Chapter 59:

Oppurtunity Presents Itself


Bozo tossed the greedy ridestock aside, accidentally throwing him directly through a storefront window.

“You’re fired.” The CEO superhero shot, prior to noticing what he’d done.

“Yikes! That’s gonna leave a mark… on my record. I guess I can pay for a few injuries… and a window. Uh, see ya, girls!” He turned away from Frankie and Katie, preparing himself to use his trickery.

“W-wait!” Katie panted, tugging at his cape. “You’re not just going to-“

“No need to thank me.” He seemed to brag. “I’ve got plenty more people to save, after this. I gotta improve my image somehow! My comic’s aren’t selling anywhere near what a modern classic really ought to… so tell everyone you know about the real-life Coaster Bozo! Aha… good lord, this had better work…”

“Wait!” Frankie got up just so she could yell at the park owner. “H-hold up…” she laughed, still making sense of the situation. “Uh, what are you… doing, exactly? Would you maybe like some assistan-“

“In recent memory? Why, I’ve been saving poor, unfortunate souls for the past few minutes! And I really should go to save some more, so if you don’t mind-“

“Hey-!” She stepped closer to him, desperately trying to leave the smallest bit of an impression. “You can’t just- er- Mr. Bozo, sir…” after running so far, she was lightheaded enough, but talking to a walking internet meme wasn’t making things any better. “Thank you for saving us. We- me and my sister, you see- we’re looking for a job. So if you wouldn’t mind-“

“Job?” He laughed. “If you really wanna job, I’m sure you can find one! It’s tough out there, for sure, but thaaaat’s business! Good luck, kid. Make sure to check out Coaster Bozo, Issue 238- Out tomorrow for owners of the Superbozo Super Subscription!”


He threw his fist into the air, activating his newest tricks. Ignoring the satisfied customer below him, he flew high up into the skyline in an instant, a little sick from the gravity-manipulating devices inside of him, but nonetheless having fun.

“We’re never gonna find a job at this rate…” Frankie collapsed back onto the pavement as the people around her all had their gazes fixed on the park-approved vigilante above. Katie followed suit, neither able to stand after all the insanity that had just gone down. 

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