Chapter 1:


My Master And I

I opened my two eyes.

"Where am I??" I said to myself and looked around.

All I can see around me are tall mountains, clear blue sky, trees, and beautiful land full of green grass.

“Huh, huh???!! What happened? I suddenly woke up in a place I'm not familiar with. The last thing I remember is that I was on the road going home and......... Weirdly, I can't remember what happened next" I said with a confused face

I stood where I woke up and decided to walk around to find out where I was.

"Why am I here? Did I get lost last night? Maybe because I was drunk when I walking last night and I also have a headache ” I said while walking

After a few minutes of walking in an unfamiliar place, I saw an old road and a carriage had passed there

“Carriage? At this year?” I said and run toward at carriage

“Heyyyyy!!” I shouted while waving

A carriage that I saw stopped and an old man got off and started to speak.

“Why, can I help you?" he said

"I understand him" I said to myself

"I just want to ask what place we are standing in right now" I asked

"Ohhhh okay, we are at the border of the Aklan Empire, can you see the mountain in the north? The Aklan Empire is behind there" he said while looking at my clothes

"Aklan Empire? I have never heard of that country in my whole life" I said to myself

"Ahh thanks mister????" I said

"It’s borgenia volh anostohio, you can call me mister anostohio, that's what most people call me, I just want to ask, aren't you from here? The clothes you're wearing are different from what people here wear, are you from another country?" he said

"Y-Yes I'm from in far far south country" I said

"Oh where are you going?" Anostohio said

"Ah ehh umm in aklan empire" I said while panicking because I didn't know what to say

"If that's the case, do you want to come with me? It will take a few days if you just walk, you won't have anyone else to ride with, right" Anostohio said

"Are you serious?? If yes, thank you" I said with a happy face

"It's okay, I'm happy to help" Anostohio said

We boarded in the carriage and started to leave. After five hours, I could see the Aklan Empire and I was surprised by how big this place was and the structures are different from the earth.

"Did I go to another world? or I'm just high?" I said while surprised

A few minutes ago we were in front of the gate of the Aklan Empire and Mister Anostohio talked to the guards and later on, he handed me something like a collar.

"What is this" I said

"Wear that proof that you are a citizen of the Aklan Empire" Anostohio said

After I put on the collar, I felt something, I felt that my body's strength was slowly running out as time went and soon I lost consciousness.

"Uhhh ahh Where am I?" I said

I woke up inside the cage and it was a dark place.

"oh you're awake!" said by a guy with a familiar voice

"Who are you??! And where am I!!" I said to him

"You already forgot me??" he said and went in front of me

"Mister anostohio!!!! You!!! What did you do to me?!" I said with an angry tone

"Did it?" Ah, I just made you my own," Anostohio said

"Huh? What do you mean?" I said

"I said when I made you I owned you what's on your neck? That's my original magic" anostohio said 


"Magic? Slavery magic? I don't understand did I really summon to another world where the magic and sword exists?" I said to myself

"Besides, don't be angry, this is just my job HAHAH and I won't do anything bad to you because you are one of the things I sell" anostohio said

"Anostohio!! I will kill you with my two hands" I shouted

He laughed at me and raised his two hands and clapped and suddenly I got weak again and lost consciousness.

1 month later I'm still here in the prison of the slaves shop owned by anostohio, I'm losing hope of being freed.

While I was lying there suddenly someone came in front of my cage I raised my head to see who it was and what I saw was a beautiful woman with long ruby colored hair and eyes as beautiful as the sea.

"Hey, what's your name??" She said