard box behind the ride, she only had it in her to sigh.

Katie watched her sister’s head droop into her palms. She knew what she was thinking. Here they’d gotten themselves into another weird situation with a weird person and nobody was sure how or even if they should try to escape it.

“Frankie… do you want to quit?”

“Huh?” She gawked. “Didn’t expect to hear that coming outta you.”

“Well- clearly, neither of us are having the best of times right now. I mean, Mr. Stamos, he-“

“He sucks, I know. Guy’s probably a real piece of crap. But… whatever.” She exhaled through her nostrils, chin on her fist as she turned to look at nothing in particular. “I want money. Do you want money?”

Katie hesitated, holding her dress, then nodded.

“I really want money.”

“Then it’s settled. We keep our mouths shut and when we’re done with the psycho I’ll flip him the bird or something on our way out.”

“Don’t you dare! Then he’ll- what if he hurts you, too?”

“Juuust joking.” The worker scoffed dryly. “He’s not gonna do anything to us, anyway. He’s just from a different generation with different standards. Old people are like that.”

“Dad isn’t like that.” Katie argued from in a tone of innocence that was surprisingly effective.

“Dad’s nice.” Frankie countered. “This guy’s mean. It’s as simple as that. Once we’re done, we never have to see him again. Let’s just finish up for the day, take our pay, and find a better spot. I’m not letting the work I’ve already done go to waste. I oughta be given something for putting up with those jerks in line…”

“Okay.” Katie nodded. “I’ll keep working if you keep working.”

The girls put their costumes back on and walked back onto the ride together.

Steward McOy