Chapter 75:

Initiating the Plan (Part 2)

Royal Princess of Blood

After dinner, I returned to my room to sleep after some goodnights to my servants. I closed the door, and instead of lying down, I merely sat at the edge of the bed.

I planned not to sleep yet. I crossed my legs as I waited for time to pass.

Now, what could my goal tonight be? Well, I intend to speak with Vernon, alone. I couldn’t talk about this with him when Mera was around. It was time to set a little plan in motion. Just a little plan, that’s all.

He mentioned he was patrolling. However, I do not know when exactly so I used the time I sang as reference. However, he might be reporting to my father, so a delay may be expected. So I will be moving a little later from the time I sang.

Furthermore, there were a few things I wanted to learn from him.

I could lay down the bed to wait, however, I want to avoid accidentally falling asleep.

I am tired after a day’s work after all. The more tired the body, you might never realize you fell asleep until you wake up. Of course, I have better control of myself, so I will be highly unlikely to accidentally fall asleep.

That being said, this posture was good for thinking, and I’m just being more careful with myself. The bed was incredibly soft, so I might unconsciously rest my body. In any case, I am just thinking about what I will do tomorrow morning.

Brother was leaving for a while, out of his office, and I will take that opportunity.

About more than an hour had passed, I rose from the bed and equipped my daggers, then quietly opened the door. A little creak was unavoidable, but it was not that loud. After making sure there was no one around, I left and gently closed the door to my room.

The hallway was dimly lit only by a few lit lamps on the wall.

I would need to search for Vernon, too bad I didn’t manage to ask him of his patrol route. Heck, it was not even assured that he was patrolling at this time. If I can't find him, then I will have to postpone it. But I prefer doing this now.

I used the direction opposite of the stairs heading down. I ought to check the other hallway first. My steps were completely silent as I strode forward with a quick pace.When there was a turn, I took a look first.

A knight was slowly moving towards this direction at the edge. If there was a patrol assigned here, it was unlikely that Vernon was here. Upon realizing that, I went back to the route I went through.

When I reached the stairs, I made sure there was no one around. There was a pair of guards walking, and I waited for them to move and disappear. Once clear, I descended down.

If Vernon was to guard me, he would need to be in a place near me… or a place where he could see my room and basing from the time I sang that he heard me. He said he didn’t hear much, but I don’t know how much trust I should put into those words.

If he didn’t hear much, he must already be heading away from the area of my room.

The floor below my room I suppose was not a good place to guard me from. Therefore, there was one place I can think of if he wasn’t in the hallway. The outside.

There should be a door by the side, so I headed there. When I arrived however, as expected, there were guards on the other side of the door.

“Hey, do you believe Rogan?”

“Perhaps, but to think a traitor could possibly be among us. Unbelievable.”

‘“Don’t tell me dude you’re a traitor.”

“Why the hell would you accuse me of that, we joined together, didn’t we?”

“I jest.”

“Haaah, don’t make that kind of joke…”

“Right right. That aside, Ayana was pretty dashing as always wasn’t she?”

“Oh yes she was… I sure want her to heal me sometimes.”

“I think I’ll marry her, she’ll be welcome to our household.”

“Hey, don’t even get started you asshole, my noble household is worthier than yours.”

“Tch! As if!”

I realized their presence because of their chatter.

As expected of guards on standby, they’re a bit noisy. Tend things to get boring after all.

I went past the door and headed towards the direction of the rear of the palace. I passed by windows that can be opened from within, curtains partially covering them.

As I went further from those pairs of guards I began searching for a good window. Then I stopped, there were a couple of windows which were covered in shadow and darkness because there was no light to light the path on the other side.

The moon was not much of a help too, trees in this part and the palace building covered its illuminations. I made sure there was no one coming then unlocked the window.

I gently opened it and went over the window then quietly closed it. As long as it was unlocked, I can enter through here again. I then headed towards the rear of the palace. I would know if someone was coming through lamps or any light source. In this darkness, a source of light would be essential after all, one can’t just walk around without one.

A few moments later, I saw a faint light lighting the ground. It may be a knight coming towards me. So I quietly went over to the side of the path where there were bushes, plants, small trees and darkness. I crouched down and waited for the person to show themself.

