Chapter 14:

Chapter 11: The New Addition

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As Verona’s new home was within range as she followed Odrian. a few dozen trees away from the home Odrian came to a sudden stop and placed his hand on her shoulder to stop her from going any further. The sudden thought of her forux came to mind. The last thing he wanted was his brother being all over her, let alone his father. With his mother in mind he could think of no other slaughter that could occur.
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"Hey-” Odrian wanted to be as polite as he could. “I don't think my family will be able to look at you."Bookmark here

Odrian had no trouble discerning Verona’s disappointment. She was rather expressive to a fault. The joy she had bottled up made her completely forget about her forux. She had her back turned towards the house in disappointment.Bookmark here

"Oh? So I guess... I can't stay?" She inquired wondering what she would do now.Bookmark here

"Hold on a sec,” Odrian couldn’t bare to see the disappointment overtaking her. “I didn't say that. Er, let me think of something. Meet me by the entrance but away from the windows."Bookmark here

“Alright…”Bookmark here

Odrian opened a portal and walked straight through it, entering the front door of his home. He announced his presence to little response. So much for a family unit, he thought. Figuring out how to get their attention he yelled out in a panic:Bookmark here

"H-hey, I need everyone for a minute! This is serious!"Bookmark here

Sarah and Landon were first to rush down the stairs, followed by Sabrina and Ziggy scrambling out of the kitchen. He let silence set in, seeing that everyone confirmed. Really? This is all it took? They all inspected him and seeing no signs of injuries or anything of note. Sabrina immediately pulled on his cheeks to check if he was real. After confirming it, she proceeded to ask what everyone was thinking:Bookmark here

"Alright, so what’s wrong with you?"Bookmark here

An explosion of enthusiasm was evident as Odrian told everyone about what happened at the tower after school; He didn't skip a beat in his story. After a long awaited time of listening, Ziggy was concerned about what had really transpired. In no way could a teenager be so enthusiastic by simply meeting a girl. Ziggy could recall his youthful days and assumed the worst. Ziggy asked hesitantly:Bookmark here

“Hey now, you wore protection right?Bookmark here

“What?” Odrian seemed a bit confused.Bookmark here

“C’mon son, something doesn’t sit right with your story. You’re telling me that you met a fine broad and didn’t do anything with her?”Bookmark here

“No, I didn’t.”Bookmark here

Ziggy was reluctantly relieved whilst Sabrina rolled her eyes to the assumption. She was proud her son had fought temptation. Yet a reality stands, that no one could really tell what happened, they had to trust his word. Ziggy was relieved it was nothing worse. Hearing more about her, Ziggy wanted to go outside and meet the woman that had been through this ordeal. He announced before stepping toward the entrance:Bookmark here

"I’m going outside to introduce myself."Bookmark here

“Hey pops, we can’t look at her, remember?” Landon quickly blocked his father from exiting.Bookmark here

"Just like you to act on impulse," Sabrina sighed, somewhat surprised that she had taken this story much better than her dear husband. Everyone laughed to her comment.Bookmark here

They began to think of ways to counter her forux. There were hardly any practical means, unless she covered herself from head to toe. After a few minutes of brainstorming, Sarah came up with a suggestion:Bookmark here

"Can Uncle Kroxx make something to stop her attraction forux?"Bookmark here

"That’s- a great idea. Odrian can you get us there?"Bookmark here

Odrian was immediate with his response by opening a portal to take them to the F.A.A. They asked the front desk receptionist to call Kroxx down immediately. By now the F.A.A. were quite familiar with who Ziggy’s family was and were treated as priority. Without delay, Kroxx arrived to bring them up to his office where they continued their conversation on why they were there.Bookmark here

"My, my,” Kroxx sat comfortably listening to Odrian’s experience with Verona. “You sure have a lot of problem children around you, Ziggy."Bookmark here

“Yeah, story of my life,” Ziggy slumped in his chair, completely indifferent. He can only count the amount of times he had to come to Kroxx for an answer to a given problem. “But I love em though.”Bookmark here

Kroxx reached into the drawer to his right. He had grabbed a shiny, golden ring and handed it over to Odrian.Bookmark here

