Chapter 76:


Royal Princess of Blood

It was morning and I stretched my legs as the light of the early sun came through the window. My return to my room last night was flawless, if I had been discovered, it would have dropped a bolt on my plans. Not a wrench since I would just be seen as a teenage girl sneaking out at night.

Okay… I could have undermined it considering how my parents treat me. But it shouldn’t impede much in my intentions, so it remains a mere bolt. But I suppose a mere bolt can destroy the entire machinery. Alright, let’s stop it with the metaphors.

There was a knock on the door and I instantly knew who that was. It was the usual routine, meaning Mera had arrived to come and get me.

Mm, I’m sure Vernon has arrived as well.

Leaving with no other choice, I would have to believe in Vernon on how he would do this. I expect a lot of things from his age.

I then allowed her to enter.


Mera arrived at the Princess’ room early in the morning when Vernon also arrived. She was about to bow her head to greet, however, she froze for a moment when she saw him looking at her.

A mere look would have been no problem, except this time, his gaze towards her was different. His was a scrutinizing gaze, and its subject was Mera.

The maid was confused by this sudden occurrence, however, she thought it was just her misinterpretation about the situation. Moving on from her mistaken thoughts, she proceeded to bow her head.

“Good morning, sir Vernon.”

“...Hm, good morning.”

His voice was lower than usual, lacking the trace of warmth he usually had when speaking to her.

Is he in a bad mood?

Maybe something happened. She couldn’t bring herself to ask if he was already this way early in the morning. He will likely return to normal later on.

Mera proceeded to knock on the door to the princess’ room.

“C-Come in!”

Hearing that, Mera gently opened the door. And there she was, the beautiful princess, her platinum hair glimmering in the sunlight. However, her crimson eyes seemed to waver when they looked upon Mera. The maid herself noticed this.

The princess had her closed hand by her chest, giving the impression that she was nervous. Mera was puzzled as to why this could be. All she could think was that the princess had a bad dream.

Mera knew that the princess was soft and fragile, and she could imagine that she would be terrified by a little nightmare. Thinking about that side of the princess made her heart warm, and it was a bit comical.

But of course, she had no intention of telling that to anyone.

“Milady, I have prepared the bath.”

The princess was silent for a second before she responded.

“...Y-Yes, I’ll be going.”

The princess timidly walked towards her. That said, she was more timid than she usually was every time she acts this way. This time, her meekness appeared to be more intense. She stopped for a moment then took a deep breath.

Mera wondered, what could frighten her this much?

When the princess had gotten closer to her, she turned stiff. It was a bit alarming for Mera. She gazed at the princess’ eyes.

The princess closed her eyes and took a deep breath again, after exhaling on then she became a bit calmer.

“Your highness, are you alright?”

Vernon had noticed the princess’ plight and asked her outright.

“Uh? Y-Yes, I’m okay,” Princess Estelia turned her head to look at Mera. “... Mera, let’s go.”

Mera faintly smiled as she led the princess to the bath. She saw the princess grasping both her own hands, often indicating that she was feeling tense. It was hard to figure out what could be bothering the princess so much that even on the way to the bath she would be acting like this.

They arrived at the bath, Vernon stood by the wall beside the door outside the chamber. The princess glanced at him with anxiety in her eyes, but as though gathering the courage she took a deep breath and entered the bath along with Mera. Needless to say, the maid only grew more confused about the situation.

Then as usual, Mera assisted the princess in removing her clothes. However, the moment she touched her, the princess flinched upon contact along with a tiny squeak.

“Milady, is something wrong?”

Couldn’t contain her confusion any longer, Mera asked her.

“Um, no,” the princess’ eyes traversed around before looking at Mera with a smile. “It’s nothing… just some things in my mind, that is all.”

Mera nodded her head in belief and continued on with her task. With all that done, the princess proceeded to enter the pool. She often glanced at Mera, but the latter merely smiled and the princess returned it.

As Mera awaited, she became uneasy about everything that was going on. First it was Vernon, now it was the princess whom she serves. It was like there was something that she didn’t know about happening.

What could it be?

Mera stared at the princess. The princess gracefully scooped water with her hand and poured them onto her head. The water gently flowed down, drenching her hair and passed through her bare and white shoulders before returning to the pool.

She, the beautiful princess that could captivate just about anyone by her presence alone, was there peacefully bathing, unguarded, unprotected, and vulnerable. Mera took in a sharp breath as she watched the sight. Her heart slowly began to race.

The princess relaxed her back on the side of the pool and lowered her head. Her eyes began to close and started to relax.

Such a flawless existence.

But now for a moment, for some reason, the princess began to feel distant again. Mera didn’t want that. She wanted to get closer to her.

Thinking about what just happened, she thought to herself…

Something’s truly weird going on.

She couldn’t come to a solid conclusion. The princess seemed to have no intention of answering her confusion. And she expected no answers from Vernon as well.

Mera grasped her wrist.

She would have to see and observe everything. However, she couldn’t help but feel worried about herself.

The princess had finished bathing and Mera assisted her in dressing up. As expected, the princess was stiff in the process. Mera began to feel that the princess was frightened…

And, she was frightened of Mera. No mistake about it. However, if she acted the same to others, it would relieve some apprehensive feelings within the maid.

After the dress up, the princess looked perfect as always. She wore a wide dress, white colored boots, and a white hairpin in the shape of a wisteria petal. She was very pretty. Like a white flower in a peaceful spring, blossoming beautifully and brightly amongst the gentle breeze and the warm light of the sun.

Mera herself chose this set of clothes. Fortunately, her lady appeared satisfied since she received no complaints. However, perhaps it could be because the princess seemed uneasy.

But the princess’s sweet smile towards her lifted off some of the heavy feeling. Although only a little.

After the bath, they went on to the dining room as the princess dined with her family. Therefore, Mera was stuck with Vernon as always. However, the atmosphere didn’t completely feel welcoming.

Vernon would sometimes glance at her, as though his eyes were on guard. Mera wanted to ask what could be wrong, but Vernon was not exactly the type she saw as easily approachable now. Not that she would easily approach him in any other situation.

She just saw Vernon was a bit frightening to interact with. Well, the same as other fellow servants that were superior to her. She was not confident enough to speak lightly with them despite her being the princess’s personal maid.

In fact, as a personal maid, she should be about below Vernon’s level, considering that Vernon was the king’s direct servant. But that also meant that other servants that were higher than her before being appointed as a personal maid were now in match with Mera in terms of rank. But she couldn’t help but still see them as superiors.

No, perhaps she just wanted to treat them with respect and utmost politeness as seniors. She had to give a good impression to everyone after all. She didn’t want to look bad.

As she hesitated to speak with Vernon now, she couldn’t bring herself to ask anything.

The royal family had finished eating and they saw the prince leave. However, he was not going to the direction of his office.

A couple of minutes later, the princess appeared.

“Let’s go to my brother’s office.”

Mera tilted her head a little.

“Milady, your brother didn’t seem to be heading towards his office.”

“... Um, uh. Y-Yes, he is not heading to his office…”

Her manner of speaking was timid.

Mera was a bit bothered, but decided not to think about it at the moment.

“Your highness, what is your purpose for visiting his office?” Vernon asked.

“I just want to look at things…”

“... I see…”

After that, they headed towards the Prince’s office.

Mera still couldn’t understand everything. However, she was starting to have the faintest idea.

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