I also held my breath to remain completely stealthy.

Then the patrol turned from the other side of the wall and revealed himself.

I smiled.

It was the person I was looking for.

I really had to go all through this trouble, huh. Vernon and Mera were always together, and I cannot afford to give any apparent hint that Vernon and I talked. I didn’t even want to risk Mera seeing me asking Vernon to stay behind.

There was not much opportunity to drive Mera away either. We were all together during magic training. Also, I would eat with my mother during lunch, then lately I’ve been going to the kitchen. I decided to act this now since I have observed enough of Mera.

Vernon with a lamp in hand, looked around, he didn’t seem to realize my presence. Then he looked up.

I quietly emerged from my hiding spot without him ever noticing and stood on the path. When he looked back down, he froze and his eyes went wide. I see utter confusion in him.

“P-Princess, why are you here? No wait, why didn’t I realize—”

“I want to talk.”

I said with an innocent smile. His brow wrinkled which showed his age even more.

“T-Talk? If so, you wouldn’t have needed to come out here.”

“No, I deemed it necessary.”

“Deemed it necessary…? How did you get here without alerting any guards?”

If the guards discovered me, they would have brought me back to my room, or warned others.

“That’s not important right now, Vernon.”

I averted my eyes away as I rubbed my hands together. He observed me closely before sighing.

“Very well, what do you want to talk about?”

“I have something I want to request. But before that, I have something to ask.”

I looked him in the eyes.

“You report to my father about my actions, yes?”

There was a moment of silence before he answered.

“... Yes…”

“Is that so… how frequently do you report to him?”

“... If you want to know if I report to him everyday, then no. I only report to him every two days, or when there is something significant to report.”

“And may I ask how you determine something as significant?”

“First your health, of course. Then when there is some significant improvement to your magic training. Aside from those, well, for example your decision to have Mera learn with you, which was not my intention when I suggested she learn spells.”

I smiled wryly.

He then continued.

“Then your actions of frequently visiting the kitchen. That is the most noteworthy, and thus I reported what you did while being there.”

“So, you report to father any significant magic related occurrence. Then my decisions that you deem out of the norm?”

He hesitated for a moment before nodding his head.

“......Yes, your highness. I apologize if I displease you.”

He bowed his head.

“Um n-no. I understand that you have to do those kinds of things.”

I shook my hands frantically.

“I am grateful for your understanding…”

“But, I do want to ask you to not tell Father of our meeting tonight, and its contents.”

“....... That… you did something unbelievable, you went out of the palace with no protection…”

“Please?” I directed a pleading gaze towards him.

“... Very well. How you managed to come here quietly still eludes me. And how the knights fail to sense your presence, and even me.”

I just became one with nature, hehehe.

“Thank you. But, this is the next crucial question I want to ask.”

I paused before speaking again.

“Why did you not tell father that I was the one who tipped Rogan?”

He was silent for a while, no immediate answer.

“I suppose you realized, huh.”

He smiled faintly.

I placed my hand behind me casually. It was faster for me to move and take out my daggers when things went towards an unexpected turn. Perhaps there was no point in doubting Vernon because he was my father’s trusted aide. But, it can't hurt to be too careful.

I swear, if things go south and become dangerous, then I made a grave mistake.

I am all alone. When this turned out to be a deadly and undesirable situation, then he could easily kill me without anyone else knowing. That means, this was a good place to assassinate the princess.

Would he take the chance? No betrayer will let this chance slip if I were the target. And Vernon was strong. He could easily kill me whenever he wanted now.

Or, that was what he thought.

He was oblivious to my physical abilities and reflexes. I grew in combat, but he never knew that. Therefore, he underestimated me without him even realizing it. And that will be to my advantage. I cannot be easily killed.

What about the issue of strength and survival? Perhaps you have forgotten, but I am originally stronger than him. He may be strong, yes, but remember the time in the library. He never even managed to reach me. Therefore, when it comes to it, I’ll unleash all my mana, then crush him. It might hurt, but I’ll do it. Besides, my mystic medium was already partially restored, so I believe I won’t die, and I have a pretty good grasp on mana now.

In short, this situation was also a little test for Vernon.

I then responded to him.