"Sounds like you got quite the catch there, kiddo. This should get the job done until I can make something specifically for her forux. This ring only stops passive forux, not active ones."Bookmark here

“Thanks,” Odrian bowed slightly in gratitude.Bookmark here

"Ah, well… To be on the safe side, take this."Bookmark here

Kroxx grabbed another item from the same drawer and revealed a glowing, pale-yellow circular orb.Bookmark here

"This item makes you dislike someone."Bookmark here

“Why do you have something like that?” Ziggy couldn’t quite comprehend why Kroxx would have such an item in his possession.Bookmark here

Kroxx immediately laughed a heavy laugh.Bookmark here

"Look, I can't help every pretty lady that walks through these doors. I’ve gotta offset sex appeal every now and then."Bookmark here

Odrian walked over to Kroxx, wanting to hug him as a thankful gesture but then grew uncomfortable with the thought. Men don’t hug. he thought. Instead he looked him the eyes and said:Bookmark here

“Thanks uncle.”Bookmark here

Sarah ran over to him and gave him a hug, also saying thanks for his help. Landon said nothing as he walked through the portal Odrian just created. Everyone waved as they walked through. After the portal closed, Kroxx said to himselfBookmark here

"Eh, they'll definitely be back for something else."Bookmark here

Once they arrived, Odrian rushed outside with the ring while everyone waited inside. Bookmark here

"I wonder how pretty she really is" Sarah was eager to find out as she leaned against the wall. Landon on the other hand, wanted to be cautious.Bookmark here

"I don't want to see her yet,” Landon excused himself as he made his way up the stairs and into his room. “We don't even know if this ring will work. Just let me know when it’s clear.”Bookmark here

Ziggy wondered whether or not she would enjoy their cooking. But Sabrina had more pressing concerns. She was a little weary about having another child that they would have to raise. Sabrina immediately looked Ziggy in his eyes, posing a very serious question:Bookmark here

"So, who's room is she staying in?"Bookmark here

“Um, with Odrian, of course." Ziggy responded without hesitation.Bookmark here

“She does belong to him, so I don't see why not." Sarah had backed her father’s decision.Bookmark here

Belong to him? Sabrina thought to herself. Upset by their responses she glared at them and walked away, saying:Bookmark here

"No more kids! Ya’ll here me? Also she is not property”Bookmark here

While Sabrina continued ranting, Odrian had found Verona who had wandered around the house.Bookmark here

"Verona!" Odrian said. “Sorry for the wait!”Bookmark here

"I wanted to be free for so long," She smiled. “Waiting a little longer wouldn’t hurt.” Bookmark here

They both chuckled to her comment. Odrian held his hand toward her and gave her the golden ring. She was puzzled by it as she had never laid eyes on a ring before. She didn't really know what to do with it as he failed to explain it to her.Bookmark here

"Could you help me put it on?" She winked.Bookmark here

Odrian realized she may have never worn a ring before. So he placed it on her finger and thought one day she’ll find out what something like this was more than just a special moment.Bookmark here

"Thanks," Verona was grateful as she eyed her new accessory.Bookmark here

They both walked to the front door and into the house, as Odrian was ready to introduce her to the rest of the family. As the door began to open, everything became deafly silent as everyone observed in anticipation. Verona walked in first, seeing everyone in the room and bowed:Bookmark here

"Thanks for welcoming me into your home!"Bookmark here

Sabrina stepped forward with a deceivingly, warm aura and welcomed her as if she were kin: Bookmark here

"From now on, this is your home too. We’re family now! After all, I could use another girl to balance out these men."Bookmark here

“Oh my god,” Sarah ran up to Verona, gushing with enthusiasm. “You’re so beautiful. Brother, she’s looks amazing! You’re too lucky!”Bookmark here

“Uh, thanks,” Verona smiled awkwardly. Bookmark here

"Wow! Look at your chest! It's huge! H-how did get that- We’re the same age aren’t we?”Bookmark here

As Sarah examined her it was almost as if Verona was illuminating in regular light. It was as though her beauty was god sent. Sarah rambled on:Bookmark here

"I don't even think the ring is enough to contain her forux! Her natural beauty is ridicu-"Bookmark here

