Chapter 3:


The Hero and I are going to rebuild the world! But first we have to destroy it...

Rodelia and Chun sat in a free fall. The whirlpool they had gotten sucked into had become a mud tunnel. Everything was pitch black. They had been falling for about 3 hours now.

Wham! They both hit the wet bottom of the tunnel head first.

“Damn, so are we just stuck down here-” Chun said before the muddy bottom of the tunnel gave out. They both fell out into a warm sunny area. With minor concussions and temporary blindness they both processed their situation.

“I stand corrected by God and nature then.” Chun said standing up and dusting himself off.

A low pitched accordion chord played.

An ensemble of rats formed. The choir rats pulled out their sheet music. The orchestra rat’s instruments began to hum with the sound of music. The choir rats began their song.

“Welcome to our village-”

“Am I in heaven?” Rodelia said, looming over the rats and patting one of them on the head.

Am I in HELL?” Chun screamed as he looked back down the tunnel for a way out, but there was only darkness. He slumped down onto his knees pulling out his gun katana and putting it to his throat.

The happy rat chorus stopped singing. The accordion fell to the ground.

“Damn it Rob…” An older spectator rat said in despair, turning away from the situation as he hobbled away on his cane..

“No! Come on Jerry! We can do it. We still have time. They just are overwhelmed y’know?” Rob, the other younger rat director, went and comforted the other in despair.

No Rob, listen it’s done. This is the 4th time and the last time. It’s just a fact now! The seasons change, the earth is a triangle and this will never end well! Those are just the cold hard facts. I can’t do this anymore… We can't do this anymore!”

Jerry got on all 4’s and left. Rob the rat comforting him followed suit after him.

“This seems really heavy… we should skidaddle.” Rodelia whispered to Chun but was ignored, as he was still grieving. “Why are you so sad? I don’t understand.”

Chun dropped his sword and stood up.

“Sad… I'll tell you why I’m sad. When you’ve watched as many kid’s movies as I have any, and I mean any anthropomorphic animal is either an annoying sidekick. Or it plans to murder you in your sleep. And I’m guessing these guys will do the latter. They haven’t made one distasteful poop joke. That’s the sign of murder.”

Rodelia looked at the man on the verge of a psychotic breakdown and just patted his back. The ensemble of musical rats quickly dispersed with their instruments. Leaving behind tiny music stands, sheet music, and-

“Narrator pop-up screen panel buddy. Can you not describe this right now? I know it’s very nice to look at and such but… We’re kinda in the middle of something.”

Rodelia was bending down patting Chun on the head as he was lying down on the open grass. He mourned the time he lost being forced to watch toddler show with his siblings.

“Just cut to the next scene or go narrate somewhere else. Shoo, shoo!” Rodelia looked-


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Rodelia and Chun walked around the village. Well it’s hard to call it walking more like tip-toeing. They felt like giants beneath the small houses of the rodent citizens. All the houses and shops were tiny except the theater and the library.

A small rat lady came out of her house. She was wiping away tears as she watered a couple clover blooms with a small bucket. Rodelia bent down to talk to her but the rat lady ran away in fear.

“Is this what a kaiju feels? Cuz this is awesome!” Chun said, looking around at the tiny town.

A small rat child came up to them and looked in awe. She was smelling something?

Rodelia perked up looking into her bag. “Aw hello! Are you hungry? I might have some cheese bits from a sandwich in here-”

“You racist piece of shit. Do you think I’m just a stereotype, not a living being? How fucking dare you offer me cheese. I’ll have you know I can’t eat that but, I bet you don’t give a fuck.”

The rat child tossed her tiny straw hat at Rodelia as she continued cussing her out. A crowd began to form as they watched and chanted.

“Justice! Justice! Down with the giant.”

Other rats began to look out of their windows at the ruckus. As Rodelia stood speechless. Chun was kneeling down watching one rat toddler sharpen a pitchfork and was giving the little rodent some tips.

There were a few murmurs in the crowd before the little girl fell silent after running out of cuss words.

Then she shouted and pointed to the library.

“Get, Big Cheese! He’ll show em’!”

A chunk of the rat mob broke off and ran to the library. Slowly the library doors creaked open as they all pushed. A massive ferret wearing a fine brown cardigan came forward. He was on all 4’s before standing up and putting on a monocle. When on 2 legs he was about the size of a human toddler. He eyed Chun and Rodelia up.

“Why is a ferret named Big Cheese?” Chun said, looking up to Rodelia for answers.

“How fucking dare you. That was a traditional name passed down from our village. What’s wrong with naming one of our brethren a traditional name even if he isn’t a rat. He’s still a rodent you piece of shit.” One gardener rat chimed up from the crowd as he finished passing around torches.

“We welcomed other rodents because they are our cousins, they are of close blood and soul. But you humans, your bastard species well. We are about done with them.” The blacksmith said as yelled from up on the soap box the rats had set up.

There was a little bit of friction..

Sam is a scam