Chapter 58:

Matters of Flesh and Metal


“Super strength.” The especially knowledgeable member of the client’s team ordered, her tone growing more serious by the syllable.

“Super speed.” The emotional core of the group added, thoughtful eyes blinking at the doctor as if to affirm his message.

“And don’t forget the flight.” The rude one chirped in again just to make sure the bearded dude was actually listening to their demands.

“I got it, I got it…” Doctor Arrow wiped the sweat off his furrowed brow. “I hear ya, you want him just like he is in the comic books… like I’d screw up an order from a damn park owner. Do I look like I was born yesterday? Alright, put him under.”

Readying his own trickery, the tiny metal hands extended from the technician’s bare, wrinkling back, trickery wielding his scalpels just to install the same tech in someone else. Though he kept it to himself… even now, doing this to someone always felt like giving the gift of life itself. Life as it should be, anyway. “Let’s get to work.”

“W-what about your… assistants, sir?” The shy one interrogated as her boss was out under.

“Always was a tad anxious around people… figured if I got good enough, I wouldn’t need ‘em. So do me a favor and act like you ain’t here.”

In shocked silence, all sixteen members of The Great Bozo’s core marketing team watched him undergo total inner reconstruction, as his muscles were replaced, machines were installed, and art was made. By the time Dr. Arrow was done with the fool and had him all sealed up again, nobody there had a single complaint.

“Now get outta my sight.” The old prodigy refused to turn his back from his patient to look at the caretakers he was speaking to. “Got a job comin’ up… it’s for Kidney. So don’t come bothering me for a while.”

“Are you… um. Really at liberty to divulge that information? I mean, you could be-“ the nerd of the group’s nervous warning fell on deaf ears as the hermit’s low growl of a voice kicked back in.

“Actually, after this next job… I ain’t got nothin’. So just don’t come botherin’ me at all, actually.”

Nobody there really wanted to in the first place.

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