Chapter 2:


My Master And I





"It's impossible we can't defeat that monster" Said a guy I don't know but for some reason, his voice is familiar to me

"You need to get away here!, you are the only one who can save us" said by a girl I'm familiar with too

"How about you all guys I can't leave y'll here just like that" I said while holding my wouded head 

"Don't worry with the help of -$(#-$)$(_+_( original magic and with your help you can save us" Said a girl i don't know but the only i know about this girl is I REALLY REALLY LOVE HER 

"I would rather die with you guys than running away alone" I said

"Go #(#+#+@(@( use your original magic to him" said by a girl

"Yes" said by a guy

"No I don't wanna leave you guys. Noooo!!!!!" I said while trying to get out of a magic

*I woke up while breathing deeply and with sweaty face*

"What is that a dream?" I said

"It's been almost a month, no it's been a month and I'm still here in the cage” I said

"He didn't do anything to me like he said, but he took away my freedom" I said with frustrated expression

"And I'm not the only one slave here huh, there are also other people and creatures that I have never seen" I said

"I hope i can use magic like anostohio too, magic will help me to break this cage and magic that can kill anostohio but no matter how many times I try I can't use magic" I said with a depressed face

I was losing hope of getting out of this place until a woman came up to me and spoke.

"Hey, what's your name?" she said

I feel a nostalgic feeling but I don't know why I felt that feeling

“It's Rua, Rua Alis" I said

“Rua Where are you from?" she said

"I'm from the south” I said and look away

“What country from the south?” She said but I did not reply to his question

"It's alright not to tell where you from, you have a personal reason right?. Hey Rua Alis do you want to be set free?" She said with a gentle voice

After hearing her words my eyes filled with hope again and I suddenly turned my face to her and stood up

“Yes” I said with a serious tone

"I can set you free but I have one condition" she said

"What kind of condition?" I asked

"Be one of my knights and after the war, you can do anything you want, you will be free." she said

"Me as a knight? Why me? There are others here who seem stronger than me this is suspicious maybe she’s also planning something for me like Anostohio did " I said to myself

"Why do you need knights and why did you choose me? If I like your answers I will accept your offer" I asked her to clear my doubts

"Okay I will tell you. 1 month ago an organization appeared out of nowhere and that organization they’re attacking the empires in the east and north one by one and it won't take long for them to reach the Aklan empire because they were last seen in the Umirue Empire and this empire is our neighbors and that's why we are looking for knights a knights who can fight against them" She said

"1 month ago? That's the day I came to this world" I said to myself

"Hey" I called her

"What is the organization called?" I asked

"I don't know. we don't have enough information about them" She said

"Yes" I said

"What do you mean yes?!" she asked

"Yes, I accept your offer to hire me as a knight" I said to her 

"Really? It is a big help for this country" She said with a smile

I agreed to his offer because I will be free from this dark place if she was planning something for me I don't care, I will just solve it when that time comes the other reason why I agreed to her offer is that the organization she said if the said organization is true I want to see them maybe they have a connection with me.

She left in front of my cage and called the owner of the slave shop.

After a while, Anostohio came in front of me and opened the cage. 

"Hey lets get of there someone will want to buy you!" anostohio said

I wanted to punch him but I couldn't because of the collar and handcuffs on me.

"Are you not happy? that someone bought you HAHA* Anostohio said while laughing a bit

"Do you think this is funny? Because of you I will become a knight and fight against an organization that I don't know how powerful. it is like suicide!!" I said with him and serious look

He took me to a room and when we entered the woman who offered me to be a knight was there and there was a blank paper on the table. Anostohio removed the collar and handcup from me and made me sit next to him and they two started talking.

"This is the paper contract, once I transfer the mastership of this slave to you, your mana will be there as a fact that you own him" Anostohio said

"I know let's start, forgot the talking shit" She said

"Her attitudes change" I said to myself

Anostohio started to transfer me to another master, he took the woman's hand and put it on the paper.

"God of greed lend me your strength give me your trust and give us permission to do the things your people want Slave magic Transfer the master title to her!!" anostohio chant

the contract paper suddenly lit up and a magic circle came out in the middle

"Now, You are the master of this slave from now on" Anostohio said with a smile

"This person is disgusting I really want to punch in him" I said to myself while looking at anostohio

The woman stood up and started to leave without telling

"Why are still here?. Follow her starting from this day she is the one you will obey" Anostohio said

I stood up and was about to start run to chase the woman who bought me but I stopped for a moment at the door and said

"Anostohio one day I will get a revenge to you. remember it” I said and ran 

Anostohio laugh and I leave in the room to chase the girl 

"Hey, wait. why did you leave suddenly " I said

She stopped walking and spoke

"For some reason I can't stand being next to that guy and I know that you will follow me so there is no reason to stay in that room " she said

"Oh okay. By the way, I haven't asked what your name," I said

"Oh I forgot to say earlier, *cough* *cough* my name is Scarlett Afina one of the knights captains in aklan empire" she said as if proud of herself.

"Now rua alis let's get out of this disgusting place and become my knight" she said and holding my one hand

"Yes Miss Scarlett" I said and she started running while pulling one of my hands