Chapter 57:

Big Mistake



The two girl’s equally unsuitable shoes for the situation pounded across the terrain like punches from a boxer. They tried to cover as much ground as they could before the giant mass of muscle hurtling towards them turned them into hamburger meat. Pushing past guest after guest, cosplayer after cosplayer, they thanked their luck for every step they took that didn’t result in them tripping and instantly getting caught by the violence machine on their tails.

“WHAT THE HELL DO WE DO?!” Frankie used what little air she had in her lungs to cry out to her sister.

“I DON’T KNOW! WHAT DID YOU THINK WAS GOING TO HAPPEN?!” Katie prayed she’d get to go on at least one more ride before she bit the bullet.

“I’M SORRY, OKAY?!” Frankie tried tossing out an honest reply- but she had to shut her mouth fast as she suddenly heard the sound of Vincent’s footsteps a lot closer than they should have been, replacing her words with terrified squeals as she legitimately began to…

Fear for her life?

Nobody was in the headspace to think about their emotions right now. With the rancid brute just inches behind them, Frankie prayed and shouted out to her sister-

“I just want us to be okay, alright?!”

And then, the concrete suddenly racing up to her forehead, she was tackled- crushed under two hundred pounds of human weight.


Sniveling, curled into a ball as she slobbered on the ground waiting to die, the weight was lifted off of her.

Turning up, expecting to see an angel, she was instead met with the clear visage of a small, round, and caped man rising up from her body, Stamos held by the collar in his right hand.

“How’s that for a save, citizen?!” He recited as he stuck his gloved sausage fingers out to her, his image now clear as one of the most ridiculed individuals in recent history- the notorious Coaster Bozo.

Steward McOy