Sabrina had heard enough of her daughter’s fawning. She slapped her hand over her mouth, keeping it there to silence her. Sabrina’s eyes glimmered in fury and every soul could feel the killing intent exuding as she held her smile.Bookmark here

"Please excuse my daughter." Sabrina tried to force herself to laugh but it didn’t quite come off as such.Bookmark here

She then leaned into Sarah’s ear to whisper:Bookmark here


Ziggy placed his hand out to shake her hand and welcome her into the home while looking at Odrian nodding his head with a wide grin and a childish wink to follow.Bookmark here

"You've been taught well my son."Bookmark here

Sarah wanted to talk a little bit more but knew she couldn't. Considering that conditions were she called out to Landon:Bookmark here

"Hey, Landon! It's safe! You can come see her!"Bookmark here

He opened his door looked down the stairway, simply waving at her. He said:Bookmark here

"Welcome Verona. Please help take care of my little brother going forward."Bookmark here

"What’s that supposed to mean?" Odrian was insulted. Landon poked his head out in curiosity of her appearance.Bookmark here

"Oh? She's cute. She compliments you well… Well, I'm going to sleep now."Bookmark here

In his attempt to disappear back into his room, Ziggy had a brilliant idea.Bookmark here

"Landon!” Ziggy called out. “Come on down here! You still have 6 hours before you go to bed."Bookmark here

"Huh?" he looked confused. “What now?”Bookmark here

"We’re going to go out for dinner while Odrian shows her around and gets her settled in. Odrian, we'll bring her a few things from the tower with her tomorrow while you guys go to school. You two should get situated.”Bookmark here

Sabrina knew immediately what he had in mind and was about to go on a tirade until Ziggy grabbed her by her hand and suggested:Bookmark here

"We could go eat at that place you always wanted to!"Bookmark here

Sabrina had wanted to go there for so long. She wasn’t able to stand her ground, even though she hated the idea of what Ziggy had in mind. She quietly walked out the door first. Landon walked out next and placed his hand on Odrian's shoulder, saying:Bookmark here

“You owe me big time.”Bookmark here

"I should go." Sarah seemed flustered somehow, going ahead of Ziggy.Bookmark here

After Ziggy walked out the door, they both were a little confused as to what unfolded so suddenly. Odrian decided to go ahead and show her around as his father suggested. After the quick tour was over had he finally brought her into his room to have her get settled in her new room that they would both share together. Bookmark here

Good thing I got the king-sized bed. Life would've been hard. I'm not sleeping on the floor, Odrian thought to himself. They both sat on the edge of the bed when he suddenly realized why he was left alone with her.Bookmark here

"Oh…” Odrian gently facepalmed himself. “They think they’re funny, huh?"Bookmark here

“Huh?” Verona was baffled by his monologue.Bookmark here

“They left us so we could…"Bookmark here

He stopped himself as he began to clarify. Knowing the life she had, Odrian had no desire for her to continue that trend. However, she wasn't someone who was so dense.Bookmark here

"I told you before that I’m yours."Bookmark here

Verona stood up and pushed Odrian onto his back on the bed and began to take off her top while on top of him. He asked her one last time”Bookmark here

"Hey, are you sure?"Bookmark here

She kissed him in response then moving her lips towards his right ear, whispering ever so seductively:Bookmark here

"Yes"Bookmark here

Odrian and Verona quickly faded into the lust of the night. This would be the first time they both made love with anyone. They wasted no time.Bookmark here

The next morning Odrian woke up with a soft pleasant feeling in his hand and generally had an idea of what it was. As he tried moving he felt something heavy on top of his leg. As he opened his eyes he saw Verona asleep facing him, with one of her legs on top of both of his legs and her chest in his hand. It was as though she tried to lock him in so he could never leave. He didn't want to move and wake her up so he carefully rolled out of the covers, sliding off the bed as he did so.Bookmark here

"Man, I'm going to be late for school again." Odrian mumbled tiredly. He rushed to the shower, getting ready in less than 10 minutes or so. Before he left his room to meet his siblings down the stairs, he walked over to a sleeping Verona, whispering in her ear.Bookmark here

"I’ll see you later."Bookmark here

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