“Of course I would. Earlier at dinner, they mentioned it was unknown who was the source of Sir Rogan’s information. And Father was completely clueless. So, I wonder, why didn’t you tell him? Isn’t that supposed to be your job?”

He sighed.

“Indeed, it is my job. However, the reason I didn’t report it to his majesty is because… it appears that you do not want for anyone else to know you told that knight.”

“Hm? That’s it?”

“Yes. Also, it was very surprising. I never expected that kind of action from you. I thought to myself, the princess must be planning something or perhaps intending for something to happen. However, it could have been dangerous if that knight shared you were the source.”

“He is a knight isn’t he? If he doesn’t have the common sense to hide the fact that the princess herself gave the information, then he is not worthy to be a knight.”

If Rogan dared to share that, then he would be written in my highly potential suspects list. And my anger might have him accidentally die at any point in time. Although, magic will prove to be troublesome for that endeavor, tch.

In contrast, remember my words with him?

‘You interpret it the way you like’

I never explicitly said that was a fact and that phrase could be taken in the words ‘You didn’t hear anything from me’ or ‘You’re the one who thought that way’. Both ways indirectly meant don’t ever say it came from me or something similar in nature. And from my interaction with him, he appeared to understand. Then it was proven true when he never said I was the source when he spread the information.

“Such cold words coming from you, your highness.”

I tilted my head as though clueless what he was talking about.

“Is it? I see it as a fact. They are trained to protect the royal family and country, so they should realize what is the right course of action for the ones they are protecting.”

“I suppose you are right.”

“...Then, are those the only reasons?”

“... Yes, I just respected what I think your intentions are… and I do not want to interfere. If you wanted your family to know your actions, you could have told them yourself…”


“Also, Mera is the other one who knows.”

“She reports directly to me. Therefore, there is nothing much to worry about. Also, I trust that she knows what line she shouldn’t cross.”

“Princess… When have you been hiding the abilities of your mind? To be honest, if it does not offend you, can I speak out?”

“Go ahead.”

“I thought your mental abilities were lower than this.”

“Even I use my head, Vernon. Plus, I did nothing noteworthy at all. Any normal mind can think of something similar, I am nothing special.”

“..... Not only that, you came here without anyone detecting you.”

“That is not important.”

“You say that…..” Vernon sighed upon seeing that I have no intention to answer his curiosity and confusion. “Anyhow, what is it you want to request? It is dangerous here to take our time.”

I looked around the area.

“Is no one else patrolling in the area?”

“At the moment, there should be none yet.”

“Splendid. Alright, I have a little plan, and I will need your cooperation if this will be effective.”

I walked closer to him and spoke to him in a quiet voice that only he could hear.

I then proceeded to tell him of my little plan. When I say little, I seriously mean little, just so you know.

His eyes went wide in surprise.

“Your highness… you may call this a little plan, but what outcome do you want from this?”

“It isn’t about the outcome, Vernon. But rather about the underlying effects it’s going to have.”

He for some reason gulped. What could he be thinking about?

“This method is slow… but it will have significant effects, depending on what the situation really is.”

“Either situation will have different effects on the person, I suppose.”

“But, I understand why you have to ask me about this, this wouldn’t work much without my cooperation. Especially that we are always together. I didn’t expect for you yourself to come up with this plan.”

I puffed my cheeks.

“I’m not stupid, Vernon.”

He chuckled.

“Of course you are not, your highness.”

“Hmph, with that, I’m done. Oh yes, you reported to father today I presume?”


“Then I suppose you have selected a place for the training place for the next spell.”


“But we won’t be going there immediately tomorrow.”


“I will be relying on you on another matter.”

“What could you be talking about, your highness?”

“You’ll realize it tomorrow. Now then, I will be going. The plan will commence tomorrow, okay?” I started to turn away.

“Wait your highness. You’re going back alone?”

“Yes,” I stopped in my tracks and turned my head to face him. “You do not need to escort me back. Besides, it will be even stranger for me to be discovered when I’m with you when they haven’t even realized I went past the guards. It would be safer if I am discovered alone, like a girl just sneaking out at night.”

“.... But how you got here quietly is still something to be confused about.”

“... Fine. I went through the window, okay?”

“... I see. But that’s—”

“It’s getting late, I need to return, I’m tired. Goodnight, Vernon.”

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