Chapter 4:


The Hero and I are going to rebuild the world! But first we have to destroy it...

It was early in the morning. Barely anyone was up yet, even the birds were silent. A young school boy riding a bike down the sidewalk. He waved his way through the concrete jungle of the city he lived in.

Flower buds were beginning to open as they took in the cool dawn air. As he made his way down a steep hill his bike picked up speed.

His bike went down. At the end of the hill was a street. It was early in the morning and no one usually drives on it this early. Even though he tried to break it was going too fast.

His bike slid into the street as it crashed into a car.

He was pronounced dead moments later.

She was coming back from her night shift at the gas station. The street lights flickered with bulbs that were a hazard and needed to be replaced. Instead of turning her usual route home, she went down 2nd street instead.

The water under the bridge she stood on was barely visible. Hearing the subtle sounds of the ocean water that was almost drowned out by the bustling city that never slept she took her phone out. Her mother had sent her something, an article.

The bright screen shone on her face as she read the contents and cried.

This morning her best friend died. With a censored video of him being put in a body bag. There was more to the article, but she didn’t care. Why would she? Everything is hard, school is hard, having relationships is hard, even relaxing and taking care of yourself with the impending doom of deadlines and stress is hard.

She climbed up onto the bridge rail.

And jumped into the murky water.

That was the true start of this isekai adventure.

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